Strange the beckoning beyond my walls;
strange the reckoning as It calls:
"Let go resistance to the Force;
allow assistance from the Source;
center and ground - shift to the Peace;
bring Light all 'round, and Dark release;
see with your heart what comes to view
reflecting the Spark reflecting you."

"The Spirit, Itself, has sentience,
and if it chooses to reach in and touch you,
It shall..."
['for I am gentle and soft and caring;
I will neither harm nor chastise you,
but only befriend'].

"The Spirit is not dependent
on your belief,
or intent.
Spirit is."

Tiny flame of fire
dancing on Spirit's hand
--true fire of True Fire--
--I am because I am--
Pale violet blue
joyful, playful flame...
on this Very Day,
the Spirit gives Thy Name.

Not a Human name,
not a Terran name,
not a Wyrdyn name, or Fey --
but a Spirit name
of my Spirit flame:
the same - not the same - a new Way.

"You have spiraled in on many levels,
in many ways, in many dimensions.
It has been a glorious Journey.
Now it is Time to begin the Journey out.
Consider this. Consider it well.
Consider only the Path before you, directly.
Be here. Be now. Center and ground.
Release. Breathe. Visualize Peace.
Smile. You're safe. This is going to be fun!"

Pilgrim, I watch the ways you seek,
the paths you choose to roam;
there's not a Word that I could speak
you'd hear beyond your own.
Tis only when you ask for Light
that I can give you Mine;
but you have chosen your own night
that I can't re-design.
Look farther than the present road
to see what yet can be;
beyond your fear's strong undertow
that keeps you lost to Me.
The time will come when you'll believe
and in belief, become;
and I shall wait expectantly
til all your searching's done.

Though your talent for discernment
be refined and deepened and empassioned,
yet if your cosmology is limited -
as is innately human -
then so will be the discernment.
Expand, therefore, your cosmological understanding
by entering frequently that "Place"
where the Peace-that-has-no-opposite exists
as the very air you breathe,
and the Love-that-has-no-opposite
is all you really are -
at the very molecular [yea, quantum..]
level of your Being.
Bring discernment into this Beingness,
and Joy will light your Fire -
and you will truly be alive -
All in you and you in All.

Love is never withheld
but that it reflect
your own fear.

Heaven is not a "separate"
place or time or dimension;
I am Heaven...
and you have journeyed
into my Soul.

Spirit speaks:
"I command you not to withhold Love from anyone."

The Original Sin is engaging in the Apple of knowledge - not Knowing, which is of the Spirit - but knowledge, which is of the mind. Giving the mind's beliefs or perceptions priority over the heart's Truth, we are easily deceived - or turned from - Spirit's reality. And in this line of thinking, we are easily deceived concerning the Garden of Eden. We believe that we are punished for prioritizing knowledge over Knowing, for succumbing to temptation, for disobedience. But that is the Lie. We believe that we are banished from the Garden. That also is a Lie. Spirit does not punish, ever, but loves - as is - unconditionally. To believe otherwise is to perceive Spirit from knowledge, not Knowing. We still exist in the Garden - even now, even here - and Spirit is with us, and all abundance is for us to choose - and all love is for us to choose; and this perception is for us to choose. We are still - here and now - within the Garden - surrounded within and without by the Love of Spirit. No matter who or what we are - no matter where we go or when - we stand in the Garden, by our choice of making our Knowing a higher priority than our knowledge - by not believing the mind's Lie or the Lie spoken that our minds believed.

God loves us all - as is; Can we love every living being - as is; Can we love ourselves - as is?

God does not love me more than ANYONE else, nor does He love me less.

The Message of Oneness