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Season 2 Episode 11 ”The Last Temptation“ (Season finale)
Writen by Greg D’Angelo

A voice says Previously on Brimstone, The following clips are played.

1-From Love Bites, Zeke sees a man apear “I have many names, but most call me Dracula.”

2-From Love Bites Part 2, Zeke is in his hotel room, the vampires run at him. Max runs in, & Dracula bites her.

3-From Poison, Zeke is in a house he opens a drawer a newspaper reads “Slasher Claims 6th John.” “I killed them all” Babera says to him, he pulls out his gun & she slaps it away. “You deny me love because I’m a prostitute.” They are on the floor kissing, he has his hands on her cheeks, he says “I’m sorry” & gouges his thumbs in her eyes.

4-From mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Damnedest Of Them All, The Vigilantee rips a few people apart with his claws. “I’m Zeke Stone, a detective.” “I’m Kenny, resident vigilantee.” They walk out of a bar & Kenny says “I’m ready to go back” “No” replies Zeke. “Thank you for buying a dead man his last drink,” then Kenny throws his hands into his face slicing his own eyes.

5-From Sins Of The Father, Zeke is in the garage. Out of the darkness a voice calls “welcome home son” they brawl Zeke shoots Peter’s right eye, & he runs away. Zeke finds his father under a bridge, he is holding the wound . “Son, I did make mistakes, but I loved you all.” Peter collapses on the ground & disapears. “Goodbye, Dad” says Zeke.

6-From Stone Vs. Stone, Zeke finds a sheding of a snakes skin. Zeke is facing a hooded figure, it pulls back the hood showing the face of a beautiful woman. Zeke turns to stone. The Medusa then tackles Zeke to the floor, face down. “now you try some stone” says Zeke. He turns over & holds a mirror in front of her face. She turns to stone & is sucked back to hell.

Scene 1: Zeke is having a family picnic, he is barbequing. Everyone is there, including his Mother, Father, sister, Rosalyn, & there children. All of a sudden, the barbeque exploads into massive ball of fire. Zeke awakes in cold sweat. He opens the window, & looks outside. An old man is walking down the street, Zeke notices some tough looking teenagers down the block. He grabs his gun, & runs downstairs not knowing if anything will happen. He steps outside & sees 2 of the teenagers lying on the sidewalk, & 2 others holding knives to the old man. He begins walking towards them, and BOOM, the 2 boys expload into a ball of fire. The old man looks around & sees people looking. Zeke tries to look at his face, but it is to smoky, & before his back was to Zeke. A diamond shaped field surounds him & then without trace, he disapears.

Intro/Opening Credits

Scene 2: Zeke is standing on the street watching as detectives investigate. “A lovely day for a barbeque isn’t it” says The Devil. Zeke truns around & says patronizingly “oh, hello, yes it is, yes it is.” “Why aren’t you over there investigating with them?” “Ha ha” replies Zeke sacasticly. “Oh come now, you’re a cop.”Zeke gives a dirty look. “Oh that’s right, you were a cop.” Zeke looks so angry, smoke should be coming out of his head. “not so easy to play cop with a New York badge in New York, is it?” Zeke turns & walks away.

Scene 3: The old man walks into a bar, he sits at the counter, but says nothing to the bartender. “Are you getting anything sir” says the bartnder. “I’m not sure, what do you recomend for a sad old man?” “Full of troubles?” “Yeah.” “Wiskey!” replies the bardender, as he serves the drink. The news comes on the TV & the newscaster says: “welcome back to new york news, a bizzare mugging gone wrong happened earlier when 4 teenage boys aparently tried to mug an old man, but before anyone could intervien he fought them off himself himself...” “It’s a sad world when 4 kids attack an old man.” “Yes it is” replies the old man “...but not so sad when he whoops there bloody asses but good!” The bartender laughs with him.

