Slash Archive

This is the slash archive.  Wow.  What an obvious statement.*shrugs*  Oh well, it's late at night when I'm writing this page.  Good excuse.  Anyway, this archive follows the same rules as the Yaoi archive.  If you don't like Yaoi or Shounen Ai, you're not going to like slash, it's that simple.  Don't like it, don't read.  Sue me and I'll get the last laugh.  *another sigh*  Its been one of those nights.

Update: Harry Potter Slash and The Rundown Slash page are now up.

 Andromeda Slash

Angel Slash/Buffy Slash

Beastmaster Slash

Fast and the Furious Slash

Harry Potter Slash

Hercules Slash/Xena Slash

Lord of the Rings Slash

Mutant X Slash

Star Wars Slash

The Rundown Slash

Others to be added...