Deep Peace

My ripples wander nonchalantly
sometimes in joy or fear or peace -
to the very edges of my being
to the very edges of my universe
lapping gently
at the shore
of my own soul -
returning again to me in Peace.

I am here
of my choosing -
it's as simple as this;
I am now
of the present
where fear does not exist.

There is no "creating"
for everything is,
manifesting as chosen or drawn;
intent sets the pattern
of how I'm discerning
my Path and the Journey beyond.

There are no dimensions
but rather intentions
that fill a particular space --
no time-centered physics,
no ego-eccentrics,
but those that are drawn to each place;
and what is agreed here
is what fills the need here
for learning the Truth, as it's heard...
and stepping outside it
is just to decide that
you choose not to be where you were.

You are beyond what you believe;
You are beyond the truth you see;
You are a wing`ed Spirit, at play -
a Child of Light and mortal Clay.

The Circle draws itself around me
as silence fills its Sphere -
Light to Light, surrounding
my lowly Presence here;
each written Word is manifesting
from Truth-prints softly drawn
upon the Path I share in Questing:
my Center and Beyond.

A gentle fire
Runs along
The ley-lines of my soul,
Neither burning
Nor consuming
But rather lighting
A soft blue glow
Upon my Web,
Revealing the Sacred Maze
Within me.

Have you ever drunk of a Rainbow,
Or eaten of its bread,
Wandered its sacred hallways
Or walked upon its thread,
Conversed with Spirit deeply
Or danced within its Fire?
Have you ever drunk of a Rainbow,
And not been lifted higher?

Spirit says:
"Believe, and know,
my Wyrd-Adept,
that what you weave exists -
that what you've done
has echoes spun
beyond the Void's own cliffs."

"You hold onto your life as if you could -
as if it were of substance...
might as well try to grab a hold of the wind.
Illusions are like that.
Not that your physical body is illusion,
but the concept of life as you perceive it is.
When illusion serves a purpose, it manifests."

"As the depths of the ocean
hold currents in gentle stillness,
so it is important for you to so do.
In your innermost core,
there needs to be a gentle Stillness,
undisturbed by storms above you
or grating eruptions beneath you.
Stillness is what you are,
is what needs to radiate from you,
is what binds you to awareness of the Light.
Flow in Stillness, and be who you are."

"Yes, there is always a choice -
but it is veiled in depths
of unacknowledged, unknown fear,
so that the conscious mind of the Self
does not recognize the existence of choice in its heart,
and cries."

"You are never lost. You are Here.
You believe you are lost because
you believe you should be somewhere else. are Here.
Enter then into the present of this Place
like a centered and grounded stranger -
confident, open, and at peace."

I find it interesting to consider
sometimes being the stars
and sometimes being the darkest space between them.
But even more incredible is being both at once.
Holding them as one within me:
feeling one, feeling the other,
and then feeling both -- connected as One through that sentient energy
that holds all things together as One.

If I want for something,
then I must believe
I do not have it:
believing that illusion
perpetuates the want.

Behold, in the cup of my hand
are all the stars of the universe,
rivers dancing into waterfalls,
green pastures
and grand mountains,
eagles and unicorns,
my closest friend
and fiercest enemy…
so then, when I perceive the Truth, I see
there is no want, only choice.

Sometimes the Change is so deep
I have no clue of its happening
except for the subtle ripples
in the currents of my heart.

in this room
with no walls
no floor, no ceiling
no windows, no door...
in this room
I can meet whomever
from whenever
or wherever,
by their consent...
and by our intent
a room or space
according to need
or desire...
in this room
- this sacred place -
a depot exists
open to any realm
or dimension...
life, death,
plant, animal, mineral
alien, ghost, legend
incarnate or not...
in this room
all Creation exists...
in this room
within me...
and all I have to do
is listen...

Into the Myst
Conversations with Spirit