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Set straight after Pet

Going Home


Xander wakes up the following evening. He looks around sleepily, wondering where he is, until the full horror of the previous night catches up to him. He slept with Spike! He did the nasty, danced the horizontal mambo, did the humpty dumpty, did it with the evil undead! With the very male evil undead. And he liked it. He had sex with a male vampire guy and he liked it. Xander struggles to keep calm; panicking is not going to help him now. Only did it to save innocent people, a little voice whispered at him, and he latched onto it. Only to save innocent people. And he only liked it ‘cause of the mojo potion Spike made him drink.

Hugging those thoughts close to him, he tries to leave the bed as quietly as possible. No need to wake Spike up. Xander’s done his part of the bargain and now he can go, he thinks, as he gingerly scooches to the edge of the bed. Just when he thinks he’s managed to escape, a hand shoots out of nowhere and grabs his wrist.

“And where do you think you’re going, pet?”

Xander turns around to look worriedly at Spike. He’s lying on his stomach, watching Xander sleepily.

“Home,” he says quietly. When the vampire raises an eyebrow and smirks at him, Xander can’t help but launch into a babble. “We said I’d be willing for a night and I was! I mean we had all the sex and it’s daylight now so I get to make like a banana and split. I drank the potion, you did your thing and the nice neighbours were saved. So I’m gonna go home now.” He stops for a moment and stares at Spike, taking in the smirk on the blond’s face and an awful realization comes. “I’m not going home, am I?” he asks, eyes pleading, hoping that he’s wrong.

“’Fraid not, pet.”

Xander nods, accepting Spike’s statement. The vampire does not want him to leave but that doesn’t mean he won’t. He glances at the door, trying to calculate risks and dangers. He’s already been gone one night; the girls will be looking for him soon. All he has to do is survive until he has an opportunity to run or they get here.

Spike watches his pet trying to figure out a way out and smiles proudly. He always did know how to pick the stubborn ones. They were such fun to break and they always submitted so passionately in the end. Problem is, the Slayer is sure to notice that her boy is missing and Spike has to get them out of here the moment the sun sets.

“We’re going on a little trip, boy,” he says, sitting upright on the bed and pulling Xander to him. “Can’t have the Slayer taking my pet away now, can I?”

Hearing this, Xander struggles to get up, get off the bed and run. Spike’s words just destroyed his only hope of rescue, and he’s fighting the best he can to free himself. His struggles are useless, though, and he soon finds himself sprawled on Spike’s lap, a strong arm wrapped around his chest, holding his arms to his sides, and his back pressed against the vampire’s chest.

Xander can feel Spike’s cock fill and lengthen against his ass and he struggles harder, trying to ignore the fact that he’s getting aroused just by feeling the blond’s body against his own.

“No, let me go, I don’t like this, I don’t,” he babbles, trying hard to convince himself as well as Spike. “It was just the potion, not me.”

Spike laughs, amusement colouring the sound. “Is that what you’ve been telling yourself?” he asks, and lets his free hand wander down to play with Xander’s cock. “The potion merely made you obedient, pet. It made you follow my orders, fall down on your knees and take me in when I told you to. It made you spread yourself so prettily for me when I said, made you ride me when I ordered.” He pauses a moment, making sure he has Xander’s attention, enjoying the boy’s whimper when his hand stops moving around his cock. “I never told you to get hard, boy.”

Spike can practically feel the shock passing through Xander's body. He starts moving his hand again, fisting Xander’s cock hard and fast, loving the way his sounds of denial quickly turn into pleasure, pressing his cock even harder against the boy’s ass.

Xander gasps at Spike’s words. He tries to deny it to himself but the cool hand working his cock won’t allow him to hide. There’s no potion now but he’s still arching his hips, moaning for more. He can feel Spike’s erection rubbing between his cheeks but instead of scaring him it only makes him more frantic for release. As the hand tightens more around him he bucks and screams his release, just as he feels a cool wetness covering his back.

“See, pet? Not just the potion,” Spike whispers in Xander’s ear, letting the arm holding the boy against him relax. When he feels the shivers going up and down his pet’s body he gathers him close, hugging him and petting his hair.

“Shh… no shame in liking it, sweet.”

Xander shivers, burrowing closer to the comforting embrace. He buries his face in Spike’s neck, taking shuddering breaths, trying to calm himself. He enjoyed having sex with a, not a man, a monster. A monster that is now holding him close and comforting him. Xander suddenly realizes that he’s allowing a vampire to hold him close. He needs to get out of here and he needs to do it now! He slams his head up, hits Spike’s jaw and, momentarily stunning him, leaps off the bed and runs to the door.

