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Spike watches the young man hurriedly cross the street and run inside his house; he takes the cigarette from his mouth and absently flicks the ash. The boy’s an interesting prospect. Spike has had his eye on him for some time now. With Dru back to full health, there’s nothing keeping him in Sunnyhell anymore, but Spike wants one last thing before he leaves. He wants the boy. Only problem is, he doesn’t have time for the slow seduction he’s usually so good at. They’re leaving the next night, before the Slayer finds their hiding place and for a pet to be properly bound he has to be willing, eager to please his master.

The blond looks thoughtfully at the small vial in his hand. Dru assured him that the ‘dark kitten’ would fall under his spell with it. He assumed that she was referring to the boy. He’s the only ‘dark’ one in the Slayer’s circle and besides, Dru has a knack of knowing exactly what, and whom, Spike wants. All he has to do is get Xander to drink it.

Flicking his cigarette away, Spike crosses the street and knocks on the boy’s
door. The door’s thrown open to reveal an angry-looking man.

“What do you want?”

“I’d like to speak to Xander, please. May I come in?” Spike asks politely, reverting to his polite, high-class accent. Best wrangle an invite from this idiot before his boy realizes who’s at the door.

“The little shit’s upstairs in his room. Go on up.” The man says sullenly and returns to his chair and his beer.

Spike raises an eyebrow. This was Xander’s father? No wonder the kid would rather fight monsters all night. Who’d want to come home to that? Shaking his head in disbelief, the vampire silently climbs the stairs. The door to the boy’s bedroom is open and he can see him lying on his bed flicking through a comic book.

“Hello, pet.”

Xander’s eyes inform his brain that there’s a vampire in his room but his brain absolutely refuses to believe it. He closes his eyes, counts to ten and opens them again. Huh. The vampire’s still there.

“S-spike?” Xander asks, brain still trying to confirm that William the Bloody is indeed in his room, smirking at him.

“The one and only,” the blond replies.

Too late, Xander tries to reach for the stake he keeps on the bedside table. Before he has time to reach it, Spike grabs it and throws it out the window. The boy looks at Spike, trying to anticipate the blond’s next move. To his surprise, Spike merely smiles at him.

“Here’s the deal, pet. I want you. And what I want, I get. So be a good boy and drink this.” Spike drawls and holds out a small bottle.

Xander looks at the blond as if he’s grown another head. If the vampire thinks he’ll just say okay and drink whatever that was, he’s one crazy vampire!

“Are you insane?” He asks incredulously. “You think I’m just gonna drink something you give me? What if it’s poison or something? And how did you get in here anyway?”

Spike laughs and Xander stares. There was a vampire laughing in his room. his room.

“Your idiot of a father let me in. And I don’t think you heard me right, boy. I. Want. You. If I wanted to kill you, I’d snap your neck or bite you. I’m a vampire, pet, not Lucrecia Borgia. Now, screaming and crying can be fun, but that’s not really my cup of tea. This little potion will just make sure you’re more...amenable shall we say?” The smile Spike sends his way is positively predatory.

Xander feels a shiver travel down his spine. He has a distinct feeling he’s being led right into a trap. And wait a minute, Spike wants him? As in wants him? As in sexually? The brunet’s eyes widen in horror-filled realization. Spike wants to have sex with him!

“I see you finally got it, pet.” The vampire drawls, looking distinctly amused.

Xander struggles to keep his breathing as even as possible while glaring resentfully at Spike.

“And what makes you think I’m going to just drink that? Do I have ‘Demon Pet’ stamped on my forehead?” He demands, voice growing more hysterical with every sentence. “A mummy and a bug-lady weren’t enough? I get to have vampires after me as well? Has the world gone completely and totally batshit insane?!”

His tirade is interrupted by the simple presence of a hand over his mouth. Spike can’t help but laugh again. Mutinous brown eyes are glaring at him over his hand, the boy’s body tense in anticipation of an attack. His new pet obviously has spirit. Taming him will be fun, but first things first.

“Much as I enjoy watching you rant, I don’t have time for this, pet. If I did, then this wouldn’t be necessary. It’s fairly simple: You either drink this and come with me, or I kill every living thing in this house. Then I move on to the rest of the neighbourhood.” He says calmly.

The boy’s eyes widen and after a pain-filled pause, he nods. Spike removes his hand and gives him the vial.

Xander reaches out a trembling hand and takes the potion. He stands looking down at it for a moment, thinking about what he has to do. Spike’s right, the choice is fairly simple; he either becomes the vampire’s sex toy for the night or his parents and other innocent people die. Taking a calming breath, he opens the vial and gulps down the contents. He waits a few moments, looking at Spike staring at him expectantly.

