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Season 2 Episode 5 "Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's the Damnedest Of Them All"
Written by Greg D'Angelo

A voice says "previously on Brimstone" the following clips are played.

1- The end of Encore, Jax holds out the wedding rings & taunts Zeke "which one of these is your's, did i ever tell you that your wife was one of the best, & do you you know why she was so good, because she got into it,you know what i mean I think she liked it, let me ask you a question did you guys ever do it again,..." Zeke charges and tackles Gilbert, then sends him back to hell.

2- The end of Repentance, Zeke points his gun at Benidict then puts it down & says "go on, get out of here" Benidict replies "I can't, what I really want is to earn my own forgiveness, and I can't" "i don't want to do it, not this time" "you must" states Benidict. Zeke walks over & gives him a book, then says "you might wanna take this with you" Benidict replies "who knows, maybe a man can find some kind of salvation even in hell" Zeke then send him back to hell.

3- Various scenes from Faces, Brian is at the batting cage at night, Zeke enters & says "hi Brian, remember your pal Dr. Morez somebody killed him, i did a little bit of research, Dr. Morez wrote a few books his biggest was a case study about one of the patients that he treated in 1956, a kid a raised in a brutal family, see his step father used to beat him, take it from me, i was raised by a father who used to knock me around too. This quiet kid one day walked out & robbed a store, they put him in the psych ward where Dr. Morez was doing his internship, the day he went home he tried to rob an old man, the old man fought back, so the boy beat him to death, the police tracked him down he resisted arrest, so they shot him" "and he died" "and went to hell, sound familiar" Then it shows Zeke fighting Vic (using baseball bats as swords). Then the end Brian says "you guys are tearing me to pieces" Brian, Vic, & Tammy separate, Zeke walks in gets tackled and wrapped in plastic by Vic & Tammy. Brian says "Vic, not him" and he shoots Vic in the eyes, Vic Tammy & Brian get sucked back to hell.

4- The end of Poison, where the hooker says "I was right, you are a protector of women"

5- Scenes from Lovers, Paco & Jocelyn kissing, then Zeke sending Paco back to hell, then Jocelyn saying "look at what you've done to us, now the only place I'll see him is there, and there is such a terrible place" She then sticks her fingers in her own eyes, and goes back to hell.

Scene 1: It is night, a man & a woman are walking down the street, laughing & having a good time, he says "follow me" "where" she asks, "just come on" They walk for a while, then they stop by an alley. "What's wrong she asks "shhh" he says, they remain there quiet for a short period of time, then he turns around & grabs her pulling her into the alley, she pushes him back & says "what do you think you're doing" He slaps her come on you're a big girl, i think you know" Just then someone grabs him from behind, his head is pulled back, the man screams & you see four claws tear through his neck.

Intro/opening credits

Scene2: Zeke is walking in a park, he seems shocked. He looks around & sees people, they all seems to be wearing hats of various styles. He sits down at a bench & relaxes. The Devil appears (also wearing a hat), he has a shoping bag. "Hello stranger" he says, "hello" replies Zeke. "love this city don't you mr. Stone, everyone in Phoenix is so concerned with there image, it's almost as fun for me as Vegas" "You're enjoying following me from state to state, I can see the headliness now, Satan tours U.S." The Devil laughs. Zeke looks at the bag & says "so did you come here to find me or go shopping" "Oh, I almost forgot,... since you've been doing a good job lately, I brought you a little something" He hands the bag to Zeke, "thank you" says Zeke, they both pause for a moment. "Well open it" exclaims the Devil. Zeke open it, & the Devil disappears, Zeke reaches in & finds a black straw cowboy hat. "Nice" says Zeke, as he places it on his head getting a feel for it.

Scene 3: Zeke is walking down the street, he see people having fun at the local festivities. He walks over into a video store & buys a movie, "i always wanted to see it" he says, as he pays the clerk.

Scene 4: A woman is walking down the street, she hears some thing so she stops & looks around. A man grabs her from behind & covers her mouth. Two other guys appear, one opens the side door of a van, & the other grabs her by the legs. The three of them pull her into the van. Two of the guys hold her down, and the other guy gags her,... all of a sudden the door is ripped off the van. A man is scene standing there, he says "mind if I join in" "who the hell are you" one guy asks, "I AM HELL" states the man. "Get him" shouts another guy. They charge at him, he steps back letting them exit the van. One guy punches at him, he blocks & slaps him, his fingers turn into claws & they slice through the guys face. Another guy is right behind him, he turns around & pushes his fingers through hte guys chest. The third guy grabs him from behind & slices his neck with a knife, but to his dismay there is no blood. The man turns around, & grabs the guy by the neck, you can see his fingers are claws, he says "I'm gonna rip your throat out,... literrally" The guy falls down, and blood is scene on the mans hand.

Scene 5: Zeke is in a motel room watching the local news the newscaster gets on & says: "Do we have a super hero watching over Phoenix, the vigilante targeting rapists has appeared again, this time he didn't just leave a blood bath but a mystery as well, the victim of an atemted rape says she was grabed from behind and taken into a van by three men, but instead of her worste nightmare unfolding she claims the side door of the van was ripped off and a strange man with claws saved her..." (the tv shows pictures of the ripped up van) "the woman has no serious injuries, all of her attackers are dead, two by what appears to be massive knife wounds, one of which is multiple cuts to the face, the third man,... had his throat ripped apart" Zeke just sits there, in shock, staring as if he'd seen a ghost.