Before he even has a chance to open it, Xander is slammed against it and held immobile.
“That was not nice, pet.” Spike says, and Xander can feel the anger in his captor’s body. “Now, this is what is going to happen. Dru has decided to go to Cleveland but we are going home. I need for you to understand one thing, boy: If you so much as think of running off on the way there, I will kill everyone and everything in my path to get you back. And it will be. All. Your. Fault. Understand? Nod like a good boy, now.”

Xander nods fearfully and Spike continues. “Good. Now, put your clothes on. We're leaving.”
Spike dresses quickly and waits for Xander to get himself ready. The boy moves slowly, looking at him warily while he dresses, but Spike doesn’t react. He simply stands there, staring at Xander until he’s done.

“Ready, pet?”

At Xander’s hesitant nod, he grabs the boy’s arm and practically drags him outside. He’s had enough time before grabbing Xander to organize a car and get the papers he needs to take Xander out of the country. He'd started getting everything ready when Drusilla gave him the potion and told him she was off to Cleveland, something about a Hellmouth rising. He doesn’t much care for Hellmouths so he’d decided to go back to England for a while. Unlike the rest of the bloody world, he knows his dark princess well enough to know that, now she’s back to full health, she can take care of herself. She’ll wander back to him when she gets done visiting Cleveland.

Xander lets Spike push him in the car without any struggle. The moment he sits down his hand starts tugging at the frayed end of his leather bracelet. Willow’s present for his last birthday and he’d promised to wear it always. His mind keeps replaying two phrases.

Once he starts something he doesn't stop until everything in his path is dead.

If you so much as think of running off on the way there, I will kill everyone and everything in my path to get you back.

They keep running across his mind, jumbling up his thoughts, confusing him until he’s not sure what’s going on. Finally two things settle down in concrete: (1) If he runs Spike will get him back and kill a lot of people in the process. (2) Spike is quite capable of doing that.

No running, then. He’ll just have to wait until Buffy figures out a way to save him.

He’s startled out of his thoughts when Spike drags him out of the car. There’s entirely too much manhandling of the prisoner, he thinks, as the vampire grabs hold of his wrist and hauls him into the airport. When did they get to the airport?

Before he has time to realize what’s going on, Xander finds himself standing in front of the passport checking lady and Spike’s handing over some papers.

“Thank you, sir. Your plane will be departing for London, Heathrow, in about an hour.”

Spike leads Xander to the airport bar and orders a whiskey for himself and a cola for his boy. He stays quiet, watching Xander think. At some point, his pet’s eyes dart to the exit.

“Everything in my path, boy. Don’t forget that,” he growls, and Xander’s eyes widen in fear.

After that the boy stays still and focuses on his drink, taking little sips and tugging at the leather bracelet he’s wearing with his free hand. Spike wonders what Xander is thinking, curious as to what’s running through his pet’s mind. Just as he’s about to ask, the announcer calls for them to board the plane.

“Come on then, Xan. Time to go home,” he says cheerfully and grabs hold of Xander’s arm, dragging him along.

Xander follows meekly, trying to figure out a way out of this. If he runs, Spike will follow. He’s been thinking and thinking but he can’t see any help coming any time soon. They’ll be out of the country soon and, even if the guys figure out they left, how will they find them? The world is pretty big.

He suddenly remembers Buffy telling him about the fight in the school. Spike had won. If it hadn’t been for Joyce, Buffy would be dead. So even if they did find him, they could die trying to save him. He can actually see it happen, Buffy coming for him and then Spike…He shakes his head, trying to get rid of the image of Spike with his fangs embedded in Buffy’s neck, Willow's and Giles’ broken bodies lying in the background.

He doesn’t want his friends to find them. Xander would never risk them, not for anything. He has to find a way to keep them safe.

Two hours into the flight and Spike’s beginning to get annoyed at his pet’s continued silence. He can practically hear Xander’s brain chugging along and he’s tired of the brooding. If he’d known Xander would turn out so…Angel-like, he’d have drugged him until they got there.

“Spit it out, pet. I can hear those little cogwheels turning,” he snaps.

Xander looks at him, shock evident in his eyes.

“Go on, then. Not gonna punish you or anything,” Spike insists.

“I…erm…I was thinking,” Xander starts but seems to be at a loss for words.

Spike growls softly, making sure that Xander can hear him.