Scene 4: Zeke is watching A christmas story. Ralphie fights off the imaginary bandits from his back yard, with his red ridder BB gun. The Devil apears, & says “oh, if only you could fight evil with such style.” “Hey boss.” The Devil smiles & shakes his head, in a dance like way, & replies “so you’ve learned who I am eh?” Zeke grins & replies “but do I care, that’s the tricky part for you!” “Ah a snapy comeback, from an ever vigilant Stone,... to bad you can’t turn that vigilance into devotion for your job.” “You may say it differently each day, but the line remains as old as you.” “It’s a shame you died, you never got to see this movie become a real classic, how many times did you watch it... only once huh, well no matter, it won’t matter what you miss now this station repeats it all day on Christmas.” “You like keeping tracked of stupid things.” ”Stupid things” Or stupid people?” “Enjoy the movie, i’m going to work!” “Finally” wispers The Devil, “Make sure you shoot his eyes out!” He adds as Zeke walks out the door.

Scene 5: Zeke walks out of the hotel & begins walking down the street. “Ezekiel” shouts a voice. He looks back & sees Detective Kane waving. Zeke walks over & says “Kane, what brings you down here?” "You!” “This has to do with spontanious combution right?” “Spontanious what” replies Kane. Zeke looks puzzled. “Oh I’m kidding, lighten up Zeke!” Zeke sighs a relief & asks “so what do we know?” “there have been a dozen acounts of spontanious combustion in the past couple of weeks, that’s only the ones reported by witnesses. There has also been several other chard bodies found. He is not afraid of leaving witnesses, most discribe him as somewhat honerablek, or acting in defense, of himself of other people. This is a composit sketch of him.” He hands Zeke a folder. zeke opens it & sees a picture of the old man. “Thanks, I couldn’t get good loook at him last night.” “Zeke is he really from down there, I mean not that I like someone doing my job, but he seems to be taking care of the scum, while cops like me are sleeping. “I know, that’s why I always talk ot them, I can’t just shoot them.”

Scene 6:Zeke walks down the street, he shows the picture to several people. No words are spoken, they only nod there heads. Finally one person points with an extension of the left arm.

Scene 7: Zeke creeps up on an old house. Inside he hears chanting. The door seems open so he enters. A wierd noise, a kind a humming starts. The door shuts behind him, he turns & sees no one, & realizes that he feels a draft. He searches around. Finally he comes to a room, & sees a room that apears to be a prison, he looks inside & sees some medievil cells he sees a shadow of a person. Stone takes out his gun, & aproaches. All of a sudden bars fall in the door way. Zeke turns & gasps.

Scene 8: One of the cells opens up & Zeke walks over, the cell burts into flames & Zeke falls back. He starta getting up & the old man walks out from the cell & extends his hand, “let me help you son!” Zeke gets up by him self, & extends his hand, the man shakes it. and Zeke reaches behind his back & takes a knife from him. “You are very smart, you have past all my tests.” Test? what tests?” “Oh being able to enter, & not fall into my traps, except the dungeon of course, but that was to test if you would try saving someone.” “Who are you?” “who are you, a warrior on a mission?” “Yeah, kinda.” “A very strage misson you have, yes.” “yeah, I’m here to ask a few questions, if you don’t mind?” “About me setting the evil ones on fire?” “Yeah,... how do you know all this.” “I know many things, but there is no other reason for you to come!” “You are corect, & now...” “Yes I am dead, much like your self, so you are the one called, hell cop!” “How could you know this, quit playing games already!” demands Zeke as he pulls out his gun. The old man yawns, He waves his hand, & a transparent field appears in front of his face. “please let’s not do battle, I don’t want to fight my allies, besides, I assure you that, this will reflect your weapon back at you.” Zeke puts away his gun. “Alright, but...” “Yes, I see, you have no choice, but to fight me,.. I will explain, I am a wizard.” “You could have started with your name.” “Why don’t you start first.” “Ok, I am Zeke Stone, the best cop, this city ever saw, then some time ago, I was killed,...” And you went to hell, just like me, but only you left out the part about your sins, & the attack on your wife.” Zeke looks one part confussed, & one part angry. The man continues “I will not hold anything back, I have had many names, spent eons helping kings grow wise, & but one day, I betryed my king for a woman, she decieved me, & feed me a poison. When I died, i was judged resposible for everything that happened, all the chaos that befell my country.” “Why do I feel, that I should know you?” “Know of me you mean, probably, because you have learned about me, I am mentioned in many books. And though not intirely acurate, they do bring a good message. “Well perhaps I haven’t read as much as I should have, I know only one wizard from books.” The man laughs & replies “who knows, it could be me.” “There’s one more thing you need to tell me.” yes, how I know what you will ask before you say it.” “that’s easy, you read my mind.” Again the wizard laughs & says “no, I know what you are going to ask because, I can travel time, I have told myself you would come, & some of what you would say & ask. and that bring me to a question you would like to hear,... would you like to to go back in time, & stop your self from going to hell, & not have to go on this stupid, not to mention futile mission,... because I assure you, you have no way to send me back.” “Ok. what exactly is your offer?” “simple, I send you back in time, you can stop your self, from getting shot was it? And even leaving your wife alone.” “How is this possible, & why would you do this?” “Do not worry about such things,I will give you some time to think about it. When you sleep tonight you will dream what should have been. Return tommorow and tell me of your accepting my offer.

