Higher Ground

A rustling in the brush
A whispering of voices
Ancient Ones, Council Ones
The kind that reach out
from Sacred sandpaintings...
Soft, gravelly murmurings
on the edge of the Path...
Hands touching my shoulders
Words my heart can hear:
"Step up to the Sacred Highway
--the Spirit Path--
--the Heyokah Rainbow--
Come with us...
It is time."

Move to a Place of Change
To the higher frequency Range
And find that what was Strange
feels more like Home;
Move to the Space of Fear
In your Amber and Silver Sphere
Til all the Voices you hear
become your Own;
Move to the Site of Clans
Where you will make your Stand
In the palm of God's own Hand
upon the sacred Stone;
Move to the Light of Peace
--Relax, surrender, release--
Discover your Soul's increase
the more you let it go.

and the Web glows clearer,
as Vision intensifies;
and the Light seems nearer,
as your Spirit - in Light - replies;
and the Path is decoded,
awaiting your Heart's desire;
and the Door is opened
in the midst of your Phoenix-fire.

Mystic Retreat
The Fibers of the Sacred Web
Extend beyond my Force,
They reach beyond my Knowing
And draw me to their Source;
And yet, the Path leads inward
Encompassing the Whole
The Fibers of the Sacred Web
Are spun from my own Soul.
And so, into my Center,
I step, as in retreat,
Reclaiming my own Power,
Healing my own Keep;
With patience learned the hard way,
I mend my tattered Weave,
Until my Sacred Web is whole -
And I am called to leave.

Have you ever drunk of a Rainbow,
Or eaten of its bread,
Wandered its sacred hallways
Or walked upon its thread,
Conversed with Spirit deeply
Or danced within its Fire?
Have you ever drunk of a Rainbow,
And not been lifted higher?

"Draw a Circle as your Path
--disguised beneath Coyote tracks--
with Sacred Thread so finely drawn
to hold within both Wolf and Fawn;
draw the Circle as your Path
--a spiral in Heyokah wax--
that seems to vanish in the Fire,
yet re-emerges one step Higher."

To shift...
and take a deeper Breath -
I understand heroic Death;
To sigh...
and jump from off the Ledge -
I understand my sacred Pledge;
To call...
and hear the Force respond -
I understand the Fibrous Bond;
To die...
and give my Soul its wings -
I understand why Angels sing.

Centaur Cycles