Scene 6: Zeke is on as roof top watching a bunch of guys, 5 to be specific. He follows them by jumping from roof to roof. They run into a woman, one guy says "hey baby, how's it goin" She doesn't respond. "Hey i'm talkin to you" the guy yells as he grabs her, she sceams & he covers her mouth. Another guy says "since you don't know, we'll have to show you how it goin", the other guys all laugh. A voice is heard "don't you guys know, that's no way to treat a lady" They look & see the vigilante. "This doesn't concern you" one guy says, another says "so if you leave now we'll let you live" "You're wrong, the violation of women does concern me, but you're welcome to try and kill me" The guys attack him, he blocks all of there attacks, until 3 guys jump on him and another guy is about to hit him with a bottle,... but Zeke grabs the guy's arm, when he looks Zeke punches him in the nose, he falls down. The man pushes 2 of the attackers away, then throws the other one. Meanwhile the 5th guy charges Zeke, who grabs him and throws him against a wall. He takes out his gun & yells "now get the hell out of here" They all run away. The man turns & looks at Zeke, who points his gun at him,... but he lowers it. He looks oddly at Zeke & says "i owe you thanks" "I think you could have handled it" The man looks around & asks "where's the lady" "oh, I told her to run right before I jumped in" "good" "I'm Zeke stone, a detective" "I'm Kenny resident vigalante, am i under arrest" Zeke laughs & says "no I'm here to send you back to hell so I can get another chance at life, but before that i'm gonna have a drink, wanna join me" "Sure" replies Kenny.

Scene 7 (before reading you should know I invision 'God' by John Lennon playing here): They're at a bar sitting at a table drinking beers, "so" Zeke says "what" asks Kenny, " you were in hell, it may be none of my bussiness, but why" "Seems, so long ago, like a bad dream,... it was an ordinarry day, my wife & i were in bed, she went down stairs for some water,... I heard a window break, then my wife scream, i grabed my gun & went down stairs" Kenny starts crying & continues "I got there just in time to see 2 guys holding my wife & another one ripping her gown, I shot him, then the others, you know the law said I was justified, but the devil saw things differently" "I'm sorry,... truely, my wife was raped,... I caught the guy & killed him, i made it look like a drug over dose" "Shame though, you can fool the authorities but not that damned know it all god" "actually internal affairs was on me for it,... if you could do it again would you change anything" "No, 3 men were trying to rape my wife, even with all the pain of hell I still have my pride, I protected my wife from hell on earth,... but i'm kidding myself, I know i didn't have to kill them, I saw them hurting her and i got angry" "I wasn't there to save my wife, but after, I felt that same anger" "Zeke, do you think it was the anger, the thought, & not the action that damned us" "I, I think, maybe so" They pause & drink there beers. Then Zeke says "um, have you ever, thought about contacting your wife" "I looked into that,... she remarried, had kids, a good life, what about your wife" "No, she hasn't remarried yet, I've been so close to her but I haven't got the nerve to tell her,... can we get a check over here" The waitress brings the check, Kenny goes for his wallet but Zeke says "this one's on me" Zeke pays & they leave. They haven't walked far when Kenny says "Zeke, I'm ready now" "what" asks Zeke looking puzzled. "To go back, I have to" "I'm not going to send you back to hell, you don't deserve it" "Zeke you must" "No" demands Zeke. "It's to late for me, but i want you to get your second chance and be able to see your wife again" "I have a better idea, work with me to track down the reat of the escaped souls, and if then you still believe you should go back, then I won't argue" "I like it,... but it can't be, Zeke I know you, by the time we find them all we'd be good friends, and then you'd never have the heart to let me go back" "Who says I have the heart now" "Goodbye my friend" "Wait" says Zeke, he walks over & puts his hat on Kenny "it fits you, sorry I don't have much" "Thank you, for buying a dead man his last drink" Then Kenny throws his hands into his face piercing his own eyes. He smiles as he gets sucked back to hell, and a tatoo (that oddly enough looks like claws) burns off Zeke.

Scene 8: Zeke is in his room watching Gladiator: Maximus (the main character) says "3 weeks from now I will be harvesting my crops, imagine where you will be & it will be so. Hold the line, stay with me. If you find yourself alone ridding in green fields with the sun on your face do not be troubled, for you are in Alysia and you are already dead. Brothers, what we do in life, that goes on an eternity" The Devil appears walks over to the tv, shuts it off, & says "my wayward souls are still out there, you don't have time for a movie" "what now, can't you see i'm busy" "Now that's no way to talk to your partner, Ezekiel i'm very disapointed in you, i thought our partnership was important, but today you tried to to throw me away for the 1st psycho that you have a few things in common with" "He's not psycho, he's a good man, an innocent man" "No human is totally inocent" "Why didn't you offer him my job, he's obviously stronger, and he is innocent" The Devil laughs & replies "Are you saying that you'd rather rot in hell, while he earns a second chance" Zeke's only reply is a dirty look. "I didn't think so,... you really admire this guy, it must have been like looking in a mirror for you" Zeke sighs "can we just stick to the question please" "I've told you because you're a detective, trust me he wouldn't be up to it, but you, you have loads of fun, you piss me off every chance you get" "You're welcome "now tell me Ezekial, why'd you give him the hat" "Well, I thought it looked better on him,... and I was hoping it would start a fashion trend in hell" With a not so happy look the Devil says "god I hope not" & disappears. Zeke goes and puts back on the tv.

-The End-

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