Prophetic Vision of MPD Breakthrough

The enemy surrounds the camp
wherein dwells the Earthmother
near the time of her birthing;
her warriors and guards
cannot long keep them out -
there are too many of them.
Already I can hear them
breaking through the lines,
rushing fiercely and murderously
towards her tent -
but I cannot let them kill her
or all will be lost -
and so I weave a spell
that surrounds us
within an illusion of a great boulder -
a glacial monolith, not uncommon
on the Steppes -
and so all they see is a rock
though they search other tents,
killing all,
and grumbling in consternation.
They know she was here -
but they finally ride away
searching for other clues.
I know we cannot stay much longer
-- they will return --
their shaman will know that
we must be here,
albeit hidden from view.
Her contractions indicate
the child comes due.
She stifles her scream and her pain
as much as she can.
And I deliver the child into my hand.
Within the hour,
Elder Reindeer is at the door, calling:
"My tribe is here to escort you to safety -
but we must go north right now."

Storm Warnings