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This site will be dedicated to my interests, emphasis on the word "will". Right now it's mainly about me, even though quiz taking is one of my interests. What I hope to include on this site one day is info on games, anime, and everything else I find enjoyable that I could possibly put on a site


January 15 2007:PLEASE READ: This site will no longer be updated!!! This site will remain up but I have changed hosts and am currently here. Not everything is up but it will be up soon.

November 25 2006: NOTICE: DO NOT SPAM COMMENTS!!! Also don't put something like "I Couldn't find what I was looking for" in a comment! Those things belong in the guestbook, shout box, or in an e-mail to me! If you don't like something give areason why, basically give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!. That stuff just pisses me off, so don't do it! Lighter note: check out my blog to see the new layout!
November 24 2006: Oook, AM moving to atspace ripway (changed my mind(again)) and it will be a while as I will be moving a great deal of files and redoing links.

November 22 2006: Oops. Links were wrong, but they should work now. Added some uncatogorized images in "Other". Happy early Thanksgiving! Maybe I'll get more images up this break/weekend (if I'm not too busy shopping).

November 16 2006: My life got pretty busy so I only have the two pictures of Arisa up. Will try to add more this weekend, if not then, Thanksgiving break. Also updated playlist.

October 14 2006: School sucks as usual. Obtained images from Fruits Basket ep. 1, all I need to do is upload them and create pages. This will take a while so prepare to wait.

September 9 2006: Hah! One layout! I did it! Some parts have been cut for the time being. I'm happy!

September 1 2006: So much for updating... sorry. Finally finished playlist, now that I'm writing this it need to be updated, updated the zodiac info and added two more links. I've been busy! Not.

July 1 2006: Will be adding to links page, for lack of anything better to do. I know, I'm lazy.

June 18 2006: Happy Father's Day! Been over a month, well I'm out of school for the summer so I'll be putting more time into this site. New layout! The old one will go to the section about me, getting sick of updating three different pages.

May 16 2006: Scratch that, My computer seems to disagree with freewebs. I will have a section at geocities for a frames layout.

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© Nipharetu Kilda Wood 2005

This layout features Kaoru from Dir en Grey. Images for this layout are from Blue Neurose.


Name: Kilda Wood
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Zodiac: Dragon/Cancer



Music: Jrock/VK
Artist: Any
Song: Any
Book: The Vampire Lestat
Mind: I need a job
Website: Elfwood


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