Scene 9: A vortix is on screen, Zeke is sucked into it, and spins round & round. Zeke is in a car riding home with Rosalyn, he looks at her holding there son, “how is Logan doing?” “He looks great, he seems hungry.” she says, pulling the baby to her breast. He pulls over, & looks at the kid. “He looks familiar” says Zeke, and we can see the Devil’s face behind the cute kid’s face. They are home, Zeke’s parents are there, everyone is happy. Later they go to bed, they put Logan in his cribe, & they lay in bed. Zeke turns to face roz, & he gasps. We see the image of Ash behind her face. He wakes up, the TV is on, it’s playing A Christmas Story again the Devil is standing over him. “Pleasant Dreams Mr. Stone.” “Oh look my guardian Angel.” The Devil chuckles. Zeke reaches for the remote & tries to turn off the TV but it won’t, he changes the channel but it’s on every channel, someone is saying ‘you’ll shot your eye out.’ “What’s with this?” asks Zeke. “Oh, relax Ezekiel, I’m only having some fun, it’ll work tomorow.” “You never can stay out of my house, or my head!” “You’re house? You wouldn’t be here with out me, anything that goes on in your head or your house, is my bussiness, got it?” “Whatever!” “But I asure you, I really don’t care what goes on on your head right now.” “Sure, you didn’t know the wizard was gonna let me dream what should have been, & interupt it?” “No Ezekiel, you are mistaken, I had nothing to do with your dream.” “What are you talking about.” “That, I can’t tell you, unlike your new friend Mer,.. oh never mind, I won’t tell you his name, you’ll find that out soon, soon enough that is. In of a puff of smoke, & with a laugh, The Devil disapears. “Mer” says Zeke “Merlin? No it can’t be,... could it?”

*White flash*

The old wizard is meditating, he looks up, “so, Ezekiel has made up his mind.”

Scene 10: Ezekiel again enters the house. The wizard stands there, “hello Ezekiel.” “Hello Merlin?” “So you have figured out my name.” “I had help.” “Ah your friend The Devil, I see you have also made up your mind.” “yes” “And I cannot change you mind my friend?” “Nope!” “You’re sure, I knew what you would say, & have prepared the apropriate spells. At least honer me with a a justification of such a rash course of action!” “I can’t no matter what I change, it would still all be the same, someone has to send all you s.o.b.s back, & that’s me!” Merlin is furious. he waves his hand & Zeke goes flying throw a wall, landing in the garden. He gets up just in time to duck from a fire ball.

