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Season 3 Episode 8 ”Code Of Dishoner”
Written by Greg D’Angelo

A voice says Previously on Brimstone, The following clips are played.

1-From Custer’s Last Stand, Zeke, and some Native Americans, walk out of a teepee. One puts a hand on his shoulder, and walks him away from the others. “You are a very old soul.”

2-From The BAD And The UGLY, We see a flash of Zeke riding a horse. Then a flash of Zeke’s 1st person view turning around, and seeing Billy holding a knife and a gun.

3-From The BAD And The UGLY, “So, you remember now,” Says Billy. “Yeah,” says Zeke. “We rode together, we made the west wild.”

Scene 1: Zeke Is in a restaurant, he has just finished eating, and walks to the door. He opens it, and walks out. An old couple is going in, so he holds the door for them. Outside we can see a sign, that says it is a sushi place. Then Stone walks down the street. Original: Zeke exits a restaurant , which we see is a Japanese (sushi) place, and walks down the street.

*White Flash*

A japanese man is walking down the street, he wears a long long coat, which has some embroidered symbol on the back. He has long hair. He has his hair tied up, only not in the back of his head, it is tied on top of his head. He continues down the street, where a man walks by a and bumps into him. He is a mean looking man, who thinks of himself as some sort of tough guy in town. The 1st man ignores the him and keeps going. The man puts a hand on his shoulder, and turns him around. “I think you owe men an apology!” He again ignores the guy, and turns around. The 2nd man raises his hand, and swings a punch at the japanese man, who ducks to the side, and kicks him in the gut. The other man falls on the floor, and recieves a few kicks. The japanese man’s eyes flash red, with evil, and he pulls a sword out from under his trench coat.

Intro/Opening Credits

Scene 2: Stone is still walking down the street, when he comes a upon a scene on a corner. People have all gather around something, and alot of indistinguishable mumbling is heard from them. He moves in closer and sees a body on the floor. He glances around, and sees only civilians, so he takes out his badge and moves closer. He kneels before the body, which has a deep gash through the chest, the size of a volcanic crater. Zeke scans the body, and all around it, the ground sizzles. “Damn, another one,” he says knowing another damned soul caused this.

Scene 3: The japanese man, is in a house somewhere, and is wipping his sword clean. He puts in on a table, and walks over to a window. He looks out and sees a few people walking down the street, laughing. Two are men, the other is a young woman. She is a petite brunette with hair tied back, and appears to be part asian herself. His face is bitter, with envy. He breaks the window, and jumps out to them. They are all startled. He runs at them, but they just stare, and step aside thinking he is running somewhere else. But he is not, he pushes the 1st man aside, who falls down. The other grabs him by the shirt, but he shrugs his arm away, then counters by tossing him into a tree. The 1st man gets up, and in a flash he pulls a small knife out, and slashes the guy. In retaliation, the Japanese man grabs the man’s neck, and snaps it. He then turns to the lady, and says “now, you are mine.” Scene 4: Zeke comes to the house, which is now vacated, and examines the place. He finds no clues. There is nothing there, except a bed roll, and blood on the counter. Though the whole place sizzles, letting him know this is a place that a damned soul has spent alot of time in. He exits the place, and 15 cops draws guns on him. “Freeze!” One says. However Zeke cannot hear him, the sound of all the guns triggers a flash back with a familiar sound. *Zeke is dressed as a samurai, he and and dozens of warriors lined up next to him draw their swords. They go through the motions of an exercise. Then walks out a finely dressed man, and they all bow to him. Zeke turns to face the crowd, and says “pair off, and spar!” The emperor walks over to him, and says “Ah, I see your training is going well.” “Yes, I am making your army stronger then ever.” “Good, we must be at all times able to defend from invaders.”* Scene 5: Zeke comes back to reality in the back of a police car. “Tell me,” the cop in the passanger seat says. “What is it about criminals that makes them return to the scene?” Zeke just ignors the man’s rant, and thinks. He can easily break the cuffs off, but alas, they arrive at the station. And more cops come out, so Zeke is hauled in. He is quickly put in a room with a bunch of other men, and given a number to hold. A voice instructs them to all line up. He knows what this room is for, as he has seen them many times. They take turns stepping forward, and eventually they are filed out of the room.

