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Season 3 Episode 6 ”Custer’s Last Stand “
Written by Greg D’Angelo
Idea by Glenn Bevilacqua

A voice says Previously on Brimstone, The following clips are played.

1-From Ezekiel Stone’s Day Off, Zeke gets on a bus, & takes a seat.

2-From Ezekiel Stone’s Day Off, Zeke & Harry, are in a cave. Something big and brown, with fur, starts moving. Harry screams, and the fur is thrown up. “Boo,” says the Devil.

3-From Ezekiel Stone’s Day Off, Zeke gets off the bus in a rural area & stretches, “it’s good to be back.”

4-From Ezekiel Stone’s Day Off, The Cerebus (3 headed wolf) tackles Zeke, & he puts a bowie knife in it’s chest.

5-From Ezekiel Stone’s Day Off, Zeke finds a place to stay. “Odd place to come on vacation. Niagara Falls, is just a bit further up.” says The old man. “Perhaps if I have more time, I’ll head up there.” Replies Zeke. He hands Zeke a key, “you’re in room 113.”

6-From Ezekiel Stone’s Day Off, Zeke & Harry are walking around the villa. Then From a 1st person view, we see the after math of a battle.

Scene 1: We see a tribe of Native americans having a traditional celebration. It looks like a lot of dancing, & eating, and the people are happy. But not everyone is happy. An outsider, a white man, dressed in his cavalry outfit (an old soldier uniform), creeps up behind a few bushes. He aims his old musket riffle, and bang, he empties his gun, & 6 people fall to the ground. Two are shot in the head, & are dead instantly, but the others are not so lucky, they are shot in the stomach area. A man nearby them, drops to his knees, & checks them, “they’re alive, get help!” The soldier laughs & walks off. “Redskins,” he mumbles to himself, & now we can see his face, some of you may recognize him as General George Custer.

Intro/Opening Credits

Scene 2: Zeke is walking along a country road, bag on his back. A while later a pick up truck comes by &, stops. A man leans over & asks, “you need a ride?” Zeke nods, & throws his bag in the back, and gets in the passenger seat.

*White Flash*

“So, where’ya from?” the man asks. “New York, the names Zeke.” “I’m Bill, what brings a city slicker like you up here?” the mans asks in a sarcastic way, mocking the stereo typical “hick.” “I am on vacation,” Zeke exclaims proudly. Bob takes one hand off the wheel & extends it to Zeke. But just then he has a flashback. From a 1st person view, we see a man digging through a trench. We hear guns firing in a massive amount, almost as if a war is taking place, but not quite. The man turns around, & says “come on Billy,” & extends his hand. We come back to reality, with Zeke & Bob shakling hands. Then Zeke says, “but it seems I might need to find someone,” then makes a wicked smile. “I have a job, with little escape.” the man glances at Zeke for a instant, with a grin. “You city types, always working to hard.” We cut to a shot of the car driving, right by the scene of a crime. The car stops and Zeke gets out.

Scene 3: The celibration area, has been turned into a crime scene. Stone walks onto the scene, & looks around. He passes by a few crying ladies, & looks at them with compassion. He walks over to a man, & shows his badge. “Do you know of anyone who would want to hurt your people?” “No, we do not have enimies. Long ago, we made a unification between rival tribes, forming,... an extended house. Zeke nods, “any, uh, old enimies?” The man nods, “I do not know who would want do this, we just want to live in peace. We have no more rivalries.” An older man’s voice is heard, “I know of one.” Zeke looks & sees an old (or more accurately ancient) man, “Come with me, I will answer your questions.”

