Long distance reiki: 3rd session

Reiki III


Devlyn's perspective

I lay down upon my bed, breathing slow and deeply for several minutes. The first position is on the face, over the eyes, and I relaxed into that until I could feel the energy, for my request was also for healing of my eyes. What I ‘saw’ was the dismantling of a square-stone block wall in front of my right eye. As it was being dismantled and the stones set aside, it was as if brilliant daylight was blazing in. It was very bright light pouring in. I watched as this continued for a while. Then, with the left eye, it was as if my head were being tilted to the left, to initiate a draining of the eye. I ‘watched’ as infected liquid poured out and then felt the clean pure water of healing energy wash and cleanse the eye.

As I gradually relaxed more into the healing, I watched as a spiral of green emerald fire energy began from a point of Spirit above the crown chakra, and slowly spiral down around my head, slowly descending, spiraling about my body. I called this energy the Genesis Effect (from Star Trek movie 3, I think) because what I saw happening was that in the green fire spiral, all was being burnt to complete destruction, and then following in the Path of the Green Fire, new life growing – like trees, grasses, flowers, waterfalls, lakes, and all natural creatures – a new world being created. Fascinating!

There was one point – at a different time and place – where I watched as an area of overgrown nettles and thorn bushes – mostly brown and dead – had so entangled this area as to make it unidentifiable and uninhabitable. I watched as we worked deliberately and determinedly to extract the dead vines that seemed to stretch the length of my body – entangling chakras. As bits and pieces of this stuff accumulated, we burned it in a pile in a regular fire sense. This whole extraction process caused a very physical sensation, especially in the lower chakras.

Whenever my head would begin to ache, I would tell myself to let go my resistance. I had some problems with head aches and asthma during this particular healing and afterwards… but it could very well be the intensity and duration and the depths we spelunked… or at least, I did. I worked on quieting the panic, and letting go as much as I could, which helped most of the time.

At some point, about half-way through or so, I realized that Yeshua was present. I had known He was nearby because of the use of frankincense and myrrh as the Reiki incenses, but He felt much in the energy flow about half-way through the session, although time is pretty irrelevant in healing energy work.

Somewhere during this time is when He began conversing with me, concerning my role. He spoke of me being a Gateway, a Gatekeeper. He showed me a vision of what that would look like in my own frame of reference. He reminded me of what I had envisioned in the Mercedes Lackey’s books in the Valdemar series, where Gates were constructed using the energy in the leylines and nodes and the self’s own energy, creating a Gate that transported Beings from one place through a Gate to another Gate in another place.

(I realize now that I am writing this, that I have done this similarly just lately between my ElfHome and the Oberon’s Palace, with his permission, of course.)

So, He showed me a vision of my Self establishing an energy Gate. He called me a Light-mage. He said the Gate would integrate the energy of my Song, so that all who hear the Song will come to the Gate, if they can, and pass through, because their energy will resonate harmonically with the Gate’s energy, which is MY energy. And so I asked about those who weren’t drawn, who would be left behind – very upset at the thought of those whom I loved maybe being left behind. And He said that if a person were not ready or prepared or whose energy didn’t resonate properly, it could harm them irreparably or kill them or cause the Gate to actually implode upon itself, not only destroying me, but also the opportunity of passage to this other world to others who WERE Called. So, I was quiet then. He suggested I re-read the books to better acquaint myself with a rough idea of how it was done (building a Gate) so that I would be ready to apprentice in that Work on the Pilgrimage leylines of Michael and Mary.

Afterwards, I felt the calming, tingling sensation of energy being balanced in my whole body – probably originating in the soles of my feet. And then, a disengagement, as the healing was completed and energy released. I had many dreams later – one of which included an escape from a detainment camp in a hot-air balloon (or something similar), and so escaping to a higher level – with someone else in the basket with me.

My neck is still aching, as if out of joint, causing a lingering head ache even now… but maybe I just need some fresh air, away and out of this house.

Reiki III- Theo's perspective

Well I can see your transition. It was kind of strange - you have a new strength there, and light of all kinds is running through you and remaking you. It's your right eye, no doubt about that. Mine hurt terribly at the beginning of the session, and by the end was itching gently. You're doing some powerful healing there. My visions of you were fleeting this time, partly because it took me a little while to get used to the change in energies. I've not had healing contact with someone so energetically strong in their own right; so fully in the midst of her own self-healing before. It took time and focus to surrender to such a strong pull. I remember...I remember watching you pack and braiding your hair...I remember you drinking from the cup in my hands, and your eyes burning into mine...I remember hearing my own song...I remember watching you set off down the road, and knowing I would see you at the end of it...You are calmer in the lower chakras, by force of will if nothing else. Your right shoulder is a little stiff.

You take what I give now and run with it, child. All I can do is hold on for the ride and report what glimpses of the land I see as we pass. More than ever you are coming into power, and it is an awesome process to watch. As ever, you honour me.