Last night, I went on a Journey to see a Centaur. Centaurs are known for understanding cycles and changes on a universal and galactic scale... not limited by time, money, or theoretical constructs. I asked if , in this Terran hour, we were in a lull between two wars, or however that would translate to him.
He said, "That is not how we reckon Cycles, Lady. All creation moves in a spiral, so that when you have circled around and are at the beginning, you are nevertheless one step higher. There is this moment between the ending of one phase and the beginning of another: a mystical, spiritual pause. To leap from one to the other, a spark is needed... like an "aha" moment -- like a shift -- like a Godspark arc-ing over the synapse of Creation. The bigger the leap, the more intense the arc.
When several Cycles are ending to begin anew, simultaneously, this arc can be incredibly powerful. This is what you are seeing and feeling. The Path on the Spiral leading to this powerful Change will continue to become more intense, more frenetic, more anxiety and fear-producing. Then, such profound acts of courage, betrayal, greed, harm, healing and love will be seen. And these will continue to increase in intensity and frequency. None who exist in this Time will be untouched.
Those who are aware of this can better prepare themselves for the Change by holding Peace in their hearts and Love in their words. Does that answer your question, Lady?"
"Yes, it does. Thank you very much. You honor me by giving me audience and conversation. Perhaps I will return soon, for a more simple encounter of tea and scones."
"Ah, yes, that would be nice. Careful now as you return. I will watch you until you are beyond these Woods."

My Journey-friend replied to me, concerning this:
"I know this to be true."