*White Flash*

Zeke follows the man into a teepee. He motions Zeek to sit, & he graciously does. “Did you uh, see anything during the incedent? Did anyone get a good look at him?” “You may not believe me, but I tell you the truth. It is very much the same as when I was a young boy. I had been living with the Lakota then, & there was one of your race who hated us with a passion.” Seeing a close up of Zeke, we see he is intrigued. “Now the killing is happening much the same way. “We had lived in peace for a long time,...” The old man pauses, with a look of sorrow on his face. “But It started again, just a few years ago, with the killing of a young man, long before his time. But now, I fear it wants more blood.” “What does?” “The evil in the man who did this.” “Do you know what he looks like?” “Yes. He is dressed as a soldier, a soldier of old time that is.” Zeke gets up. & puts a hand on his shoulder. “I do believe you, & I will do my best to find him.” Zeke exits the teepee, & a younger man enters. He takes a seat. “I heard what you told the white man, so it is a demon from the past.” “Yes, it is happening again,” says the old man.” “Do not worry Grandfather, it is only one man, he will be stopped.” I, certainly hope so.” “It will end,... & I will see to it.” “This is all ancient my boy. “It is the demon, come to destroy, the one who killed Father. It must be stopped!” “It is not a demon, only an insane man, driven by hate. Grieve for your Father, as I grieve for my son, but let the past die.” The young man does not look convinced, but nods.

Scene 4: Custer is in some kind of hide out. He is cleaning his guns, & laughing. He stops only to mumble “redskins” to himself, “there’s always more redskins.” He puts his guns back together. He then walks out, stopping only to look down at the musket in his hand, “we have more work to do.”

*White Flash*

The young native man, from earlier, is taking a walk on a hill. He takes an abstract type of blue charm off his neck, & smiles. He knells down & begins to pray silently. However he is cut short by a gunshot to his left shoulder. Luck seems not with him, as he is knocked off the cliff. However it saves his life, the fall is not far to a ledge. And he is able to duck in a small cave and hide. Custer comes to look over the cliff for him, he sees nothing & gets discouraged. “Tricks of the devil!” He cries outloud, “damn you redskin!”

Scene 5: Stone is walking by the Indian reservation, when he hears a twig break. He turns, and sees no one. Very light foot steps are then heard, he turns & goes tracking. Zeke walks for a while, & the footsteps stop. He spins around, and the old Native American man stands there smiling. “It took you long enough,” he jokes. “Were you avoiding or tracking me?” “I have been looking for you, I wanted to ask you to join my family tonight for dinner.” Zeke nods, “I would be happy to.” They begin walking back to the tribe. “Though I must admit, I wanted to test your abilities.” “Abilities?” “Yes, if you would catch me, you would catch the wicked one. I was a fine warrior in my day, I could hide from anyone.” “So I saw,” replies a smiling Zeke.

*White Flash*

The two return to the tribe, and notice a camotion going on. A middle aged man walks over and says, “Hidden Tiger, we heard gun shots.” “So the mad man continues, but we are prepared, this officer is with us.” The man looks at Zeke & extends him hand for a shake. “I am Steps Of Buffalo, or Lawrence to your people.” Zeke shakles his hand, “why, uh, Steps Of Buffalo?” “Can you not tell,” pipes in the old man, “he walks so heavily. you can hear him run a mile away. “Well almost,” says the almost embaressed Steps Of Buffalo. “I am Ezekiel Stone, I am a detective, and I will help,... if I can.” A distraught woman runs over, “I can’t find him, James is missing.” “I will seek him,” says Lawrence. “He is my grandson, I will atleast go with you.” “Is he the one, um, that I saw enter your teepee as I left?” the old one nods. “Then I can find him, you both stay here.” They cast doubtful stares at Zeke, especially from Lawrence. “The rest of you need to stick together, and be alert. Trust me in this.” The old man again nods and Zeke turns around. The woman stops him, “he was last seen heading toward the cliffs,” and points to her left. Zeke, having no more time to waste, runs off. Lawrence puts a hand on Hidden Tiger’s shoulder, though more to grab attenion then for comfort. “Can I have a word with you?” he says. Once more the old one nods, & they walk away.

Scene 6: Zeke is running. The camera pulls off him & shows a wide view of the area. The beautiful country side, and the cliffs. Zeke walks over, and begins to decend, when he is knocked down by a gunshot. He falls over, in a spot with quite a drop, but manages to catch a hold. “Damned soul,” Zeke says to himself taking out his gun, but he cannot see the gunman. The shots continue, & Zeke, though covering his eyes, looks around.

