Our Secret Garden

I could breathe,
and not know breath;
I could die,
and not know death;
I could cry,
and not know grief;
but could I love,
and not know thee?

Though I hold you in Stillness,
yet the Dance moves us on;
til our hearts become woven,
and our Love grows beyond;
til our thoughts lose all meaning
in the depths of our Soul;
and the sum of our Being
surpasses the Whole.

To my Beloved
I reach out to you –
and find myself within:
Your heart in mine
all over again;
I walk off the edge
and into your hand:
Our love enjoined
like sea to sand;
I light a candle
as you do the same:
We burn as one
in a sacred flame;
I am your echo –
though once removed –
You are my image –
a distant truth –
Love binds us purely,
so blessedly spun:
Ever light, ever holy,
ever lovers, ever One.

I cannot touch, but touch so deep
That all my breath is drawn from me;
Softly, silken, gentle lover –
Kisses reaching like no other –
The touch of you has set me free.
I cannot hold, but hold so near
That you and I are One right here;
Deeply gentle passioned lady –
Caresses that have truly made me
Love and trust beyond my fear.

I can sit with you beneath a tree,
Or casual, walk beside the sea;
I can talk to you of clouds and rain,
Or play in puddles…all the same;
I can dance with you in a silent place,
Or sing and pray with sacred grace;
I can be with you and nothing else,
And still feel blessed within myself.

See my spirit dance with yours,
Beyond the walls and mystic doors,
Beyond this time and past this place,
Dancing in our sacred space,
Where all the world becomes unknown
And we are left to be alone…
See my spirit dance with yours,
Upon a green and distant shore.

Pathway to my heart
Is nothing more than this:
Trusting in the truth
Discovered in your kiss.

The depth of your love
Has no measure or end…
Your touch is beyond
My knowing…
The truth of your heart
All words transcend…
Your smile leaves
Me glowing.
Ocean calls
Osprey listens
Granite cliffs reply…
Otter waves
Porpoise welcomes
…and all for you and I.

Time can hesitate
Out of hand,
Waiting for us
To make our Stand…
A place is prepared,
Is what He said,
Along the pathway
Just ahead;
Not like we think
Or understand,
But still it waits
Like a promised land;
And we shall go
In the rightness of time
…courage not fear,
heart not mind.

This weave of love between us
Is like a Celtic knot –
Flowing in upon itself
And by the Spirit wrought –
Holding in its center
A harmony so true
That naught but Light can enter
This weave of me and you.

This journey to you
Which leads to me,
Like opposite ends
Of a tapestry,
Has been more true
Than all I’ve known –
I can be me
And not be alone;
Your touch lives within
My blood and my mind –
Your smile lives within
My heart and my rhyme.

How do I speak
from my heart
That you could
know its voice?
How do I speak
from my heart
To share, and so,

The key
In me
In you
The door
We walk
On through.

I have to write,
To let words flow
To bring to light
What my heart knows

Write the visions
As they come,
As the river flows;
My heart must speak
In pictures,
And I must write
In prose.

The river flows
Churning intent
Among the stones,
As my heart knows
With longing,
Tis not content
To be alone.

I can be myself
And yet of you
I can be my own
And still hold true;
As fragile as a bubble
Upon the summer wind –
I can stand without
And still let you within.

What is this
But truth
That touches so deep?
Who are you
But truth
That opens my Keep?

Tis truth
And nothing more
That opens up
My inner door.

When I look into my heart,
I see a river rushing
Full out
As if from the winter run-off
Down from the mountain,
The banks filled with greenness
And bits of winter’s cast-offs
Caught against boulders
And out-flung branches
And one tree cast down
In its death to cover half the river
In its head-long quest for the sea
But never thinking of the sea
Just being itself in the moment
And full of life
Feeling the pulse of the Earth
Beneath its soul-filled feet.

How can I even speak of thee?
How can I even write?
And yet how can I not feel free
Or love thy priceless Light?
Tis not in me to lose my skill,
To toss my mask aside –
Yet even as I try to run,
I’m holding you inside.

Sometimes afraid to just let go
And let the river run;
Sometimes afraid to really know
Who I have become.

I carved your initials on my heart
Like a petroglyph of old,
And breathed upon the fiery brand
That it should ever glow.

Deep and deeper
Now it seems
Past prophecy
And endless dreams
Into the heart
And to its core,
I find your spark
At my own door.

I do not wish to understand;
It is enough to feel –
I do not wish to just withstand;
I’m choosing now to heal.
Tis calm that stretches
From your hands
Like sunrise on the sea;
And I am warmed from
Distant shores
Into the depths of me.

If this be love
That I can feel,
Then you and I
Must both be real.

No more adrift
Upon an alien sea,
I touch your shore
And find myself in thee.

Where can I go
And not find you,
Though not in fear or death?
Within my dreams
And every thought,
And now, within my breath.

Tis beyond my thinking
And I shan’t try –
You’ve touched my heart is all;
And I shall follow
My own advice
And answer my heart’s own call.

Though words don’t flow as easy
And though in time they might,
I’m happy just to love you
And heal within your Light.

I can dance, but cannot sing;
I cannot feel what love can bring,
And yet the Shift is turning west
And I am changed by your request.

How much
How deep
How wonderful
How awesome is thy Touch;
Tis naught
Could ever do as much.

Although my thoughts
Are filled with you –
It’s more what fills my heart;
And if I just
Accept the truth,
I know that’s where thou art.

Soft your breath
‘cross the embers of my soul,
bringing warmth
to neverending cold;
bringing flame
to what I thought was dead;
bringing life --
and all from one soft breath.

Let the music flow
Beyond your thoughts,
Beyond control…
Let the music flow.

Tis my journey brought me here
To learn to trust and not to fear
To give release to my control
To give new wings to my own soul.

Into my depths
Your weave is spun
Uniquely yours
And yet as one;
The threads entwined –
A matrix made –
Of amethyst
And Elven jade.

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