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Season 3 Episode 7 ”The BAD And The UGLY
Written By Greg D’Angelo

A voice says Previously on Brimstone, The following clips are played.

1-From Lovers, Zeke tells The Devil “I just need a few days off.

2-From Ezekiel Stone’s Day Off, Zeke gets on a bus, & takes a seat.

3-From Ezekiel Stone’s Day Off, Zeke & Harry are walking around the villa. Then From a 1st person view, we see the after math of a battle.

4-From Ezekiel Stone’s Day Off, The Devil looks at his watch. "I herby grant you the rest of this day off.” “See, I knew you liked me,” jokes Zeke.

5-From Custer's Last Stand, Zeke has a flashback. From a 1st person view, we see a man digging through a trench. We hear guns firing in a massive amount, almost as if a war is taking place, but not quite. The man turns around, & says “come on Billy,” & extends his hand.

Scene 1: Zeke is riding a horse in a western type town, people are looking at him in awe. Then all of a sudden, he is shot. He wakes up, and The Devil is standing over him. He holds Zeke’s gun in his hand, and says “Guns are very dangerous, Mr. Stone. And that’s exactly why I gave you people the formula for gun powder.” “Didn’t I ever tell you to stay out of my dreams?” Zeke says, then gets up and puts on a shirt. “Oh please, don’t blame me, dreams are another window to the soul. They can let you see the past and the future.” “The indians told me I was an old soul. And you’re telling I was a cowboy in a past life?” “Naughty naughty, Zeke, always looking to get an easy answer,” Satan says, & disappears.

*White Flash*

Zeke Stone goes for a walk down the street, or should we say roads, of upstate NY. He comes to a bar, and enters. He takes a seat in the back, & the waitress comes over to take his order. “Draft, he says.” “Be right back honey,” she replies with a wink. And Zeke gives a smile in return. Then the camera pans to bar side to show a young blond woman hugging a man. Zeke smiles at the site, then frowns realizing his state. He then looks further down the bar at a rather rowdy crowd, but they are merely harmless jokers, no threat to anyone. Our attention moves once more to a table on the other side of the establishment, where two men are sitting. both have dark hair, but one looks in his mid 30’s & the other in his early 20’s. The young man slowly slides am envelope across the table, & the other gives him via an under table passing. They drink & act inconspicuous for a moment, then younger one gets up and walks out. The other get up, but goes past the bar to the rest room on the other side. After he passes, we see the waitress bring Zeke a bottle of beer. She walks off to go attend to other things, and then Zeke gets up, taking his bottle. He gets to the rest room, & takes a big swig of the beer. Zeke enters the men's room door, & sees some stalls. As silent as he can be he looks to see which one is occupied. He then waits outside it. The toilet is heard flushing, & the stall door opens slowly. The man walks out, & Zeke moves to grab him, but he is one step ahead & ducks away from Zeke. However Stone improvises, splashing his ice cold beer on the guy’s face, which makes him jump back. Zeke smashes the bottle into his face, taking out his right eye. Then the detective, grabs him by the shirt & pushes him against a wall. “You think I wouldn’t recognize you? Fred Meyerson! Multiple arrests, & convictions for selling narcotics, all across the eastern US.” “I don’t know what you mean,” claims the man, but his leaking soul tells us otherwise. “Well,” Stone begins. “I’m Detective Stone, & you are under arrest,” he finishes holding up his badge. “Detective Stone? Y, your dead!” “Good, then you know very well where you are going!” And as soon as Zeke finishes the word “going,” the bottle is jammed into Fred’s eye. Sending him to hell once more, & for good. Zeke pulls up his shirt & we see a tattoo smoke & sizzle, and disappear. Stone walks out of the rest room, goes right by his table, where he dumps a tip. Then he exits the bar, & he does all of this without ever stopping. As soon as Zeke is out of site, the camera pans one final time. It moves over to the bar, where we see a young cowboy type sitting, smiling. “So, our paths cross again.”