*White Flash*

”I tell you, my friend, we cannot trust this detective,” says Steps Of Buffalo. Of course we can, and we are. He is kindred!” “When I was in New York, I heard of the death of a great officer named Stone, & there are none other by that name.” Hidden Tiger pauses, & gives a stair, “I trust him, what bussiness do you have to say otherwise.” “He is a deciever!” “I know very well what he is! I can see clearly that he is not a man, but a spirit. And whatever bussiness he has in the form of this detective, it is to help us.”

*White Flash*

Stone fires his gun, but to no avail, Custer’s shots come faster, and Zeke is in peril trapped on a cliff. Zeke holds off on shooting, he concentrates, looking for snipper’s exact spot, but he simply cannot. everytime he sees something, a bullet takes away his thoughts. finally the shots stop, but Zeke is to wise to think a damned soul would run out of bullets. He instead keeps concentrating on finding the gunman. He fired a shot, but only hits his left arm. Fire is returned & one bullet hits Zeke’s left, or gun holding, hand. And his gun falls onto a nearby ledge just by his feet. He tries to move the gun with his mind, but he cannot, the shoots are to much. More over another shot hits him, in the hand. Stone falls off the cliff. We see a camera shot of Custer, with a disgusted look. “And now they have turned whites against me too, damn evil injin (slang & uneducated version of indian) magic.” He spits on the ground, & walks away.

Scene 7: Zeke wakes up, and looks around. He is groggy, and in pain. No one seems to be around so gets up and looks around. He scales the wall of the cliff, and we see a few screen shots, for a time lapes. Eventually he comes to a small inlet, almost like a cave. In the back is a man, it is James. He passed out, and is holding his left shoulder. Zeke checks the wound, & sees the bleeding has slowed. He takes a piece of his shirt to stop the bleeding, then he picks James up, and walks out. He looks up, and frowns. “Not even I can get you back up that way.” Stone then glances around, and eyes a path leading up, but it far off. He begins the long haul.

*White Flash* We see a sky line shot, and the sun is setting. “The hours pass, the day is long. Still they have not returned,” says Steps Of Buffalo. “They will, though I fear it may take time,” says Hidden Tiger. “I should go, see if I can find them. This white man may be good, but he does not know the area.” “Even spirits have their limits, give him time.” “I trust in your word my old friend,” Lawrence says putting a hand on his friend’s shoulder. They tenter a nearby teepee. As they enter the camera zooms behind them to some bushes in the back ground, and we see Custer is spying on them. He looks around and sees a quiet peaceful time in which no one is out. Custer emerges, and enter the teepee himself. Two shots ring out.

Scene 8: Zeke walks back to the tribe, with James in arms and awake, and finds all is not well. People see them and run over, to welcome James back. But also, to explain about his grandfather. “James, are you ok?” one man asks him, “I’m fine, it’s a scratch!” “There was another attack.” “What?” “I am sorry, it’s was your granfather who got shot.” The people’s talking becomes indistinct chattering, and Zeke enters a dream type world, overlaped with a reality shot of him and James walking into the teepee. Slowly the reality shot fades, and Zeke is in the teepee alone with Hidden Tiger, who is standing. “Do not lament, I am old.” “W, why, am I here.” “A final goodbye perhaps,” the old man replies half serious & half light hearted. Zeke extends his hand, but he is ignored. “I know what you are, you are the only one who can save my people.” “I will get this guy,” Zeke promises. He then takes Zeke’s hand, “when this is over, come back to us, we will help you.” The teepee gets blown away by a massive gust of wind. It morphs into the shape of a horse, it then forms wings, and lands. Hidden Tiger goes to the pegasus, & Zeke lends a hand. The 2 new friends exchange smiles, then the old one rides off. After about 10 yards or so the pegasus takes flight, and flies out of site.