Scene 11: Zeke runs & hides in an alley. He hears foot steps, he silently takes out his gun, & waits. A figure walks past him & he tackles it to the ground, pointing his gun at here face. It is The Devil. “Mr. Stone, I am not getting paid enough to take this kind of abuse.” “Sorry.” says Zeke, half embaressed & half ready to laugh.“ He offers to help The Devil up, but he ignors Zeke’s gesture. “You know Ezekiel, it’s becoming, more and more common that you run from, these dmned souls of mine. how can you hope to catch them, if you run all the time.” “How am I suposed to beat these guys, they have the power to turn invisible, or throw fire, & what do I get, a gun that runs out of bullets.” “It’s not my fault if your to stupid to acess your powers, you dead, you’ve been to hell, all of you have the same potenial, however, I am not supplying an instruction book.” Zeke looks angry & confussed. The Devil continues “however, I will promise you this, if you fail & this, puny wizard, sends you back to hell. The next damned soul I pick, will have an aka 47, that never runs out of bullets, does that sound nice.” No not re... The Devil cuts him off “if you try Ezekiel, I will consider forgiving your failure, & you will go back to hell with nothing lost, if anything you were lucky, you got a vacation to earth, for a couple of years,... but if you keeping acting like a coward, I will relocate your room down below next to mine so we can have friendly chats all day long.” “Well I would hate to let you down my friend” says Zeke sarcasticly. “By the way Zeke, why didn’t you acept his offer?” “I would never betray our friendship?” says a comical Zeke. “Are you sure?” asks The Devil “Or maybe your finally realizing that your a bad seed?” “You know, you really don’t bother me anymore, I have peace of mind!” replies a calm & collective Zeke. The Devil disapears & the screen flashes white.

Scene 12: Zeke again walks to the old house, only this time. a voice stops him on the street. “I do not wish to battle you, the honerable Zeke Stone, but if we must, I will not destroy my abode.” “Enough with this honer crap” demands Zeke as he turns around to see the mage, “let’s get this over with!” “So one of us will go back? It will not be me!” booms Merlin. Zeke feels heat by his feet, & jumps out of the way, just in time to miss being fried by a giant flame. He lands near Merlin who picks him up & hurls him into some garbage cans. He draws his gun & fires some shots, but they are reflected off some transparent field. Then Merlin throws a fireball & Zeke again dodges out of the way, while the gabage cans melt away. Zeke sees Merlin pauses after a spell, so he takes he opertunity & charges at him. However the wizard is prepared, when Zeke gets near, he floats high above him. Again Zeke fires his gun, but to no avail. The some windows of the house start to rumble, & then they move & humaniod figures begin waking towards Zeke. He looks at his gun, “only 2 shots left,” mumbles Zeke to him self. 2 of the windows are near him, he rolls under one & grabs a big stick, & swings it into the clumsey creature as it turns around. Then swings at the other one but is grabbed from behind by a 3rd one. he lets the creature pull the stick, & it stupidly swings at him, Zeke turns his body, & the creature hits the other one. Zeke then gives the remaining window a big kick. It shatters & Merlin desends on him. They fight, hand to hand combat, they try throwing each other to the ground & into walls, but no one sems to get the advantage, finally Zeke starts floating & is magically hurled into a wall. He gets up quickly, but sees Merlin about to throw a fire ball. “I was right right not to fight you indoors, you are a worthy oponent, I will miss you Ezekiel.” Merlin begins moving his arm, as if throw the fireball, but is seemingly held in his place by some force. Zeke quickly pulls out his gun. “No” he says “I’ll miss you, Merlin” & he fires his remaining shots into his eyes. The ancient wizard is sucked back to hell. and when he fades away Ash is seen behind him. “I supose I owe you a thank you, or an apology.” says Stone. Ash walks toward Zeke & says “No Zeke... I, I’ve been looking for you, I heard you left L.A., and we have unfinished bussiness.” “No, not today.” Stone puts away his gun & walks away. “You ether love me or you hate me” yells Ash, as the camera shows Zeke walking away for 10 seconds of silence. Then you hear Satan say “And yet again you fail me” You now see Ash on camera & The Devil aproaches her. She says “I’m sorry” “Oh don’t think I’m in a hurry now, I am eternal, just don’t let Zeke ever find out the truth!” “That he’s not the only one you let out of hell, that there are others, who have the same job as him, heh heh heh.” This isn’t funny Ms. Badaktu, I will have you know that you are lossing, he has sent me back more damned souls then you have." Ash walks away & Satan laughs.

-The End-

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