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"The Spark"
A Star Gate SG-1 stand alone, written by Greg D’Angelo

Scene 1 (teaser):

We start out with a shot of the Star Gate in the SGC. A vortex opens, and SG-1 comes through. The iris shuts behind them, and Gen. Hammond walks up to them. "How did it go on P3W-297.1B?" "Excellent," Replies ONeil."

"The inhabitants?" "The Vollarians like us General," says Carter. "However, they are not an advanced species, and can offer little help against the Goa'uld." "However, their culture was amazing." Adds Jackson. "Their music was the finest." "That it was," says Oneil." "Very well. We will meet tomorrow at O 800, until then you are free."

They each shower and return the their quarters to rest. Jack is resting in bed, only half asleep. Samantha opens his door, and walks in. "Sam? W-what are you doing here?" She doesn't answer, only smiles, and sits next to him on the bed.

He sits up, and she touches his face. "Sam . . ." "Shhh, it's ok. You don't have to say anything. She then leans onto him. “Just hold me." He puts an arm around her. "That's hold me sir" he says, then kisses her on the cheek.

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Scene 2:

Jack is again sleeping, and wakes up. "Weird dream," he says to him self. There is a knock at the door. "Come in," he says. The door opens and Teal'c and Daniel walk in. "What's wrong?" asks Jackson. "We were supposed to meet at O 800, it's O 800." Jack gives a look, like what the hell. "Sorry, I was just so tired."

They walk to the meeting room, and a few others are seated. Except General Hammond, who is pacing the floor. "Glad you decided to join us Colonel." "Sorry sir." "That's ok, now moving on . . . I have decided I want to keep communicating with the Valerians. The president's cabinet wants to make sure they are not holding back about the lack of technology."

"When do we go?" asks Oneil. "The sooner the better, and that means today." "Understood." "Remember, you are not to press them for information and technology, they are to know we are friends, the choice to share must come from them." "Also understood." "Good, you may enjoy breakfast, and attend to your activities, but prepare to move out at 1200 hours."

Scene 3:

They gear up and meet back at the gate. It powers up, the vortex opens, and they step in, heading back through. They pass through, and the Vollarians greet them.

"We did not think you would be back," says an old man. "Well our leaders want to establish a friendship." says Jackson. "As do we, but I thought you would be off finding other enemies of the Goa'uld."

"We have other units, we can attend to many planets and problems at once." Says ONeil. "You may make yourselves at home, I will find a guide to help you see our world." "Thank you," says Oneil.

SG-1 walks about the small village, and looks at what is a market place. Then a man walks over to them. "I am Tolen, I will be your guide." Daniel walks over, "I'm Daniel Jackson, this is Jack Oneil, Samantha Carter, and Teal'c." "It is my pleasure to meet you all, it is not every day I get to meet travelers from other worlds."

"Why don't I show you our temple?" says Tolen, and points in the distance to a great building, that seems a bit like a pyramid, but more square then triangle. "Sound great," says Carter. "We can learn alot on there," adds Jackson. The group walks off, Oneil & Teal'c slowly in tow.

"Oh joy, time for religious ed," jokes Oneil to himself. "I gather you are not a man of faith Oneil?" Says Teal'c. "No Teal'c, I am a man of action, I believe in doing, not praying." "I have spent my life seeing people do what gods do not. And all cultures seem the same, the people do, and thanks their gods for their own work." "So, you're saying I'm right?" "That I am."

Scene 4:

They walk up some large stairs and enter the temple. "Welcome to the home of Isis and Osiris, our gods." Daniel looks at the architecture & imagery, and is amazed.

"Shall I tell you about Isis and Osiris?" "Yes, please." says Carter. "Long ago, the evil god Ra ruled over everyone, but his tyranny was not unchallenged. Osiris, his favored son, stood up to him, and they battled. Osiris was killed. However he had a wife named Isis, she laid him on the altar, and breathed life back into him."

They look at the altar, and see it's a sarcaficus. "I see," says Daniel." He then fought again, and lost. Isis kept raising him, but he kept loosing." "No offense, but your god seems lacking, if he eternally losses." Comments oneil. "No, he may loss the physical fight, but in fighting Ra, we are kept safe from Ra."

"That tale is alot like Earth, though varied." says Jackson. "Please, tell me how your people worship Isis & Osiris." Well, ok." Daniel & Tolen compare the differences in religions.

