Sojourner upon the Earth,
Weaver of mysteries,
and a Mystery myself:
I carry the Mark of cryptic Perth
of Puma and Eagle
and Changeling Elf.

I cannot turn from off this Path,
nor seek some different Sun;
what drew me here draws stronger still,
and I'm not yet begun.

“The Path diverges in the Wood
-- though neither Way is bad or good:
one calls the heart in whispered chant,
of stars, and Fey, and Hierophant;
the other speaks of what could be
for those not bound by Destiny...
so sniff the air and taste the breeze,
and choose the Path that’s best for thee.”

The Path seeks
a Oneness with me --
‘tis not content
to wander at my feet;
‘tis incomplete,
and rather holds intent
the pieces of my soul
and lost divinity.

Calico trees and a graying grass
gossiping to the sleeping bass
and trout,
listen intent to a rustling sound
footsteps hugging a silent ground
to shout

Sedona Blue