Intro/Opening Credits

Scene 2: Zeke walks out of a store, holding a bag. He stops by a log & takes out a bag of candy fish, & eats one. He goes for another, & we see The Devil coming up behind him. Stone rolls his eyes, & Satan smiles as if he knows. The devil sits, & asks Zeke, “got any to share with a friend?” Zeke extends the bag, “I thought The Devil would prefer something a bit fancier then candy.” Satan laughs in response, “oh I am always willing to try something new.” He takes a fish out & looks oddly at it. He eats it, hesitating before chewing, swallows, & smiles. “Tell me, how do you mortals eat these thing without getting your mouth sealed shut?” Zeke shakes his head, “I’m not sure, we just do. What are you becoming fascinated by humans now?” “Ezekiel, I have always been interested in human beings.” “Yet I haven’t seen you for some time now. Getting bored with me?” Ezekiel asked not concerned but but intrigued at The Devil’s absence for a while. “Oh no. Your not going to give me that ‘where were you, I needed you’ speech, are you? Cause you did quite well on you own, while I was away” Satan says grinning wide at the end. “You mean you were gone? I hardly noticed,” jokes Zeke. “That’s right, I took a day off. You probably didn’t notice because you were to busy actually working.” “Day off?” “That’s right, so I see your ears still work.” “How come you get time off?” “Cause I’m the boss!” “Well, what about me?” “The employee had his day off.” “That wasn’t even a full day!” Zeke protests. “Okay,” compromises Satan, “half a day.” “It wasn’t even that much!” “Now now Ezekiel, beggars can’t be chossers.” “Fine, it was a half,” says Zeke. “& that’s being generous,” he adds in a mumble. The Devil laughs at Zeke’s vigor. “Now, what about the other half of that day?” Continues Zeke. “And they says elephants never forget,” jokes The Devil. Now it is Stone’s turn to smile. “I tell you what, Zeke my boy. Continue the way you are lately, & you might just get that second half.” “Really?” asks Zeke. “Well maybe,” replies The Devil, and in a a flash, he disappears.

Scene 3: The young cowboy is at a table of eight, playing cards. “Full house!” He says, laying his cards down. The man across from him gives a dirty look. “You dirty cheater,” the man says, rising to his feet. He reaches for a gun, and the 2 next to him rise and do the same. But before any of them draw, the young cowboy pulls 2 guns out, and shoots the angry man dead. And the shoots the guns out of the other two’s hands. He grabs the winnings, and rushes out of there. One of the other men then rushes to a phone.

Scene 4: Zeke is enjoying some peaceful time to roam about, and the scenery of the upstate area. He is taking a walk down a back road. All of a sudden he hears something start to run. He immediately spins about to look. he only catches a glimpse but he makes a sigh of relief as it is only a startled deer. He then continues on his hike. He comes to a fork in the road, shrugs, and says “left is best.” The camera pans & we see The Devil. “Oh, this isn’t good.” He walks up the path to the right, and morphs into the form of a different man. In a short while, he comes upon the running young cowboy. “Howdy,” says The Devil. “Hallo,” say the cowboy, then continues along the path. “You’re looking for someone, aren’t you?” The young cowboy turns around, and grabs The Devil, by the shirt. “What do you know, old man?” “Well it’s obvious, by the way you’re all in a hurry,” The Devil says, feinting fear. And the man let’s go of him, and he adds, “he went that way.” “Why should I trust you?” “Why should you not?” The Devil then runs down the road, and the cowboy runs the other way.

Scene 5: Zeke is continuing his hike when he comes upon a lake. He stops and takes a rest. “Howdy partner,” a voice says, and he looks to see the young cowboy. “Greetings,” replies Zeke, “nice day.” “You’ve changed a bit, but I never forget an old friend, . . . or an old enemy.” Zeke reaches for his gun, but gets shot in the hand as soon as he moves. It hurts, so now he knows this man is a damned soul. Zeke’s gun falls in the water. “I don’t know you,” Zeke says, try to appeal to the man’s rational side. “You truly do not remember us riding together?” Zeke shakes his head. The man walks towards him. “Time, makes all people change,” the man says. “Friends grow into strangers, but you will soon remember all you need to know.” Then he places a hand on Zeke’s shoulder.

*White Flash*

The cowboy sneaks into a house, with a knife in hand. He pulls out a gun, and points at a man (who we only see from behind) sitting on a bed. Then From a 1st person view, the man turns around to see the young cowboy.

*White Flash*

Zeke comes back to reality, but the man is gone.