Teal'c stays by the door, while Sam goes over to the altar. "I don't believe it, they have a sarcaficus, and don't even know it." "Yeah, hidden in their sacred altar."

Samantha touches it, and Jack turns around, looking at Daniel having another great conversation. He leans back on the altar, and rests his hands on it. A great white flash explodes from the altar. Slowly, the light turns from white to yellow, to orange, to red, then settles into a nice pink hue.

Jack is laying on the floor as he has been knocked down. He looks around, and his face turns to shock, as he is now alone in the room.

Scene 5:

Samantha walks in, wearing a gown of silver like material. “Oh rise my lord,” she says to him, but he does not. She kneels before him, and breaths life into him. His clothes turn into gold armor, and he rises.

The door is kicked in, and soldiers charge in. The 1st goes at Jack, but he steps to the side, and punches him. However, the next grabs Sam. Jack runs over and pulls him off. “You dare touch her?!” he growls. and with that he tosses the guy across the room. The rest are in shock, and turn to flee.

Samantha hugs Jack, and asks “What was that about?” “They must have been sent by our enemy.” “We are not safe, even here?” “It would seem not.”

Scene 6:

“Daniel, Tolen!” Teal’c says alarmed. They turn around. “Is something wrong,” asks Daniel. “Yes.” he says pointing to the altar. “Where are Oneil & Carter?” They all look over at the altar. “Oh no.” says Tolen. “Why don’t I like the sound of that?” Daniel replies.” Tolen, dod you know what has happened to them?” Teal’c asks. “No, but have an idea.” “Which is?” asks Daniel.

“There is a legend, that states when a man & a woman touch the altar, they might relive the experiences of Isis & Osiris.” “So, what you are saying, is that they get to play god? But what I don’t get, is where they would go?” say Daniel. “I’ m afraid no one knows. No one has ever touched it. Nor for many generations.”

Teal’c walks away, and begins examining the area. Daniel starts to look at the runes written on the altar. “I can’t make these out, only a few of them. I need more info in this. Are there any religious expert who could help us in your village?” “No. our beliefs are taught through word of mouth, from generation to generation. One person is as good as another.”

“But someone must know what these signs says?!” “This is an ancient language, but I will do my best.” Tolen begins to read the runes, but has difficulty. “The best I can tell is; touch of love - see with our eyes.” “Love?”

Teal’c who has gone behind the altar, stops. “Daniel Jackson, come look at this.” He points to a barely noticeable opening, underneath the altar, as if there is something hidden. “What’s in there?” Daniel asks. “I do not know, no one goes behind the altar . . . except the gods.

Teal’c tries pushing the altar, and it moves slowly, and slightly, as it is heavy. Daniel grabs ahold, and helps push the altar. “What are you doing? You cannot do this.” Says Tolen in shock. Outraged, he runs out of the temple.

“Something appear to be stuck underneath”, Says Teal’c. “Are you ok with that?” “I believe so.” “Good!” Daniel lets go of the altar, putting the full weight on Teal’c. He grabs Teal’s laser, and aims into the small opening under the altar. He fires, and Teal’c pulls up the altar. The altar lays on it’s side, unscathed, and open before them now is a stairway in darkness.

“What do you suppose is down there?” Teal’c asks. “I don’t know, maybe a computer of some sorts.” “I will go, make sure the way is safe.” Teal’s slowly walks down, and out of no where gasps in pain, and falls over. He grabs hold of his stomach. “Something bad, in there.” he says vaguely.

Scene 7:

Samantha & Jack stand confused. “OK, what was that all about?” He asks. “Good question, as well as where are we?” “He looks at her confused. ”We’re not still in the temple?” “No, look at the walls, they have no engravings, neither does the altar.” “We should go look out side.”

They walks over to the door, which is kicked open, or down more specifically. A tall man with evil eyes walks in. He is dressed in black armor, and carries a spear. “I shall destroy you now.” he says. ”Come on now, we can talk about this, right?” asks Jack in mockery. “Die, traitorous fools!”

The man charges at Them thrusting his spear forward, Jack raises his sword to meet the spear. They clash weapons till Jack is knocked over. Samantha pulls a dagger off her belt, and rushes at the man. She stabs him, but to no effect. “Foolish girl, no one can kill Ra! Not even another god!” Jack sweeps his legs out from under him, and he falls, but takes Sam with him. And strangles her.

