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Season 2 Episode 6 "Stone Vs. Stone"
Written by Greg D'Angelo

A voice says previously on Brimstone. It shows a clip from Love Bites:

Zeke mumbles to himself "that's it vampires do not exist" The Devil appears "shame on you Mr. Stone, i thought after 15 years in hell & now back on earth you'd believe anything until it's proven wrong"

Scene 1: Zeke is in a room he watches a beautiful woman wearing a cloth dress with a hood. She walks up to a man and takes out a knife, that looks like stone, & stabs him. Zeke tries to move but he can't. She then stabs a woman, then a bunch of people. Zeke screams "nooooo" & wakes up. The Devil is sitting there on a rocking chair watching him. He says to Zeke "working hard, even during your sleep, i like that" "Must you" asks Zeke, The Devil laughs.

Intro/Opening credits

Scene 2: Zeke is walking down the street he suddenly feels that he's being watched. He walks into an alley. A shadow is scene behind him, he turns around only to see a statue of a man.

Scene 3: Stone is in a Police Station, a man walks over & says "hello, I'm detective Morisy, are you the one who said you found some stolen art" "Yes in an alley on Tenth Ave. & Adams Street" "Ok what happened misterrrrr" "Goner, john Goner, I was on my way home, & i got this feeling like I was being watched, so i ran into the alley" "and what did you find" "I felt like someone was behind me, I turned around & saw a statue" The detective sighs "Mr. Goner,... what you saw wasn't art" "well what is it" "Probably part of a very unpracticle joke, statues have been turning up all over Battle Creek for 3 weeks now, people are missing too" "Well, I hope i helped somehow"

Scene 4: Zeke is walking down the street at night he suddenly hears a woman scream. He runs & finds the woman crying on the ground next to the statue of a man. Zeke takes out his badge & says "I'm detective Goner are you ok" "I,... don't,...I don't know" she says "What happened asks Zeke, but she only cries. Zeke pauses for a moment "did you know him" "Yes" she wimpers "Oh my,... he's a person, this guy right here" Still crying she can only nod her head repeatedly. "Please, tell me what happened" In a low toned voice she says "we were walking down the street, a woman walks by & smiles at him, then he is like this" "did you see which way see went" "Yes, & her cloths they weren't normal, she was dressed like some witch" "what was she wearing" "a brown cloth dress, with a hood" "and which way did she go" "straight that way" says the woman as she points. "Thank you, you should get home" Zeke walks down the street looking for anything odd,... he finds the sheding of a snakes skin. Zeke looks half petrified & half exilirated.

Scene 5: Zeke is studying a bunch of newspapers & maps, he gets frustrated & walks out. He is walking down the street, for a seemingly endless amount of time. Eventually he sees a figure in a cloak. Zeke aproaches the figure & takes out his gun. Now he can see it is brown cloth dress with a hood "I'm detective Stone, put your hands where I can see them" The person puts there hands on there head, & turns around,... then pulls back the hood; showing the beautiful face of the woman from Zeke's dream. "Ash, you need to stop leaving your snakes around" "You speak of strage things mortal, but if it's snakes that you are interested in" The camera shows Zeke turning to stone, he tries to move but he can't & screams "nooooo" The woman, laughing, pulls the hood all the way back, & instead of hair; she has dozens of snakes.

Scene 6 (A short while later if you need to know how much time has past): Zeke falls on the ground and starts gasping. He gets up & looks around, but the woman is gone. The Devil is heard laughing, Zeke turns around & sees him. "And yet another messed up capture for you Mr. Stone" "Hey I tried, I was bested this time, that's all"" Bested? You were petrified, you're lucky you are a damned soul and not a breathing flesh molded human being" "I'll get her, I always get them don't I" "What you should have done is tackled her from behind while you had the advantage instead of playing cop running around saying -(sarcastic voice here)-put your hands up please" "Jerk,... you should have warned me it was The Medusa" "You mean you couldn't tell from all the statues, some detective you are,... didn't you ever read any so called Greek Mythology when you were young,... or was playing cops & robbers all you did" Zeke looks blankly at Satan, who then throws a card at him. Zeke picks it up it says: Battle Creek Library.

Scene 7: Zeke is in a hotel room at a table reading a bunch of books. He closes the one he's holding & looks at a localmap. "Gotcha," he says.

Scene 8: Zeke is in a cave, he explores the place. He holds a somewhat small mirror (about 10") & round in his hand. He is careful not to look when he sees or hears anything. A voice booms "I smell something familiar, has my lover come home." "It is I Peracles,... so glad you remeber me" replies Zeke. He then hears loud hissing. "You are no mortal, who are you?" Zeke looks in his mirror & sees Medusa aproaching. He takes his gun and points it backwards (or over head) & shoots. A shot hits one of the snakes, acid spues out & onto Zeke's hand, he drops his gun. The Madusa charges at him and tackles him, fortunatly for him he is face down. "You fool, you will die" screams Medusa. "No thanks lady, I've done that,... now you try some Stone" He turns over & pulls the mirror in front of The Medusa's face, she screams, and turns to stone. Zeke grabs his gun & blasts her eyes, she is sucked back to hell, & a tattoo burns off of Zeke.

Scene 9: Zeke is walking down a road, The Devil appears & says "Where to now Ezekiel" Zeke only smiles, The Devil points to the sign on the side of the road it reads: Now Leaving ,i>Hell Michigan Please Come Again. Satan laughs, Zeke shakes his head & says "you're sick" "maybe, but remember, wherever you go, hell will always be apart of you" Zeke just shrugs his shoulders, & starts walking.

-The End-

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