“They’re gonna come after me, you know. Giles is good at research and stuff like that and he’s gonna figure out where you took me and they’ll come to save me. You don’t want that, not really. It’ll ruin your plans and then the whole Council will know where you are and that won’t be good. Right? Right. So I was thinking, what if we made a deal. You could have me, all willing and not-complaining and following all the rules and in exchange you could let me talk to them sometimes, maybe email them. I could tell them I decided to go off early. Willow would buy that if I told her about Dad, and I could tell them I decided to go away. If I tell them that Dad will try and find me, I can convince them that they don’t need to know where I am and you won’t have to deal with them at all. So it’s all good, win-win situation.”

It takes Spike a few minutes to work out what Xander is saying. The boy seems to have two modes, completely silent and babbling brook. All the while he can feel Xander’s hopeful gaze on him.

“Let me get this straight, pet. You’re saying you’ll stay with me, willing and obedient, if I let you have contact with your friends? I have you anyway, and I’ll make you willing soon.” He smirks. “Why bother with the deal?”

Xander is afraid Spike would see it that way. He’s determined to convince the vampire, though, so he tries to spin it to Spike’s interests.

“Because this way you won’t have to deal with the Slayer or the Council. They won’t even start looking for me because they’ll think I’m fine and well and seeing the world. Besides, think of the kudos you’ll get, having the Slayer’s sidekick as a p-p-pet, not because you forced him or broke him or whatever but all willing and yours.”

Despite stumbling over his words, Xander tries to sound as confident as he can. He’s relieved to see a spark of interest in Spike’s eyes.

“Tell you what, pet. I’ll think it over and let you know by the time we get home. Now, be a good boy and stay quiet. Your master has some things he has to think about.”

Xander groans inwardly. This is going to be a very long flight.

By the time they reach Heathrow, Xander is a nervous wreck. He tried to keep silent on the plane, concentrating on the film and stealing glances at Spike. As far as he could tell, the vampire had slept through most of the journey, only waking up when the pilot announced their descent to the airport.

As they approach Customs, Spike pulls him close and whispers in his ear.

“Remember, boy, you run and people die. Now follow my lead and we’ll be out of here before you know it.”

Xander nods to show he’s heard and tries to look as unthreatening as possible.

“Excuse me. The boy…he’s under eighteen. I’m his uncle, William Barstow.” As he speaks, Spike takes out some documents and presents them to the official. Spike goes on to spout some bullshit about Xander’s parents dying and how he’s now his legal guardian.

The voice is nothing like Spike’s usual accent. It’s soft and melodic and it sounds a little bit like Giles’ when he’s trying to make a good impression. By the time they get out of the airport, Spike has managed to have Xander’s passport stamped and, as far as Xander can tell, he’ll be a British citizen by the end of the month.

Oh joy.

“Never forget, Xander. It pays to have friends in high places,” Spike smirks, and Xander is sure that they won’t even get a visit from social services or whatever the Brits have that takes care of things like this.

Spike bundles Xander into the car, watching him scoot over to the corner and stare outside. Boy must be going crazy by now, wondering whether he’ll accept the deal. Not for the first time, he wishes he could scent emotions. Being able to smell tears and pheromones is all well and good, but there’s no enjoyment if you can’t smell misery or general upset.

He’s been thinking about the boy’s offer since it was made. On the one hand, he’d love to have Xander fight and resist him. Breaking him would be so sweet if he fought back. On the other hand, he’d done that before. He’s never had an unwillingly willing pet before, though. It would be interesting to see how Xander would break under enforced obedience, when the threat of violence to him wasn’t part of the deal.

“I’ve been thinking about that deal of yours, pet,” he murmurs, ostensibly looking out the window. Out of the corner of his eye he can see Xander jump and he can hear the lovely sound of a human heart beating faster and faster.

“H-have you decided?” Xander finally asks.

“Yeah…think I’ll take it.” Spike smiles and turns to face his boy, takes in the nervous tugging of his bracelet. “You will obey all my orders, do anything I tell you to and in exchange you’ll be able to contact your friends. If you ever disobey me, Xander, the deal will be off and I will be on the next plane to Sunnydale.” Spike pauses, making sure he has Xander’s full attention. “And I’ll visit the redhead first, understand?”

Xander’s relief at Spike’s acceptance of his proposal swiftly turned into terror at the following words. The hand tugging at his bracelet froze, gripping the leather tightly, and he nodded frantically, trying to convey his acceptance.

“Good. We have a deal, then.” Spike smiled and Xander could practically feel bridges burning and boats sailing.

The End

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