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Season 2 Episode 8 "The Four Horsemen"
Written by Greg D'Angelo

Scene 1: Zeke is chasing a man down the street, he runs into an alley with a dead end. Zeke aproaches him & he pulls out a knife. He charges Zeke, who with lightning speed takes out his gun & shoots the guy in the eyes. He is sent back to hell, & Stone grabs his left arm, feeling a tattoo burn away. The Devil walks over & says, in an utmost serious way, "Good, now that you've had your fun, it's time to really get to work." Zeke doesn't dignify Satan with an answer, he just stares blankly. "What no one told you Mr. Stone, it's the end of the world!"

Intro/Opening Credits

Scene 2: A chinese man sharpens his sword, an african woman washes her withered hands, a native american man chants, a european man raises his axe. The chinese man says "war will cut them," the african woman says "famine will starve them," the native american man says "pestilince will blind them," and the european man says "death,... to them all."

Scene 3: Zeke & The Devil are walking down the street. "The end of the world, what does that mean" Zeke asks. "What in hell do you think it means, detective." "Someone is going to,... try to destroy the world?" "And...?" asks Statan "And you want me to stop it." "Obviously!" "Sorry, chossen one is not in my job description" "Ahh, but these are damned souls who escaped from me Mr. Stone, this is your job." A homeless man walks over & says "Please, spare me some change" The Devil makes an apple appear in his hand, he hands it to the man & says "take this, now leave me alone" He takes the apple & leaves. Zeke looks at The Devil & says "that was nice of you," "not to nice, that apple has a worm in it." All of a sudden they see abunch of people standing around, then they notice many dead bodies; with stab marks. A woman is talking to a police officer, she says "I don't understand, they were both such nice boys, best friends too, then they go crazy & start stabing everyone, and then they stab each other." The Devil looks at Ezekial & says "this isn't good." "What isn't good," "the first sign, war."

Scene 4: A man is walking downa busy street, he buys some fruit & eats an apple. All of a sudden he pukes a vile looking red & yellow liquid, then falls down and dies. Another man runs to him, then he and everyone else starts puking & falling to there deaths.

Scene 5: A police officer is riding a horse down the street he sees War stab someone with his sword, he pulls out his gun & rides over. With lightning speed War jumps on his horse and charges the policeman. He begins shooting at War, but no effect. They collide, and War decapitates the officer.

Scene 6: Zeke is at the scene of the puking. Besides cops there are medical researchers, Zeke approaches one of them. "Hello, I'm Detective Goner, do we know what happened here yet?" "Yes & no detective" says the man. "Yes & no, what does that mean?" "Well, the oddist thing, some of these people have died of small pox, others bubonic plague, and some from deseases that we've never even seen before." "Oh man, what could cause such an out break?" "Ussually rats, but ironicly people around here, they don't see rats." "Any other way like food, water maybe?" "Possible, but we need to further investegate this this,... hey you wanna hear a mystery?" "Yeah sure." "Aparantly before these people died, they all puked some strange liquid; we sent analasys to the lab, but it'll be a while." Zeke sees The Devil looking at him, he says "well thanks for your help, keep up the good work." He walks over to Satan who says "you recognize it don't you!" "Recognize what?" "The upchuck Mr. Stone, you've seen it before,... in hell" "That's right, Brimstone is coming out of there mouths."

Scene 7: Zeke is in hotel room eating some doritos, watching the news. A reporter is talking to someone who says "we believe our food source is contaminated, we don't know how or why. All we know is that when people eat they die instantly, you don't eat you live." The reporter says "that may not sound logical to everyone, we need to live after all." "Yes we do, however the human body can go weeks, even months without food, hopefully giving us enough time to find to find a cure." "Is there anything we can consume or is everything bad?" "Do not eat anything, no solid food, milk or juices, even dry or canned food is no good,.. but thank god that their have been no reports of people dying from a glass of water!" "Is this problem isolated to New York?" "No, it's happening all over the world, at this point I don't know what countries have been affected, but it has been reported on every continent." The Devil appears, shuts off the TV, & says "No need to watch this, you know whats happening!" "Yeah, famine,... the second sign." "That's right, but I got worse news." "which is?" "You must stop them before the fourth sign." "Which is?" "There is no fourth sign, the 4th sign is the end of the world." "What happens?" asks Stone in a serious way. "Not sure, but I believe that they just go balistic and start killing people, plants, and animals, without rest." "I'm gonna get these S.O.B.s, but you need to tell me what the hell is going on!" "Alright, alright. For thousands of years they were arch angels; we charged them with protecting earth, one day around 1,500 years ago they snaped. They started a rampage against earth, they said they were trying to fullfill devine will as prophesized in the book of revelations. They were responsible for all the bad things that started to happen, the wars, the famines, the plagues!" "So how were they stoped?" With a sad face & very hesitantely The Devil replies, "There was only one brave enough to fight them, another arch angel named Michael." "I see." "Ezekiel listen to me, these aren't just damned souls, they are very powerful, so my friend please be careful." The Devil disapears with a white flash. There is a knock at the door, Zeke goes and opens it. He looks like he's seen a ghost,... It's Rosalyn. "Hi Zeke" She says.

-To be continued-

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