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The Shepherds

I grew up with a shepherd at my side. Consequently I will never live without one. Shepherds are very sensitive and need a firm but calm leader.They also want to know the rules and follow them. It is very important train and socialize them at an early age. They are bred to protect "the family" and that can include cats and labradors.... My children were both raised lovingly by old "Remy" who served as lifeguard as well as confidant. To know the breed to love the breed. Currently, I have three shepherds watching over us. Jaeger CD, CGC is the sole male and he is King of the Jolly Ball..He is adored by Libby CD CGC , talker par excellance & mother of #29 , and Sayre, the baby of the pack. Sayre takes guarding the property to new levels , fending off even the most fierce of chipmunks.Once you have been asked inside she thinks nothing of standing on your lap to bestow upon you her most generous kisses.

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