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I made this page, because this is America(the beautiful, land the free, that I love).
But I will not beg a god to stand beside her, & guide her. I will do that myself!
Or at least part of it.
As a writter, I strive for truth.
No matter how blunt, or ugly, if it is the right way, it should be said.
I know this, for I use it in my philosophies, & live by it.
There are things that should be said
(though certain people want you not to know-& some don't want to hear it),
but there are people more informed in these matters
(& I know when to step back),
so I will leave it to them.
These sights below are the ones who write the truth I speak of.

9/11 was America's darkest day,
but why are details so mysteriously shrouded?

Things that baffel me
1-Notice how quick we were to point the finger at Bin Ladden.

2-We asked the CIA, why weren't they up on this,
but has there any investigation on them? No.

3-What was done on 9/11/02 in remebrance of 3000 victims?
Nothing, except elevating the security level.
(Which by the way seems to happen anytime things settle down & we begin looking at homeland issues-like the economy)

4-(Perhaps) Even more intresting, is the attack on the Pentagon.
Here is a link to some photos,

I looked this over a few times,
and I just don't get it, if you do, please tell me, ok.

5-And have you seen the list of passengers on the flights?
I did, & saw no arabic names.
But we are told the FBI tracked them through there credits cards, & passports with "real" names on them.
AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 11 (1st crash on North Tower)

6-While the issue of how were were so negligent as to let the tragities of 9/11 that befell New York happen.

I do not believe, with the power of our airforce, that a plane would be allowed to deviate so far from it's course, that it enters (what is probably restricted air space), & hit the pentagon,... especially after being attacked twice already.

And how odd it is, that the only attack we could (supposedly) foil,
was the one on the white house.

7-If all this can't convince you, then perhaps Bush himself can.
During one of his press confrences he said "this is a crusade."
Bad choice of words, or a fraudulent slip?
He also is using words out of the Nazi handbook;
"Your ether with us or against us."

Ask your self this;
is it possible in anyway that war was wanted, & the attack were let to happen as "justification?!?"

Beware, the new world order!