Gently easing into pleasing
Into your sweetness and choicest seasoning
moistness wrapped around moistness
unraveling the cloistered weave
of your precious tapestry
caressing and blessing
my fate and your face
tracing your smile
all the while
tasting your skin
without and within
kisses without breath or breaking
kisses to the depth
of aching passion
crashing into your inner reaches
like surf on thirsty beaches
slowly slowly
tongue drawing knowingly
along the curves
of your body
hot toddy in
quiet rivulets of love
trailing from lip to lip
slow and yet quick enough
to sip each yearning breast
on the fiery quest to
ascend the burning tip
of your Everest
stroking the velvet tulip
in your secret garden
where the buds harden
and burst into bloom
smoothing the creases
soft tongue seeks and pleases
wet silky breezes
deep love releases…
“oh, jesus”
Flying, crying,
so high it’s a crime and
Time and time and time beyond
On and on and far far gone
Two women sighing into dawn
Now just one in this sacred bond.