“I feel exactly the same.” He says, puzzled at this state of affairs.

Spike leers at him. “Let’s test this out then, shall we?” He asks, looking more confident than he feels. He’s still a little worried that Dru got something wrong. “Come here, pet.” He commands. “On your knees now. Good boy.” He praises when Xander follows his instructions, growing hard just looking at his boy kneeling there.

Xander can’t believe what’s happening to him. He specifically told his feet not to move but he found himself moving towards Spike and kneeling before him.

“Unzip me and take my cock out.” The blond orders, and a horrified Xander does exactly what he’s told to do. Suddenly there’s a real live penis in his hand. Xander can’t help but examine it, it’s so different to his own and it seems so heavy and full in his hand. And hey, Spike’s uncut! Xander hesitantly rubs the extra skin, mesmerized by the way it moves up and down the hardening length.

Spike smiles when he sees the boy scrutinize his cock. “Like what you see, pet?” He asks huskily. Xander nods absently, pushing the foreskin as high as it can go before slowly fisting it back down. Clear fluid dribbles from the tip and the brunet has a strange craving to just lean over and have a taste.

Before the thought is even fully formed in his head Xander rears back in a panic. I’m not gay, it’s just the potion. I’m not gay. Not gay not gay not gay.

Spike watches the boy silently panic. Can’t say ‘no’ to me though, can you? he thinks.

“Taste it.” Spike smirks and Xander’s eyes widen in shock. Such pretty brown eyes his pet has. “Go on then.” He drawls when he sees his boy hesitate.

Xander stares at the fully erect cock in front of him. He hesitantly leans forward and lets his tongue touch the crown. tastes kinda nice. He leans forward again, and this time he drags his tongue all the way from the base to the top. Hearing an appreciative moan, Xander looks up to find Spike staring at him lustfully.

What a sight his boy makes, on his knees before him, dark head bent over his cock. Spike can’t stop himself from moaning when Xander licks all the way up his dick. “Take the crown in your mouth, boy and suck.” He orders huskily.

Xander goes back to staring worriedly at the erection before him, terrified of how much he actually wants to take it in his mouth. Not gay, just the potion, not gay. He tries to disguise his eagerness as he holds the base of Spike’s cock and opens his mouth to envelop the tip. He sucks lightly, not sure what else he’s supposed to do.

Spike groans and buries his fingers in the boy’s hair. Xander has practically non-existent skills and limited enthusiasm but there’s a hot, wet mouth around his cock and that can only feel good. The blond knows he’s not going to last long. He doesn’t want to last long. He’s taking his boy home where he can fuck him as thoroughly and loudly as possible.

“That’s good, pet. Such a hot mouth you have. Gonna teach you how to do this right, keep you on your knees, just for me. My little whore, ass spread wide to take me in whenever I want. Bet you’re so tight, Xan, bet you’re so hot you’re gonna burn me all up.” Spike whispers and moans, the thought of thrusting into his boy’s ass taking him over the edge.

Xander tries frantically to pull back but strong hands keep his head in place, forcing him to swallow or choke. After it’s over, Spike grabs his collar and lifts him up; the vampire’s other hand palming Xander’s crotch. “Guess you liked sucking me off more than you thought, hey pet?” He drawls, laughing when the boy can’t help but thrust forward into his palm.

Xander is completely humiliated. It was bad enough that he had to go down on his knees and suck on Spike’s cock; it was even worse that some part of him wanted to do it; was it absolutely necessary for him to be so obviously turned on by all that?

“We’ll take care of this when we get home.” Spike says with a last squeeze. “Gonna fuck you right and proper, pet. Make you scream for me.” Xander bites back a moan at the picture Spike paints and helplessly follows the vampire down the stairs and into the Desoto. He briefly contemplates running back inside but his feet don’t want to obey him and lead him straight inside the car.

During the entire ride, Spike keeps his hand on Xander’s jean-covered cock, massaging lightly, making sure that there isn’t enough pressure for the boy to do anything but remain frustratingly aroused. At first, Xander tries to push against the tormenting hand but all Spike has to do iss order him to stay still for him, and Xander is powerless to do anything but whimper and endure.

The moment they get back to the factory, Spike drags him out of the car and leads him past a veritable labyrinth of stairs into a bedroom that seems to leap out of a dark-fantasies magazine. A huge four-poster bed stands in the centre, made up with rumbled-looking black satin sheets. Lit candles were littered around the room–all of them set a safe distance from the bed.

Spike throws Xander on the bed and in a matter of moments; the brunet has a naked vampire straddling his waist.

“Now let’s see...” he drawls, looking at the brunet hungrily “What shall I do with my new toy...”

