Christian Satanic Ritual Abuse

The Stone Altar


I remember now the altar, the stone, and it wasn’t the stone’s fault. I could see it sigh, and cry tears that no one else there could see. It tried really hard to ease the pain and passage of the child lain upon it. It couldn’t do anything to help. It couldn’t hide the child. It couldn’t protect the child; even though it wrapped its stony energy around the child, it couldn’t stop the terrible minds and hands that held such perverted thoughts, that even the stone had to close its eyes and shield its heart, and tried to do the same for the child. But the sadness it felt pervaded its grainy crystalline spirit, and it couldn’t help but wish itself anywhere else – like down by the ocean or under a glacier or inside Mauna Loa or… well, yeah, in a volcano where it could melt itself back into the Mother Earth, and release the pain and such that sought to splinter its very soul into little pebbles. But, no, it thought, ‘I am here to help the child onto the Light, and I will do what Spirit has asked’. And the stone reached out its hand to the child, as the knife fell.

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