“Get off her, now!” Jack commands, but there is no response. Jack stabs him, and he slowly fades away. “I shall return,” he growls. Before he fades fully, he grabs the knife and stabs Samantha in the stomach.

Jack grabs onto her. “It’s ok, I’m here.” She passes out, and he gently lays her down. He looks at the wound. He bandages her, and then leans forward. He kisses her, and she wakes up. They embrace in a passionate kiss. They stop, and she he leans onto him. “Just hold me." He puts an arm around her. “That's hold me sir" he says, then kisses her on the cheek.

He then pulls slightly away from her, and looks a bit disturbed. “What’s wrong?” “This” What is this? Is this a dream?” “Perhaps.” she replies, and stands up. “She looks at her stomach, where she was stabbed. “How did I heal?” I don’t know, I just . . .”

All of a sudden, the room starts to change, runes appear on the walls. “And where is the altar?” Jack states. Samantha turns around, only to see a gapping hole where the altar once was. They walk over, and look down and see Daniel standing over Teal’c, who is on the floor.

“So all this time, we've been on the next story?” “Seems so.” Samantha replies. “So what’s out that door? I don’t remember seeing a balcony, do you?. “No sir. He power walks over to it, and opens it. Out side it is ground level. “Do we?” “Well sir, there are a number of possibilities here.” “Any that can cause damage?” “Normally I would say yes, but that seems unlikely here. There may be some type of protection from damage here.”

They step out, but go no where. The room is back around them, almost instantaneously. They are back in the center of the room, and the door is shut. “Illusion?” “Yes,” she replies. “All of it was illiusions. That’s why the body faded, the wound healed.” Cause they were never here. How bout` that.”

“What about the others?” Jack says, rushing to the hole in the floor. They again look down and see Daniel & Teal’c. “Something happened to Teal’c! I need to get down there.” Samantha says. “Daniel, are you ok.” “Jack?” “Yes, I’m up here.” “Up?” Daniel says, looking at the the stairs. “You sound like you are below me.” “Well, we’re standing above you looking down at you.”

Daniel looks up. “That’s not possible, there is a ceiling above me.” “Daniel listen to me,” says Samantha. “There’s some kind of holographic generator in this place.” “Yeah,” Jack cuts in. “It makes you see what’s not there. It can even make a room follow you outside.” “What happened to Teal’c?” “We just opened this passage to he basement, and he collapsed in pain.”

“I need to get down, you think you can catch me?” “I don’t even see you!” “Well I have to risk it, the worst that can happen is a broken leg, but we have to see what’s wrong with Teal’c.” Daniel stands up. “This isn’t going to go well,” he mumbles to himself.

Scene 8:

Samantha jumps through the hole, and falls on the opening, as if suspended on air, but slanted, almost as if on an incline plane. “I’m ready,” says Daniel.” She gets up and sees Daniel, right there, as she is on the stairs. He turns around.” “What?” She climbs up. That looks like fun,” says Jack. He also steps on, and falls down too. He climbs up the stair case, and SG-1 is united.

Samantha looks at Teal’c, who is now unconscious, but his hands are on his stomach. She moves his hands asides, and pulls up his shirt. The Goa'uld is sticking out, but seems unconscious too. “Did anything else happen?” she asks. “No.” Then I don’t know what to make of this.” “What’s up with this?” says Jack looking at some runes on the over turned alter.

Daniel & Samantha look. They see an image that looks like a Goa'uld running in fear from a man with a sword. “That doesn’t make sense, why would a Goa'uld run from a man?” “Perhaps, it;s connected to what is happening to Teal’c. There may be some anti-Goa'uld device here.” ”Think they lend it to us. Says Jack.

“Judging by the fact that the image is on the bottom of the altar, I’d say it would probably be in the basement.” Says Carter. “That’s if there is a basement, we just came up those steps, and we though we were upstairs. Who know where we can be going?”

“You figured out the other . . . maze, we’ll be fine.” Says Daniel “How was that again?” asks Jack “ “The illusions have some conjunction with a vortex, that make an eternal loop. Which explains how you think your somewhere, and are somewhere else.” Says Sam.” However, that doesn’t lock one in a room, it’s all a question of figuring what you’re looking at.” “Alright, go. I’ll stay with Teal’c.”

