The Healing Room

Hold me forever.
("I'm holding you, Child.")
I'm scared. And I'm cold.
("And I'm here.")
Lead me to safety.
("Keep hold of my hand.")
I'm lost in this Darkness.
("No fear.")

Silence no longer-
the Spell is undone:
the Darkness is vanquished
and Healing begun.

"Healing is not
somewhere we are going,
but a discovery
of where we already are."

Empty your pockets and your hands;
leave all your baggage here--
Step to the Circle in the Sand:
the Gate shall soon appear.

"You were taught beliefs about yourself:
now is the time to question
those that interfere with your growth,
your self-respect, your loving, and your fun.
They were wrong."

Now as you move to Higher Ground,
and heal yourself with Sacred Sound,
see all that held you fast in fear
become as dust, and disappear.

Soft as the touch
of wind upon the grass,
the counsel of
your listening
awakens me
from dreams,
and screams,
and broken glass.

A Message of Love
Healing Journeys
"Never walk alone"
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