Yaoi and Slash Warning

Okay, I'm not going to use the smoke and mirrors act making you figure out what symbol or what word is going to let you into the Yaoi and Slash archives. I think personally that these messages are stupid and pointless. If you feel like your mature enough to handle Yaoi and Slash then you are more than welcome to enter. But by entering the Yaoi and Slash archives you are agreeing to these terms:

1) You understand what Yaoi and Slash are.

2) You will not FLAME any authors or myself. Flames will not be tolerated and I will hunt down those who sent them and hold them over a pit of boiling lava. Think of it as charma.

3) I'm not legally responsible for you or your parent's beef with my site.  This is a free post site and you have been warned (and threatened).

4) That's it.

Yaoi, for those who don't know is boy*boy love. The milder version is called Shounei Ai. Mainly that is just hugging, cuddling, and the occasional kiss. Sweetness abounds. Yaoi is the more sexual version, containing guess what, SEX! Yes, that nasty three letter word that nobody wants to talk about, but everyone seems to want to do.

Slash is similar, except for using anime characters in relationships real people from Television shows are used.  Now it's not saying we see these two people together in real life, it's saying that we see these CHARACTERS together in the shows and movies they come from.

The Het directory also has what is called "Lemons" in it.  These are sexual stories and will be marked as such.  Otherwise expect relationshipships between girls and boys.  Read the warnings before reading if you're a sensitive person.  And don't forget to refer to rules 2 and 3 if you are stupid and don't read my warnings.

Now  if you understand all of the following you may continue on to the Yaoi Archive or to the Slash Archive through their respective links. If you don't like the idea of two males together please use your "back" button or the Het Directory button I've provided for you. That's all I want to say. Enjoy yourself.



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