CoreChild Discovery

Shamanic Journey: 2-24-2001

I journeyed to the Upperworld to get some Higher Spiritual advice concerning myself. I went to my mystic place, sitting on a boulder, on the edge of the Mogollon Rim, looking out on verdant expanse south to the horizon.
Suddenly, a sparkly golden ladder dropped down in front of me, and I knew it was mine to climb. As I reached the top rung, I stepped up through what was a pool of water in a cavern. That seemed pretty confusing to me, as I was expecting something more - oh, I don't know - light and airy and "Upperworld-ish". I saw a woman dressed in white robes sitting nearby in the cavern. I asked her, "Are you my teacher?" There was no particular reply, as if - for her - that wasn't the question she answered. She continued writing in the book she had on her lap, as if not really hearing or seeing me. So I walked on to the light I could see coming from the mouth of the cavern.
I saw a meadow and stepped out into it. A Unicorn came over. "Are you my Teacher?" I asked. "If you want..." was the enigmatic reply. So I responded, "Yes, ok." The Unicorn then let me on his/her back (There was no sense of gender...just great spiritual power). We flew around for a while overlooking my current ordinary landscape where I live. I saw visions of my college and diploma and other material things. Unicorn said, "These are the things you think you need. This is what you really need."
The Unicorn landed back into the meadow and walked over to where it bordered onto a forest. It started digging up something. A child. Covered with dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris. "She's dead," I said. "No; not yet; not quite. Give her resuscitation." So I did. And she was a little more alive. Unicorn said, "You buried the child long ago. It's time to bring her back into yourself. You've held this void inside you, trying to fill it through many different relationships and material stuff. Let's go to the hot springs, get her warm and washed, and work on the two of you joining together, becoming one."
So the Child and I got into the springs, as I worked on opening up and letting her snuggle in. I tried to get our breaths to match, our heartbeats to match, while trying to "feel" those sensations.
Then it was time to come back.
The Child is still with me.

Unicorn girl