Somewhere in the back of his mind Xander knows that when a vampire looks at him like that he should be very afraid but the rest of him ignores the little voice telling him to run and shivers happily when Spike reaches down and rips his shirt in half.

“I could rip off your jeans and fuck you silly. Or I could lick every single inch of your body. Yeah that’d be nice. Or I could just push your jeans down just enough to reveal that hot little ass of yours out and then fuck you all night. Or better yet, I could leave you as you are and just move on up enough to fuck your mouth, felt so good wrapped around my cock earlier.” Spike is still talking in that thoughtful tone, as if contemplating what to have for breakfast. “What do you think, boy?” he asks.

Spike looks down at his new pet to hear his response only to see him stare at him with dazed unfocused eyes. Xander clears his throat and tries to say something, but everything he tries to say sounds more like a groan than a word.

“Dru’s little potion seems to be working just fine then.” Spike laughs and rolls off Xander to lie on his back next to him. “Clothes off then, Xan.”

Xander hesitates until a soft growl sends him scrambling off the edge of the bed. He takes his clothes off hastily, trying not to think of what was going to happen. Hesitating a little more, he climbs on the bed and crawls forward stopping only when he reaches Spike’s prone form.

“Jerk me off, boy. Stroke it nice and tight. Oh yeah, just like that.” Spike tips his head back on the pillow, closing his eyes and enjoying the sensation of a warm hand pulling on him. His boy’s good at this, much better than the half-hearted blowjob he got before.

Xander keeps moving his hand up and down Spike’s cock, gaining confidence with every gasp and moan the blond makes. Suddenly Spike grabs Xander’s nape and pulls him close, so that their faces are centimetres apart. Wide brown eyes meet golden ones and the boy shivers at Spike’s words.

“I’m gonna fuck you now, boy. Good and hard, make you scream for me, I will. Gonna scream nicely for me, pet?”

Xander nods dazedly, and lips are on him, pressing against his own. He moans against the blond’s lips and a tongue invades his mouth rubbing against his own and tracing his palate.

Spike pulls back and whispers against Xander’s ear. “Gonna split you open, pet. You’d like that wouldn’t you? Having my cock buried inside you, pounding into you until you’re begging me to let you come. Are you gonna beg me, boy? Beg so sweetly for it?”

And Xander can feel his body throb, every word making his cock harden more, arousing him to the point when he does beg, soon as Spike finishes his sentence, words jumbling up in his haste to ask, to beg Spike to do all those things. As he speaks he’s being pushed back onto the bed, thighs pushed open and up for him to hold.

Spike settles himself in front of his pet, grinning at the inane appeals and entreaties coming from Xander’s lips. He opens the lube, making sure that Xander can see him do so and slicks his fingers. The blond wastes no time in niceties and quickly pushes one, then two fingers inside Xander’s ass. The potion might be wearing off any minute now and he doesn’t want the boy to have a panic attack before he’s already been well and truly buggered.

“Feel so tight around my fingers pet. Gonna loosen you up so good, make you wet for me. No way am I giving this up, boy. I’m keeping you, taking you with me. Gonna fuck you every single day. Have your mouth, your ass, anything I want, cause you’re here for my pleasure pet. My toy, to do with as I please.” Spike whispers and drawls, adding another finger, getting the boy ready as fast as possible.

Xander writhes and moans as he is filled and stretched, Spike’s words raising him higher and higher until something bigger than three fingers is pushing against his hole. The brunet bears down trying to take more of it in but hands clamp down on his hips stopping all movement.

“Ask me, boy. Beg to be my pet, to live for my pleasure.” Spike growls and Xander will do anything to have that cock inside him, and he knows it’s not real, it’s just the potion but he still needs it so he pleads, begs to live just to give Spike pleasure, to be his toy, just please push it in, please. And Spike does, slamming in and oh God, the pain feels so good, and Xander wails Spike’s name as he thrashes around, moaning and begging for more.

Spike can see the slow loss of the potions effects. The boy’s thrashing stills; the eyes slowly fill with understanding, then horror.

“No. God please no.” Xander whimpers, closing his eyes, trying to pretend that this isn’t real.

“Too late, pet. You pledged yourself to me and now you’re mine.” Spike gloats and starts moving again. “And you’re loving every minute of it.” He whispers, hand wrapping around Xander’s still hard cock and pulling it hard, forcing an orgasm out of him. A few thrusts later, the blond shouts out his pleasure and collapses onto Xander, chuckling with elation. The plan worked, and he had his boy.

Feeling magnanimous from the victory, he gathers Xander’s trembling body close. “Don’t worry, boy. I always treat my pets well. You’ll love being mine.”

The End

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Sep 4, 2004

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