Scene 6: The cowboy walks up to a house, and knocks. A pretty young lady, about the same age as him, opens the door. She stands almost as tall as he, and has blond hair. she rushes out, and wraps a hug around him. She pulls the door shut, and they go for a walk, holding hands. Unfortunately they pass 3 men, who start to whistle. The young man turns around, but the young lady stops him. “Come on Billy,” she says, and puts a hand on his arm. “Just ignore those brutes.” He nods, and turns around. They begin to walk away, but one of the men catches up to them and says, “hey that’s a fine lass ya' got there, I’ll give you 20 bucks for a ride.” This time the words do not get ignored. He turns around, and punches the nearest brute, sending him flying into a a couple of wooden barrels. “I’m no pimp,” he exclaims loudly.” He then draws his gun, and shoots at the other two guy’s feet, making them dance. When he stops they flee in terror. He then pulls the 1st guy to his feet by the throat, and says “now, apologize to the lady.” “Sorry ma’am.” And Billy drops him back down on the ground.

Scene 7: Zeke walks over to a crime scene, and listens to the mumblings of the conversation. Another officer walks out of the house, and says “One dead, two wounded.” “Why didn’t he kill them? All reports say he was fast enough.” Then another officer walks over. “We got another one.” “Another murder?” “Not this time, some guy just went berserk, shooting at a bunch of guys who hassled a woman.” “Let’s go!”

Scene 8: The police are at the other crime scene, they interview a few witnesses, and leave. Zeke is about to conduct his own investigation, when he sees Billy waving to him, and motioning him to come over. He approaches the man slowly, and tentatively, keeping his left hand behind his back ready to draw his gun. “I suppose that was your doing?” Zeke asks, motioning to the place where the shooting took place. Billy shrugs, “that is was, but they were wrong. No one was hurt, I only taught them a lesson.” Stone nods in agreement, having overheard what the witnesses said happened. “That you’re honorable I get. What I don’t get, is what you want.” “Why, only the same things you do. To live in peace, to have a good life. But of course, they took that from us.” “That they did,” Zeke replies. Billy steps forward, but stops. He notices Zeke’s hand behind his back. “That’s not necessary, you would be dead by now, if I wanted that. Sorry, I meant more dead by now.” Zeke relaxes, knowing he is telling the truth (again). Billy starts walking closer to him again, and extends a hand. “It’s is good to see you, old friend.” Zeke takes his hand, and has another flashback.

*White Flash*

We again see Billy sneak into a house, with a knife in hand. He pulls out a gun, and points at a man sitting on a bed. Then From a 1st person view, the man turns around to see the Billy. He lowers his gun, but the other man, who is somehow Zeke, shoots. His shot goes past Billy, and into the wall. Billy looks shocked, and Zeke says “get out of here!” He pull a corpse from behind him, and throws it on the floor, and fires another shot into it. “And stay gone,” he adds. Billy jumps out a window, and a woman walks in. “That’s Billy isn’t it?” She shakes her head. “I know you care for him, this is the only way the save him. When asked, you will say that’s William H. Bonney!”

Scene 9: “So, you remember now,” Says Billy. “Yeah,” says Zeke, “is this a joke?” “A joke? No, we’re old friends. We rode together, they say we made the west wild.” “That we did.” “And now it is time for us to team up again.” “Team up?” Billy nods. “For what?” “Your mission, oh we all know, the sheriff from hell, but you played sheriff for the fake law before. You do what you have to do, to survive. It’s a cruel world.” “That it is,” replies Zeke. “So now, it is time for me to help you, as you once helped me. Together, we will catch all the damned souls.” “There’s one problem, you’re one of them.” “Oh, don’t worry about that, I’m sure your boss won’t mind. What’s one soul left free?”

