My intent was to journey to the Lower World/ Deep World/ Underworld/ Ancestors' Land. I asked for a Guide to there. Badger said her tunnels didn't go there. So I asked for my Spirit Mentor, Satch, who opens me to experiences beyond my Knowing, although not beyond my capability to integrate...mostly.
So I went walking with Satch, and then, suddenly, he walks through a kind of energy field. Although I can see the forest through it, as if transparent, the energy membrane is palpable to my senses. I have a knowing that the forest is not truly on the other side, but something else. I am very hesitant -- not because I'm concerned about the Underworld -- but because I know it's more/ not/ different/ way beyond, any of my concepts of what might be associated with the Underworld. Satch reaches his hand back through for me to hold, so as to "feed" me energy: peace, confidence, trust. As I take his hand, I step through.
Okay...this is different...
Before I go far, Satch stops me and has me look back to where we came from. What I see is like a Sphere of my Knowing: very Terran, very carbon/ chlorophyll/ silicon based Knowing -- very time/space oriented Knowing. I could see the different Worlds: Upper, Lower, Middle -- past, future, present -- like having Shamanic Knowing all held within that one Sphere.
And, if that is so... where am I?
Satch talks to me, like, telepathically. Always has. With him, it's like doing shamanic things from the base of our shamanic step beyond where most people I know begin and end... He says, "You already know all this that you were seeking. You already know how to interact -- intercommunicate -- all Realms, places, times. Ancestors, Guides, Guardians -- they have helped you come to know yourself and your Sphere of Truth. Now it's time to move on. Do not move around this Place, yet. Listen, watch, absorb the Knowing of this Place. Listen to the myriad sentient entities here. Your mind will seek to understand by comparing them to what you know, but you will find that there's not much that will least when you try to communicate this experience. Here, sit and listen..."
He gestured to something that looked like a rainbow mushroom footstool.
I have to say that everything in this Place was very different. The colors were all pastel rainbow sno-cone colors. The ambient Light was bright -- very bright. But not to them -- the sentient people of this Space. My feel of their thoughts/feelings was that this was "normal" for the "time of day"... if that has any relevance here. The Place had a feel of constantly evolving dynamics -- being able to actually SEE things forming, growing, manifesting or whatever verb comes close to that... it felt more like shape-shifting, but within certain parameters. The texture of things was like crystalline dust bound in a thin flexible membrane. Again, all of this is in terms that I know, and don't truly reflect the Truth-reality of this Place.
Actually, the Place isn't like a sno-cone pastel rainbow thing, exactly, because every surface is more like iridescent transparency. Hard to understand. Harder to translate into common terms.
Anyway, Spirit "speaks" to me, here: "You're not really present, here."
"Because I don't FEEL the connection?"
"Well, I'm not really like them/ this."
"Really? All Creation is created by the Creator. All Creation has that "Godspark", as you call it. Don't think to find "heart" to connect to here, because you think too literally, too physically, too linearly. Find, instead, the "Godspark" or "Spirit-spark" within them, as with you. See?"

And it was like suddenly, a wave of Spirit/Love/Knowing washed over me like a huge wave -- very gentle in its washing, but completely drenching me to the very core of my soul.
And suddenly, all of "this/ them" became ALIVE to me.
I was present.
My thought took form and I shape-shifted into a wondrous type of butterfly-manta ray type creature that floated/flew/swam through this "air/water/texture". See, none of the terms fit. No nouns, verbs, adjectives. There is no reference -- no "something" to compare it to because my Terran reality (including Fey, Star, Mystic Earth World journeys) never included "this Place/ these People". Like previously I had been exploring within a familiar galaxy, and this/them was a million million galaxies away... or maybe way beyond even defining "galaxy"... maybe that limits, too. Everytime I try to relate, to share, to put it in understandable terms, I end up using terms that by their very definitions misrepresent where/when I journeyed.
I became the butterfly-manta ray, trying very hard not to use concepts that would limit my learning, but try to be open to the experience.
It is like experiencing every bit of the this/them dimension at once... to be every"thing" at conce -- to not be separate from the Ray/breathing/"air" and environment. It was being One at an incredibly deep level -- most of which I still don't have at conscious awareness. As I'm able to absorb and connect to my conscious, I will, I'm sure.
To be THAT connected, made it not only impossible to do or think harm of any sort, but more so, made it a "null" thought... it didn't exist in any form in me, here. Not "harm"; not it's opposite... This Place was a place of BEING, and in this BEING, everything was exactly the WAY it belonged to be.
How awesome is that!