*White Flash*

Zeke is sitting in a cell, bored to death. “Gripe, hell was more fun then this.” Then he gets up and looks to the wall. “I could probably break out,” he mumbles to himself, and lightly punches it with his fist. “You won’t have to,” says a voice. And he turns around to see Det. Kane holding keys. He opens the cell door and they shake hands. “Not that I am unhappy to see you, but what are you doing?” “I’m letting you go, you’re free to go.” “How is that?” “There was a witness, she cleared you. The only thing they can get you on is a concelled weapon.” “I can handle that,” Zeke says and the gun materializes in his hand. “Nice trick, can you teach me?” “Sorry, no. And what about my badge?” “What, you can’t make that appear too?” “Somehow it only works with my gun.” “Then you are lucky I got there when I did,” Kane says, pulling Zeke’s wallet out of his pocket. “I got there just as they were searching you, I could not believe my eyes when I saw my dead friend being searched. As soon as the officer took out your wallet, I snatched it from him.” “Thanks, I owe you for this.” “Don’t worry,” replies Kane. “All part of the job.” Zeke smiles, and they walk out.

Scene 6: The japanese man stands over the woman from earlier. She is tied down and scared, but other then that she is unharmed. “Please, let me go,” she begs. “Go? Where would you go? You belong here.” He turns and walks away, and she begins to cry.

Scene 7: Zeke sits with Kane at a desk looking over some files. “There’s been alot of slashings lately,” says Zeke as he slams down a file. “Yeah, about a dozen to many.” replies Kane. “Is there anyone who would have wanted to set you up? Cause that’s what it seemed like.” “You’re right, how ironic that just as I arrive the cops show up?” “So, got any enemies?” “Wel yeah but . . . it’s a different M.O.!” Kane gives a look of doubt, as he knows some crooks are smart enough to change their acts. “Trust me on that one, even if I’m, wrong it’s a mile long list of guys I put away who are now deceased, we’d never be able to pin point the guy.” “Unless you recognize the discription?” “What did the witness say he looked like?” “Tall, asian, black haired, and dressed traditional.” “Traditional?” “You know, like a samurai. And his hair was long in a tony tail.” “I uh, never arrested any asian men.” “Then it was a coincedence?” Kane says relieved. Now Zeke has a look of doubt written all over his face. “I hope so,” he replies.

Scene 8: “You are not the one!” says the asian man very angrily. He picks up a vase and throws it against the wall. The woman shrieks in fear. “Please, whoever you are, I . . .” He cuts her off. “I am Shinto, I am to be reunited with my love. You look alot like her, and so I mistook you for her.” “Please, let me go, I won’t tell the cops, you didn’t hurt me.” “I am sorry for the trouble, now it is time for you to go,” he says. The woman sits up, and Shinto pulls out his sword. She is heard screaming as the scene cuts out.

Scene 9: “So, any chance we can meet with this witness?” asks Zeke. “Sure,” replies Kane. “I can take you to her house.

*White Flash*

Zeke & Kane get out of a car, and walk over to a house. They knock, and a young lady opens the door. “Hi, I’m Detective Kane, this is Detective Zeke Stone. Can we asks you somemore questions?” “OK. Do you want to come in” “This won’t take long,” says Zeke. “You said you saw an asian man attack your friends?” “Yes, I was going to met them, cause I am grounded, and had to wait for my parents to leave. We were all going on a date. But I was behind, and was going to meet them. When I ran after them, I saw this big man pushing the guys around like they were small kids. Which is odd, cause Brian is strong & plays football, and Jim wrestles.” She stops and sniffles. “Then I saw him grab Susan, and take her away.” Did you see where he went, like a house or into a car?” Stone asks. “No, he just carried her down the street.” “And, um, where did you meet up with them?” “On the next block,” she says, pointing to the left.” “Thanks for the help,” says Kane.

