Journal 7

I am laying on my bed, which I have discovered lies directly over a node of incredible magical energy. As I lay still, very still, I let go my hold on thoughts and constructs, and find myself falling into the midst of the node. It is like falling into a vast bluish-white star or sphere or tunnel of energy. No boundaries, no physical dimensions - just endless boundless energy - and I am in its midst. Falling.
Suddenly, I come to an abrupt stop. I have hit a wooden floor. Or deck, to be precise. As I get my breath back, I shakily stand up and look around. I am on a great ship - a Brigantine, by the look of it... with its massive sails full and pulsing in the wind. A closer look, and I realize we are not on any ocean, but rather in some astral arena with glorious visions of galaxies in every direction. But I see no crew.
"You don't need one," I hear a voice say.
"Who are you?" I ask.
"Ah, well, this Brigantine, as you call her, has sentience. It is whom you hear."
"The ship?" I think to myself.
"Yes; it is true."
"Why do I have sentience, or why are you here?"
"Either will do."
"I have sentience because Spirit manifests Itself within me. You are here, well, to journey... to learn."
"Would you like to take the helm?"
"Yes; yes, I would."
After a while I remark, "It is so incredibly beautiful out here. And still. And quiet. So very, very quiet."
"Do you miss the ocean and its conversation?"
"It is not about comparisons. The scenarios are different. I will enjoy the here-and-now of this."
"There ARE whisperings here, too, you know."
"Really?? I mean, I would guess there would be something. But I think I'd have to be very very still and Listen."
And so, I just listen, for the longest time.
"The currents are different here, but - yes - I can feel them, sense them, hear them. Tiny murmurings that gather along the masts and fill the sails. And bits of sparklies, like minute shimmering sentient barnacles, seem to coat the railings, lines, and sides of the ship."
"Can you see the approaching storm?"
"Ah, would that be that cloud cluster to the port... kind of a shape-shifting nebula that seeks to cross our Path?"
"Yes, that would be the one. Care to engage?"
"No; no thanks. Not yet. I really need to get a better feel for this, first."
"Then, roll the helm over to starboard and let's catch that solar wind heading this way. What is that catchy little phrase you have on Terra? Ah, yes... 'second star on the left and straight ahead until morning...' or something like that. Good enough. Let's go and see what really IS there!"
"Sure; why not? And I like the phrase, 'I give to you the gift of freedom from which flows all others.' So, let's you, my friend, and I enjoy this freedom for as long as it lasts. Engage!"
And off we headed towards a small blue star, forward and a bit to port, with sails bulging with solar wind power.

I sail the seas
of galaxies
with the wind of Spirit
in my sails.
Who cares how far
to the nearest star?
Right now, right here,
Love prevails.

A Wizard Friend