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A beautiful lady is clearly shown to be cut up in half and is magically restored !!!!



Name : Eric Tan

Favourite magic gene : Card magic

Started magic: 8 years old

First magic trick: Svengali deck trick


Below are some clips of myself performing some card magic. Hope you will enjoy them.

Right-click the links below and save as a file for viewing offline.


Mondo Monte : The rule of the 3 card monte: Just pick the ODD card and you win. The king of hearts is shown to be with two jokers. The money card is therefore the king of hearts. Choose the king of hearts and you win. Try as you might, the ODD card proves elusive. The king of hearts turns face down at first, then the odd card jumps around. Then the game is made easier for the spectator. The odd card is shown to have a red colour back, and the two other cards are shown to be blue backs. Then mysteriously, the ODD card changes. And then there are no odd cards on the back!!! You just have to see this to believe it.

Restoration : The mini version of restoring a cut lady in half. Here, a lady is clearly shown to be cut up in half before she is restored, with a mis-matched set of clothing. Next, a five of diamonds card with a yellow back is shown to be cut in half. One half is placed into the magical box, and the other half of the card is intentionally inserted the wrong way in. What happens is beyond belief, as the card is restored in the most unusual manner. You have to see this to believe how magical the effect is.

Hustler's Monte : A truly amazing 4 card monte where the 9 of hearts is the money card and the other 3 queen of spades are the loser cards. The 4 cards are shown to have red backs and the job of the spectator is to find the money card: the 9 of hearts. The spectator is always given an edge, but seemingly can never find the money card. Again and again, even when the loser card is clipped with a paper clip, it somehow changes to the money card. The climax is when the money card is shown to be marked differently from the loser cards. They are different on the front (clearly the face is different from the loser cards- not so surprising) but they are also different on the BACK--- eh, wasn't the backs all the same initially ???? You got to see this for yourself to believe.


Dazed : The art of printing cards is demonstrated in this video clip. The magician shows two master cards, 3 of hearts and the king of spades. These master cards are cards that are used to print duplicates. The magician shows that printing cards are actually cards with all backs, Among the pile of cards in his hand is a blank card, also know as an eraser card. By rubbing the master cards over the printing cards, all the cards become like the master card. It is done with the 3 of hearts, and by merely rubbing all cards with the 3 of hearts, the whole pile of cards become 3 of hearts. The process is repeated, with the king of spades. To re-do the whole printing process, simply use the erase card and rub it over the printed cards. All the cards are then shown to have turned into blank cards.

New Gypsy Monte : The money card is the ace of diamond. That's the card you have to follow. The loser cards are the 2 black sevens. Mysteriously, the ace of diamond turns itself over. Then one of the black sevens become the ace of diamonds. Next, the black sevens turn themselves into red sevens, and the ace of diamond disappears. The ace of diamond magically goes to the top of the deck. It is inserted into the pile of cards and it disappears once again. It is finally found in an envelope beneath the deck of cards. 

Jazz Aces : 4 queens of spades are placed on the table, 3 face down and the leader queen is face up. 4 ace of hearts are then introduced, and one of the ace is placed beside the queen on the table. One of the face down queen is placed among the other 3 aces in the hand, and this queen magically transforms itself into the ace and the ace which was originally on the table turns into a queen. This is repeated again. The last queen is then sandwiched between 3 ace of hearts. It too disappears and finds it way to the leader queen on the table. The leader queen has once again managed to bring all its queens together.

Queens out of Control : 2 piles of queens of spades are introduced. When one queen is placed face down on the pile of face up queens in the hand, the last queen turns face down too. Then all the face up queens turn face down. Next, a face up queen is placed on the pile of face down queens. Mysteriously, all the queens turn face up. This is repeated again. Then the wild queens turn themselves into jokers. After this, one of the jokers turn into a queen. Finally, all the queens are shown to have different coloured backs.

Colour Change : Colour change is one of the most entertaining and magical aspect of card magic. One card changes to another magically.

Restless Lady : La Dame Inquiete, where the queen of spade magically returns to the pile of cards in the hand. Then it turns itself into the queen of hearts.

Collection of poker cards : This is my treasured collection of poker size cards. You can view the designs on the backs of the cards here.  



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