*White Flash*

Seven men walk into a bank, only a handful of people are inside at this time. They all have masks on there faces, and quickly draw their guns. “All right, you know what this is. We get the money, no one gets hurt!” The tellers do as they say, and turn over the money.” The leader grabs a woman, “no cops!” And they all exit happy. “Easiest way to make 50,000 bucks,” jokes one of the thugs. Then the camera pans to show Zeke hidden in the brush, he nods. The camera tilts up, and we see Billy on roof top, he aims, and shots the man holding the woman in the eyes. He is dispatched to hell, but Zeke has no time to give onto the pain on his arm. He and Billy then launch a further assault on the rest on the men, only injuring them in the hands. Billy jumps down, “not bad, you got three, and I got four.” “The first doesn’t count,” says Zeke. Then adds, “and our work isn’t over yet,” as he notices 2 of the men start to move. For a brief flash, one looks like a dark blue smoke, almost a negative form of reality. The men go for there guns, but Zeke and Billy are faster. They simultaneously take out the two, Zeke shooting one in the eyes, and Billy spinning around with blinding speed, shooting the other in the hand & foot, in what seems like the time for only one shot. They pull out some rope, and tie up the men. Then Zeke goes over to the woman, “go inside, and make sure they call the police, it’s over now. But um, forget anything weird you saw OK?” She nods, and runs inside. Billy walks over to Zeke. “Now it’s three even, for both of us,” Zeke says taking the conversation back to there scoring. “Excluding the 1st man, . . . fair enough,” replies Billy. “Well, that worked up an appetite. If you’ll excuse me, I have a date with the fair lady Sally Palmer.” Zeke nods, and they walk away, in separate directions. However Zeke is stopped by the appearance of The Devil. “Are we trying to make new friends again, we both know I am your only friend.” “You’re my employer, not a friend!” “He’s wrong you know.” “What.” asks Zeke. “It’s an all or nothing at all agreement, you don’t get to pick and chose which souls deserve to go to hell, and which don’t. That is for us.” “Us?” “Yes, we angels, the higher beings. Send Billy back, or I will have someone else do it.” “Like who? We already know you can’t trust anyone but me.” “Oh you’re wrong, maybe Martin, Brian, or Kenny. Oh, how about your new friend William, he is a much better shot then you. I bet he could even shot Ash before she escapes yet again for a fifth time.” Zeke pulls out his gun, but Satan pulls out his own, only faster. “You see, that is how fast he is, I’m afraid you just can’t cut it!”

Scene 10: Billy walks Sally to her house & kisses her. She goes inside, and he walks away. Then Satan appears before him. “You? What do you want?” “Isn’t that obvious?” “You want me back, but I know the rules, you need a mortal to do your bidding here. To bad, he’s on my side now.” “Oh, you are a lame brain, I want you to take his place. He is a good detective yes, but you are the fastest man I have ever seen with a gun. Whaddaya say? Partner?” “No deal! I don’t betray friends!” “Oh that is a shame, because Zeke, or Pat as you probably like to call him, does. He sent plenty if others who did not need to be condemned to hell.” “You’re a lair!” The Devil puts his hands up, “I understand that you don’t trust me, so just ask him about Martin, Brian, and Kenny.” And again The Devil disappears.

*White Flash*

Zeke walks to a motel, and goes to open the door to his room. But he is grabbed on the wrist by Billy. “Who are Martin, Brian & Kenny?” “Wha?” Zeke Replies, caught off guard, and truly confused. “Tell me, now!” Stone looks at Billy for a moment. “They were people like us, force into a certain life. And that piece of scum sent them to hell, for doing what anyone without a better way would do.” “And they escaped too? Is that it?” “Yeah. They escaped. I sent Martin back. Kenny sent himself back for me! And Brian. . . . he, well let’s just say, he got hit to save me.” “You sent them back. So he told the truth. What has become of you.” “Billy, this is a a different life then when you knew me.” “It doesn’t matter, you sent them to hell, for you own gain!” “And what would you do? The same thing?” “Perhaps,” The Kid replies, sounding devious. “It was there choice, maybe I should have stopped them.” Zeke says, and puts a hand on Billy’s shoulder. “But things are different now.” “Damn right, all bets, are off.” Billy replies, and pushes Zeke’s arm off him. “As is our partnership. Out of no where Billy has a gun in hand, and Stone jumps back a bit. “Relax, I will not fight you now. I will give you a fighting chance.” “What’s the game?” “No game, we meet here at sunset & settle it with a gun fight. The winner gets to stay on Earth and be The Devil’s lackey.” “If that’s what you call it?” “It matters not, what matters is that one of us will get what we now want most.” Billy turns and walks away. Zeke nods, then mumbles “Not getting sent back to hell,” to himself, and punches the door.