Scene 9:

Carter and Jackson walk downstairs, and find the lighting is very dim. Daniel walks away from Samantha, and over to what looks like a cross between a computer and a wall. Carter turns, and sees, and is amazed. “Imagine the technology to invent such . . .” he is so in awe, he does not complete his sentence.

He reaches out and goes to touch what seems like a monitor screen. “Are you sure that’s wise?” “No, but it seems to be. And no gain without risk!” He touches it, and and a voice speaks. “Welcome,” it says in a somewhat robotic, but mostly human voice.

A piece of the wall shifts out from in front of Jackson, and stops in front of him. part of it is a hand print, and another piece is somewhat like a stone lever. Samantha steps next to him. “Could that be the controls?” “Let’s find out.” He pulls the lever down, and the wall color changes.

“I’m guessing this does more then paint the walls quickly,” she adds. Samantha places her hand in the hand print space. The wall begins to show words, but they are in another language. “Do you know this?” “I’ll try.”

“It says; Goa'uld Barrier!” says a voice. They turn around, and see some men from the village, including the elder. “Yes, it seems to have the ability to repel Goa'uld, even make then sick.” “That is of no concern, we let you roam freely, and you destroy our temple?!” “No,” says Jackson stepping forward. “We were just looking around.” “I assure you, the alter can go back undamaged,” adds Carter. “You will go now, and not return here.

“It was the temple, some of us got lost . . . just disappeared really. We needed to explore to find them.” “I understand, but my people will not accept the sacrilege of damaging the temple.” “Can we not examine this?” asks Sam. “You may have a few more minutes.

The Star Gate opens, and SG-1 returns to the SGC. “Welcome back,” says Gen. Hammond. “The exploration was a bust, sir.” says Oneil. “How’s that.” “They took us to their temple, and Jack and Sam disappeared. The place was filled with intricacies, um, puzzles to boggle people.” “They appear to have a field that can repeal Goa'uld. Teal’c got sick for a while, when he went near a room.

“And why is it that we think the mission os a bust?” “Well, they didn’t take to us exploring their temple. See, there was this computer in a hidden room, and.” “I had to lit up the alter to get their,” Teal’c say, cutting in. “I did it when Oneil & Carter had disappeared. “Alright, write up your report, and we’ll discuss this later.” “Yes sir.”

”So that’s it, all that anti-Goa'uld technology, and we can’t do anything with it.” “Don’t feel to bad Daniel.” says Jack. “Their technology wasn’t that great. The way I figure, we’re gonna need a bit more then those anti-Goa'uld door locks to win this war.” “Oneil is right, we need to find real weapons, not temple tricks,” Adds Teal’c. “They’ll be other worlds,” says Carter.

Scene 10 (Closing): Jack is in his quarters, and there is a knock at the door. He opens it and sees Samantha. “Sir, may I come in?” “Of course.” She enters, and they just stair for a moment. “Permission to speak freely?” He hesitates, and slowly replies “of course.”

“What happened back there, are we supposed to, I mean, talk about it?” “What’s to talk about? Some alien force took over us, and made us relive something that happen to other people at sometime.” “Right. OK, um . . . for one thing it was their gods’ memories that we were reliving, not just anybody’s.” “And that makes it special cause it comes from a god? Nowadays we don’t know if god mean an actual god, or some planet’s leader.”

“You’re right she says, moving over the the door. “Hey, I understand, what happened was . . . unexpected. Maybe a bit disturbing, or difficult.” “I”m not sure, all I know is . . . how I feel, how we feel.” “Because the legend, that says if lovers touch the alter?” “Yes.” He reaches out to her face, but puts it on her shoulder instead.

“But you know we could never.” “I know, regulation.” “I could never ask you to give up you’re career, you’re going places . . . and I don’t just mean, out there. He says pointing, and she smiles. “And then there’s me, being a soldier is the only thing I’m good at.”

“Friends?” he says, extending his hand. “Friends!” she says taking his hand, and shaking it. “See you tomorrow sir.” “That’s Jack,” he replies jokingly, and shuts the door. When it shuts, he bumps his head against it, in doubt of what he just did. “Besides, you’re better off with out me . . . my love is a curse.”

-The End-

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