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A philosopher once said: Do not stoke the fire with a sword. But I'm a slow learner.

Some Brimstone antics. Please don't be insulted it is all in fun.

1)Pilot- Zeke walks into the church confessional & says "Bless me father for I have sinned. I was a cop, then my wife was raped. We caught the guy who did it, but he got off. I tracked him down, & I killed him, killed him, killed him." "Just how many times did you kill him?" "Three times!" "That is a terrible sin my child!" "What, killing him?" "No! That you didn't do it right the first time."

2)Encore1-Zeke has has just found out Jax is out of Hell & back to his old ways, and is in an allyway smashing things. A chair, a box, & finally a mirror. But pieces of the mirror pierce his eyes & he is sent back to hell, the end.

3)Encore 2-Zeke is in the allyway smashing things. "It's him, & you knew it. And you were just waiting for me to find out." The Devil apears, "sorry Ezekiel, but I thought such pesonal battles would be better for the second season of our show."

4)Heat-Zeke has just picked up Gwenn, & taken her back the the hotel. they are kissing, & things are getting pretty hot. Then The Devil bursts in "looky looky, it's vigilantee's corner." "What are you doing here?" yells Zeke. "Oh I see, you want some alone time, before you send her back!" Zeke just stairs coldly at him, as he turns & leaves "You don't have to" says Gwenn "You're a man, i'm a woman, we can love each other!" "Damn right!" says Zeke, grabbing her for a passionate kiss.

5)Repentance-Zeke has just tracked Benidict back to his dwelling. "benidict" he says. Benict looks up shocked to see someone & Zeke throws bottons on his desk. "You're lossing your buttons, I'd recomend a taylor, but you know, you don't have the time." "I don't know you" replies Martin, & Zeke explains who & what he is. "Wait" begs Martin taking off his glasses "I waited 50 years, to hear a human voice sing again." "Well, you'll always have your memories taunts Zeke. "I'd like to eat my pear please. "Eat this!" exclaims Zeke ass he, pulls the trigger dispatching Benidict to hell.

6)Mourning After 1-It is the end of the episode. Zeke has just left rosalyn's house, sees The Devil walk up to him & says "crappy valentines day, Mr. Stone." "So you were right." "And you still can't shake Ashes name off your body, 3rd times a charm?" "It will be, if they guve just one more episode that is." "Well, don't expect any apologies from me." replies The Devil followed by laughter. "Oh look, here she comes, our big ending." Zeke turns around & sees roz walk out of her house. A garbage truck pulls up, & Satan says "quick, hide before she sees you." Zeke's jaw drops, I ain't hidin behind a garbage truck! I quit!"

7)Mourning After 2-Zeke has just taken Roz back to her house, he lays her on the couch, & says he is sorry for this. He sits back & waits for her to wake up, determined to reunite. The Devil appears "Stone, you're still here, she'll wake up soon, & ee you. Now we can't have that can we?" "Oh alright" says Zeke getitng up. They walk to the door, & across the street. Satan says "If is makes you feel better, I'm sorry, sort of, well no, not really." A garbage truck pulls up, & Rox walks out, he sees that & shrugs, then goes back inside. The truck moves somewhat forward, & Zeke looks back to the house, seeing the lights go out. "Oh damn you made me miss her." Zeke gives The Devil a left hook. Satan stumbles, Stone grabs him & throws him in the back of the garbage truck, then walks away.

8)When is Rome 1- Zeke has just offed Caligula, when pope John Paul II comes out, & says “what’s all the noise about?” Zeke then shoots his eyes, & his souls leaks out & he goes back ot hell too.

9)When In Rome 2-Stone is fighting Caligula, but not fairing so well. Caligula throws Zeke on the floor, & puts his makes a sword appear, on Zeke’s eyes. Just then, Caligula is knocked down, he looks back to see Pope John Paul II. The Pope kicks him in the jaw & he falls down, then jumps on him, & punches him till he’s senseless. Then he lets him up. “Hey, what about me” Zeke says now back on his feet. Caligula turns & sees him, but The Pope grabs him from behind, & Zeke shoots his eyes.

10)To be posted, as soon as I think of it, lol.

god damned idiotic trivia

1-Do you think Zeke's job is easy?
Yes, let me try the Brimstone shootin galery.
No, can you explain it to me.

2-Can you handle some Brimstone?
Hell Yeah!
No, I dunt think I can!

3-You ever seen damned souls play a baseball game?
Yes, but I missed last nights game.
No, I never saw it before.

4-Ok, this is an easy one. In 1995, 3 years before Brimstone,
Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris wrote "Tales From The Crypt Presents Demon Knight." Did you see it?

5-This has absolutly nothing to do with Brimstone, but it is still cool.

Which Lord of the Rings character are you most like?
Take a test and see!
Alot more fun, & less glitches, then the last one.
Do you want to know how I did?
Ok, tell me.
No? Well then go home, sissy.

6-Another one that has nothing to do with Brimstone 72% of americans believe that the government is not telling the whole truth about UFO's, are you one of them?

I've had enough fun, I wanna go Home!

No I don't really care how well you scored here.
No matter what you said; you still fail,........ suckaaaaaaa.