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We are a personal hobby kennel located in Northwestern NH. I have been active with some aspect of dogs since I was nine years old and showing my first Shetland Sheepdog in novice obedience. I was his "foster home". Together we earned two legs on his CD obedience title before he was permanently placed in a new home. I will always remember the eager way "Breckenridge's Button Box Banner" aka ALAN worked for me..His attitude was contagious. What a way to launch my dog career! I am now able to devote my full attention to dog activities. I try and spend individual time with each of the dogs every day, ranging from therapy work to sharpening obedience & rally skills.I am also starting some confirmation showing. What I love best may just be a loving cuddletime on the bed or a leisurely walk down a remote wooded trail. I never want to forget why these amazing furry beasts are here. They are my constant companions. This summer I have added rally obedience to my repertoire and Chablais Whipowil Ella CD TDI tacked a RN title (Rally Novice) to her name in just three shows. She also has earned 9 of the 10 required points towards her Canadian Championship. Now it is Coca Cola Classic VII CD TDI who tries her paw at it...Cola is also hoping to have a Christmas litter as well for her third and final adventure with motherhood. This will be a repeat breeding to Canadian CH Coldwater's Magic at Whipowil CGC ..a man of many talents!

"Baby Ella"

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