*White Flash*

Zeke comes back to reality with James kneeling over his grandfather. Zeke moves over to him, & is about to say something. However he changes his mind, and simply puts a hand on his shoulder. James takes out his blue amulet again, and prays, this time uninterupted. Stone closes his eyes, & shakes his head, and walks out. Scene 9: Zeke goes back to the cliffs, & looks around for a while. We see a few camera shots of him looking diligently by the cliffs, to around the wooded area, and then finally making his way to a hidden cave. Stone takes out his gun, and slowly enters. He sees a shadow up ahead, and takes aim. But just as he realizes where the fugure is, close up to him behind a wall, he runs out & charges at Ezekiel. They struggle for a while, holding each others gun holding arm, and bashing the other into the walls of the cave. They make their way back to the entrance, where they fall down, and drop their guns. Stone iss the quicker to his feet, and kicks Custer in the jaw, and the General is sent reeling backwards. Stone turns around to go for his gun, but it is kicked away by another man standing there. He has a black coat, with flilly edges, white hair, that seems more like a wig then real, and a riffle. Zeke’s face. And while you may think your eyes have deceived you, it is George Washington. “We shall skin you as a warning to other traitors,” he says raising the riffle to point at Zeke’s face, but an arrow hits him, almost taking out his eye. “You killed Grandfather,” yells James, tackling Washinton. “Destroy his eyes, it the only wa...” Zeke begins to say, but in cut short as he is grabbed from behind by Custer. Meanwhile James kicks Washington in the face around the eyes. Then we see Zeke grab Custer’s arms and flip the general over himself onto the ground, he reaches his hands down & rips at his eyes, which releases his soul to hell. The body disappears & Zeke feels a pain in his left arm, but has no time to stop for self pitty pains. George slaps James, and he falls away hard. He takes out a knife, & says “now dog, you will pay.” But he does not even have time to move. Zeke grabs the knife and jabs it back into his right eye, and he knocks Stone away, in sheer fit of rage & fear. “Demon” calls James, and George turns back to see the native man hold a bow loaded with an arrow, he turns to run, but Zeke is back on him holding Washington in place. The arrow pierces his left eye and his evil soul is shattered back to hell. Zeke again feels pain, his time his right arm, and he falls down. James struggles over to him, to check on him. “Are you ok?” “Yes! It is only pain, everytime I send one back I feel it.” Replies Zeke, “and what of yourself, fighting with your wound like that?” “It is only a scratch, “states James, showing Zeke it is indeed just a scratch. ”It takes more then this to defeat the warrior bllod of my family.

Scene 10: The heros, Zeke & James walk back to the tribe. People look & them, & come running over. “The evil is no more, he defeated it, them.” says James. “Not without your help,” corrects Stone. Steps Of Buffalo walks over on a cane, “I am sorry I doubted you Detective. We will have a feast in your honer, tonight.”

*White Flash*

The feast has is taking place. We only see a wide shot & indistict talking between everyone takes place. Then we zoom in on Zeke talking with James. “Thanks for jumping in before, I am not sure what would have happened if you didn’t follow.” “As I owe you thanks for avenging my Grandfather,... my people.” Lawrence walks over, “come, it is time for the ritual.” “Ritual?” “Yes Detective, even spirits need some guidance. It was the wish of Hidden Tiger that you partake in tonight’s, and so it shall be.” The 3 men walk to a teepee, where a few others are, and enter. Inside they are sitting in a circle, and chanting is heard. Then they begin passing a bowl around. A short while later they walk out, all happy that Zeke was with them. One man, older then the other walks over to Zeke. “Do you want to know, what it is I saw in you?” “If I must,” replies Zeke. “Oh you should,” the man replies, somewhat serious, but somewhat not. He puts a hand on Zeke’s shoulder, & walks him away form the teepee, and the others. “You are a very old soul, do your very best now, & you can reach a whole other level.” “What do you mean? How?” “That I cannot tell, nor do I know. But you are wise too, and can figure that out.”

*White Flash*

Zeke stands over Niagara Falls, looking at the spectacular view. He stand there a while, looking seren. He spins around, his cape like trench coat wizzes right past the camera, and triumpant music enters. He walks down a path, and the picture fades very slowly.

-The End-

It is one of histories worst kept secretes; George Washington was a racist, and a murderer. He was more concerned with civility, then human life. Washington may have been a good president (to his people), but he was not a good person.

Remember Redskin is a four letter word.
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