Long distance reiki

Reiki Distance Healing II: my perception

I laid down upon my bed, with light covers and my cat sleeping at my feet. I took many deep and proper breaths to ease myself into comfort. I could feel your energy easily this time. I felt relaxation, almost numbness come – first to my left side and then to my right.
I knew there was work to be done on the third eye area, and relaxed to allow myself to feel what was taking place. After much seeming “work” there, I began to feel like a little kid with a scrape gone unattended… having to get it gently washed out… all the debris and pebbles and dirt and whatever… gently washing it all out to finally see what was there… and seeing the infection that had set in… and then having that washed out and medication put in… and a light gauze bandage over it… with the admonition: “Now don’t go rubbing it; leave it alone; yes, it will itch while it’s healing; don’t touch.”
I felt you touch the third chakra, breathing… and I tried not to cough, but determinedly worked at breathing slow and deep. It is not an easy thing. But I breathed through. Then, I felt your touch lower, but I did not react so violently this time, and worked at assisting some release through there also. Most of the time, I focused diligently on breathing slow and deep, letting what transitions and transformations were happening to do so unhindered.
At one point, I felt myself to be up at the monastery or up in those mountains anyway, and meeting with one of the monks who said he had a journey for me to go on. He sent me outside to the hut of a Sherpa, and said, “Go with him.” So I wandered over to the Sherpa, who outfitted me with warm wooly clothing, gloves, hat, boots, and a stout staff. We walked far out on a narrow mountain path for about a half hour, when he pointed to a cave off to the right, some distance ahead. He gave me a slight nudge, for me to go on without him. Then he turned and went back the way he had come.
When I arrived at the cave, the sun was up and was glaring off the entire snowfield wherever I looked. I was glad to be going inside for a while. But what a sight to behold inside! It was like walking into a geode, for the walls, floor and ceiling were one carpet of quartz crystals glittering from the sunbeams. There were rainbows, large and small, everywhere I turned, from the outside light. It was a bit dizzying for sure.
Then, I heard a Voice. “Come on in. It’s much cozier back here, and not so bright.”
So I followed a tiny path that led inward through the quartz mosaic. True enough, at a certain point, the floor gave way to solid rock, and quiet lambent light from somewhere filled the cave with a soft phosphorescent glow. And there he stood, larger than life – a Yeti. Wow!
“Welcome, Wolfchild. Come sit by the fire.”
And so, I walked over to his fire and sat on a log, opposite him.
“Are you related to Satch, sir?” I asked.
“We are what you call distant cousins. We speak once in a while. He warned me you might be around.”
“Warned you?”
“A joke, child, a joke. Although he did say that you have some unusual ways of looking at things, and unusual ways of doing things.”
“Is that why the monks are not too friendly with me?”
“They honour your energy; they just don’t understand the way it’s woven.”
“But they knew enough to send you over here.”
“Tea’s ready. Want some?”
“Three cups?”
“Ah, yes, your friend will be joining us soon. And I hear she just loves tea.”
And so, the three of us spent the afternoon, sipping tea, and having fascinating conversations. At a certain point, you asked to be excused to return to the monks. We hugged and kissed cheeks, and then you were off, racing across the snow like you were made for it… waterchild.
Later, the Yeti looked at me, and said, “It is time, also, for you to go; finish your healing; be well. But, before you leave, a Gift… for visiting.” And he held out his huge hand. In the middle of his palm sat what looked like a diamond. “No; not diamond. Made from stone in here. This is a Light quartz. Made directly from this cave, which is made from the True Light and manifested like this. The stone will enhance any intention you speak which comes from the heart. For any other work, it is only a pretty stone. It is yours. Tuck it in your pocket, and go now. We will visit again at a later time.”
And I was back on my bed focused on breathing slow and deep. Right at the end of the healing, I felt like I had been wrapped in a fleecy warm blanket, closing my eyes and thinking to go deep asleep. But the time said I needed to check in with you first, and so I did.
At some point towards the end, we were both walking on butterflies, but the butterflies formed a rainbow… so it was a rainbow of butterflies… and it arched over the top of the Veil, and so we followed. All through your Reiki healing, I listened to your song. It was everywhere, surrounding me, inside and out, following me – following us – as we traversed this most wondrous of experiences.
For the rest of the night, I watched aftershocks of healing rumble and resettle in various parts of my body. My head cold was relieved (and remains much better, thank you). And I had a nasty ache at the back of my skull, around the occipital lobe. The eyes, of course. But it has dissipated. The aftershocks are still occurring, but are curious things and do not bother me. I feel more centered, grounded, balanced, and ‘me’.
I bow to you, a healing master in your own right. I am honoured to lie beneath your hands. Namaste.

Reiki II:your perception

19th Nov 04. Reki session. 6.50am GMT

1st position: Shafts of light erupt from your 3rd eye, and the mud clears, but much healing is needed for the eye underneath. I see cataracts. I draw the 3rd symbol over it and move on.
2nd position: Still you wriggle, restless. I lie beside you and place one hand on your chest, hushing gently.
3rd position: You curl up, and I curl up behind, holding you. I must stay with this, stay with you. Your tears flow.
4th position: I arrive at the lodge, and before the fire again, you lie and I begin to massage the scars on your back. Tears flow, and again, you curl up and I hold you.
5th position: I ask after Roxanne, and there she is, sitting curled on herself. Six approaches gravely with a single daisy. You would take hours of this healing from me now.
Throat: I find you on the porch of the Elfhome, in the rocker. "You have to come back, love. You have to stay with this." You nod.
Chest: You struggle under my touch, struggling to stay, to stay as one and be. here. now. By now we are both in tears.
Belly: Your 3rd eye, and the symbol upon it, begin to burn. I blow cold wind across your forehead.
Left shoulder: I watch as shadows of many things and times flicker across your face.
Left hand: You honour me.
Right shoulder: I hum and sing gently, and the Fae gather, to join you in your space.
Right hand: As they settle around you, you begin slowly to settle too.
Right knee: You are lying on the top of Maiden Castle, watching the clouds pass overhead. I lie beside you, propped on one elbow. "So," you ask, "what happened here?"
Left knee: You stretch and feel the bones of the Earth below you. Sun warms us from above. "See, old wounds do heal," I say.
Feet: I hold your feet and 3rd eye at once. You laugh and we hug close. Six holds out a single red poppy to Roxanne. I stay here a while, then paint the 3rd symbol over your 3rd eye again, in rainbow light this time, before holding your feet alone for a moment.
I wait for you to return.

session 3