Michael's Tree

Archangel Michael
With patience borne of hope and more,
you stand beside the Sacred Door
:Guardian of Earthmother’s Mystic Wyrd:
and wait for me to bravely step
within the Door, as an Adept,
uncluttered and unfettered by my fear.

Knight in shining armor
upon a Lightning steed,
St. Michael swings his fiery sword...
Oh, what a Vision, he!

Conversation with Michael
We sat down underneath his Tree, and he said:
"And then you learn that there is no in-between. Anywhere.
The song shifts into a different tempo, texture, taste… but it doesn’t stop. Ever.
Quit thinking in separate and distinct polarities, dualities, and ideas of separateness.
That is the lie. Life is a neverending story and song.
The space between words and notes is just an inhalation, a spiritual bridge,
some color not on your human spectrum… it is not “nothing”.
It is alive… holding in that space the entirety of Spirit,
and well beyond your comprehension of that Beingness.
There is no in-between.....................
From one purr until the next purr, the cat still lives and naps
nonchalantly in the sunshine waiting for you to wake up.”

Shamaness of Wyrd