Scene 11: Zeke is in his room, getting ready to meet with Billy, no matter what the result. He takes a holster, and puts it around his waste. The Devil appears. “You’re actually gonna go through with this.” “We have a deal, 113 souls sent back. you want it, you got it. What you you don’t have, is an understanding.” “Oh I do understand, understand that you will soon be back in hell,” The Devil replies with a laugh. “I’ll tell you what Mr. Stone. Because I like you, I will offer you a special today.” Zeke looks at him as if he’s insane, and Satan takes a load of guns of of his pocket, they seem not to stop, and puts them on the bed. Finally he takes out a shot gun, and says, “go ahead, take which ever one you like.” “What’s the catch?” Stone Asks. “There’s no catch. It’s simply I don’t want to lose my good friend Ezekiel, . . . not yet anyway.” “That’s it?” “That’s it! All though you better hurry.” “You know what? I’m, not interested,” Zeke says moving to the door. “How about this nice oozy. Though This is a limited time offer, today only, so act now.” “I’m really not interested,” Zeke says, and he opens the door. “Sure you are, you’re always complaining, why do you never get any help from me, or why don’t have have super powers!” “I happen to be able to fight my own battles.” “Sure, and the super fast Billy is able to send you right back where you belong.” “You know what? Just take your guns and shove em up your . . .” Stone replies, as he leaves, and he slams the door behind him cutting off the word we know the phrase ends with. “That’s a shame, I will miss you,” is The Devil’s response, though Zeke is gone.

Scene 12: The sun is setting, and Zeke steps outside. Billy is not there, but he walks down a hill. He has on a poncho. Billy pulls it over to the side to show he has two guns, all though that was expected. Zeke takes his trench coat off, and and lets it flow down to the ground. Billy takes out one gun, and tosses it aside. “To be fair,” he says. “Mighty kind of you,” replies Zeke. Then Billy walks forward, “I can’t believe it’s come to this.” “Well, you belong in hell, that;s where guy like us go.” “No! You maybe, I don’t know what you’ve become.” At this point he is near Zeke, and points a finger. “You are not the man I once rode with.” “You are a murderer,” Zeke exclaims. “The only people I killed were in self defense, or bandits, rapists, and murderers. They had to die!” “Believe me, I understand.” “No, you do not.” Zeke shrugs, “It is possible that no one understands.” “You’re a psycho, who let one bad event lead to another. Who could not stop it, and I am sorry.” “Don’t you dare begin to say what I am. Everywhere I went, every town or village, I helped people, you were there, you know that.” Stone just stares with a look of compassion. “I do not deserve hell. I am not going back!” Continues The Kid, then he turns his back. “It is obvious one of us has to go.” He walks away from Zeke. “When I say three, shoot.” Both men walk into ready positions (and dramatic western music enters). “One,” Billy says, and Zeke moves his arms back to loosen up. “Two, “ Billy continues, and Zeke pulls out his gun, and Shots William’s hand, he jerks back, and then takes 2 more shots in the eyes,and is sent back to hell. Ezekiel falls to the floor, and sits down. He feels the burn of another tattoo fade away. Satan walks over, “now that was a cheap shot, I’m very proud of you Ezekiel. Zeke does not look happy. He gets up, and goes to retrieve his coat. He puts it on, Satan says “perhaps I was wrong, you might be cut out for this after all. But just think, if only you always did things this way all along, your job would have been so much easier.” “Yeah yeah,” says Zeke. “Nice guys don’t always finish last. I’ll show you.” “Oh, you already did. You proved nice guys can be just as ruthless, and then they win too,” “Glad you enjoyed the show,” Zeke says shaking his head. “What made you decide to act as you did?” “It was Bonney.” Says Zeke. “When he came to me arguing the way he did, I realized he was right. It was about what I want most. Oh there are many things people want, but only the damned know what hell is, and not going back there is what I want. The Devil smirks, and holds back a chuckle. “And that is the only reason I ever made a deal with a snake like you.” “Zeke my boy, I always knew you had it in you.” Zeke twirls his gun, and walks away, The Devil of course at his side. “You wanna catch a movie?” Zeke asks him. “They have this place that only shows westerns, and today’s feature is The Good The Bad And The Ugly.” “What no Young Guns?” “Young what?” asks Zeke. “Oh dear, you’re right. you need some time off to catch up on the movies you missed. to bad you spend your little excursion up here wasted on catching damned souls, oh well.” “Hey wait, I still got a half a day off coming.” Satan shrugs, and changes the topic. “Perhaps I’ll need to get some TVs installed in hell.” “That you do!” “Do you think satellite would reach?”

-The End-

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