Sedona Blue

Sedona Wind
Dear Elder Wind - in Gypsy cloak -
I come to hear your lore,
to hear you sing through Ash and Oak
and ancient Sycamore;
and, in your singing, hear the Sea
as once it touched this Sand -
dear Elder Wind, what did you see
when Mu-ans walked this land?
What can you whisper to my heart
of footprints lost in Time?
What can you tell me of the Ark
that crossed this ancient Brine?
Dear Elder Wind, I honor much
the Stories that you weave,
and, even more, your subtle Touch
of mystic Prophecy.

Of Times gone past and Times returned,
the Sacred Law remains:
the Pipe is passed to sons of sons
of Crows who test the Names
of Those who keyed the Mu-ans' Door
where now Cathedral stands,
and Those who seek to read the Signs
of Mu-prints drawn in Sand;
of Times gone past and Times returned,
the Sacred Law remains...
so Shaman Crows must ever guard
the Light in their Domain.

No trailmarks on the Sea
whose Skin has turned to Dust -
the Path remains concealed
beneath this Sandstone crust;
No footprints on this Shore
that greets a Desert now -
the Path reveals no more
that what the Sands allow;
Where now the Ancient crafters
that sailed this empty Sea?
Where now the Ancient masters
that wrote this Destiny?
Here...only are the Etchings
- in Mu-an cryptic code-
of Those who made the Questing
upon the Rainbow Road;
Tis all that can be found
of Sea-folk from afar -
who built beneath this Ground,
and called their Home, a Star.

Raven on a wooden pole
--Totem of this land--
Messenger of ancient Spirits
whose bones are filled with sand:
Were you here to meet the Ones
who traveled from afar?
Did you learn the secret tongue
of Orion's nearby star?