So I asked the Unicorn,
"For what purpose
should I find myself
and be myself,
and allow expressions of myself
to be real?"
And she answered,
"For the fun of it."
She sparkled;
and quietly added:
"And because it behooves us
to find and be ourselves
so the Spirit-of-One
can manifest Itself
in yet one more way,
in yet one more place."

Ho! Kar't'a'jan:
Rider of the Myst
and misty Veils
A Guide to lead me Home,
to give me sanction,
To open up the Gate
of the Sacred Ark...
I honor your Presence and your Call;
I honor your patient Wait and gentle Heart...
Honor and well-met, Kar't'a'jan
You are ever welcome Here.

First Light created
Cocoon of Rainbow tears
I ask you to appear.

I come, though I have never left
I hold what can't exist
I join what never was asunder
and ride the Silver Mist.

The tiny Stone People stand guardian
about the Wise One's crypt,
watching the Essence wrapped 'round Itself
await the young Adept;
high up in Grandfather's rocky fist,
touched briefly by star and sun,
the Ancient Power attunes Itself
and prepares for you to come;
so, understand the Copper's spell
and the runes that guard Its soul:
All must return as it had been
to make the Power whole;
reweave the broken strands of Light
... awake what has been borne ...
remeld the Sword into the Stone,
and ride the Unicorn.

Finding the Inner Child