Scene 10: Zeke and Kane drive up to the next block, and find the area where the kidnapping took place in front of the house. “This is the house,” says Kane. “But that much is obvious.” “What’s not, is that they were right over here, fighting by this tree.” says Zeke, seeing the ground sizzle alot. “And then . . . he carried her off, and went this way,” Zeke adds, seeing small sizzles going down the street. “How do you know?” “You mean you can’t see the smoke?” “What smoke?” “Never mind. I suppose only another damn soul can see it, it’s a mark we leave behind when we sweat or cry.” “As long as it helps you solve the case,” Kane says smiling. “I’m going to follow the trail, you’d better go back to work.” Kane nods, and walks to the door. “Why do I have a bad feeling about this one?” Zeke asks himself. Kane turns around with a smile, “I know you’ll get though this.” “Only with your help.”

Scene 11: Susan lays still tied= up, but with the sword burried in the table enxt to her. It has slightly scratched her, and there is some blood. Shinto takes some of it, and puts it in a bowl. “Why are you doing this to me?” she asks sobbing.” “I am sorry, but know that you will help sevice a higher cause.” He then walks into another room, and starts chanting. In the bowl is a reflection of a lady, put it is to cloudy to mke out her face.

Scene 12: Zeke has followed the trail of sizzling smoke back to a house. He stealthly aproaches, and tries to find a way in. All the windows are sealed, and the door is locked, so he rams it down. He sees Susan tied to a table, and moves to help her, while signalling her to stay quiet. However, Shinto comes out of no where, and tackles Zeke, grabbing his gun. “I will not shoot you,” he says. “What then?” “We will fight for the girl!” Zeke looks and sees the young lady tied up, and suddenly he flashes back. *He sees Roz dressed in Japanese style, and tied up. The man stands there laughing. “I have your wife, as she should have always been mine.” Zeke charges, and draws his sword. “Shinto, you bastard, I’ll kill you!” Shinto pulls a knife, and throws it into Zeke’s chest. Roz screams, and starts to cry. Zeke comes back to the present. “You know who I am?” “Yes. We met in a past life. You killed me.” “And now I will again, only now I give you a fighting chance . . . cause I know you can’t beat me.” Shinto says, then walks over to a table, where he puts down the gun, and picks up two swords. The two start to dual, and though Zeke has no idea what to do, he manages to deflect his opponents attacks. Shinto locks a fierce attack from his foe, and sends his sword at Zeke’s feet. Zeke jumps, but Shinto spins around and delivers a kick. Zeke falls, and shinto swings his sword down . . . however Zeke moves, and sticks his sword in Shinto’s arm. The samurai’s face show’s a grimace, but he does not relent. He kicks Zeke, and he falls back wards. Though he gets up in time to block Shinto’s next attack, which is more fierce then before. Shinto keeps swing, but Zeke keeps blocking, and manages to get up. Both wariors, now back on feet, continue their dual of honor. Out of no where, Shinto reverses his grip on the sword, and swing it at Zeke. Zeke blocks as best he could, but gets left open for a punch, and Shinto doesn’t miss it. The sword swings in reverse, and knocks Zeke’s sword out of his hands. Then finally, a swifty kick puts Zeke on the ground with Shinto right above him. “I have finally proven my honer, that I am better then you, nw she will be mine.” “She, doesn’t remember any of it! She, is living a whole new life now!”Zeke snaps back. Stone then puts his arms up, ready to block the enevitable attack. “How does it feel to know you will not be able to avenge her again? To finally know that I truly am better?” Zeke doesn’t pay any attenion to him, just slowly continues to move his hands up. “You forgot one thing,” Zeke says slyly. “And what woudl that be,” asks the evil samurai. “That I carry a gun!” Zeke pulls 2 gun out from under his coat, and shoots both Shinto’s eyes at once. “Nooo,” he screams, and tries to pung the sword into Zeke, but he fades away, and it falls into Zeke’s chest. It slightly pierces, and Ezekial give a moan. Stone then goes over to the girl, and unties her. Both are silent.

Scene 13: Zeke walks over to Kane’s desk and puts his gun on it. “Thanks for the loan.” “How’d you know you’d need it?” “I don’t know, just a hunch. Oddly I felt I wouldn’t be able to beat him, and he told he I couldn’t, then it happened.” “We all have instinct. Give yourself some credit.” Zeke smiles, and the picture fades.

-The End-

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