Bamboo Prophecy


Katzina Spirits moving
But where?
Gathering at a different place,
A different space,
On these Mesas?
No – that didn’t seem right
Not here, not tonight
No – the Energy was raising
Lifting, in a higher sense
Of climbing
The Bamboo shoot
From one World to the next.
Are they climbing, then,
These Katzina Spirits?
Are they climbing and
Preparing for Fifth World
For those of us
Who choose to climb
After them?

A Bamboo shoot
Grows now in the Kiva
In the Sipapu
Growing from no seed
But Katzina Spirit…
Growing upward
Straight and strong
Singing, Calling,
With its Song
Growing, growing upward…
Katzinas climbing
Up the Bamboo shoot
Climbing, climbing
Up through the Kiva roof,
Up through the Sky…
Katzina voices Calling,
Calling in the Wind,
‘Come, climb the Bamboo shoot!
Come, climb upward,
Upward through the Sky…
Come, climb!’ they Call,
But who will listen,
Who will go and climb
To Fifth-World’s land
Upon the Bamboo shoot?

I sit before the Bamboo shoot
In the darkened Kiva;
I sit before the Bamboo shoot
Growing up through the Sipapu.

“What do you want?” I ask.
“Why have you called me here?”
But in the darkened Kiva,
All is quiet as a Bamboo shoot.

Green and strong, with tiny leaves,
It stretches its stalk and consciousness,
It stretches itself to reach me,
It stretches and touches my mind.

“I am not what you see, and yet,
I am all that you see,” it said,
And left me pondering its meaning
And the mythic ripple of its Being.

“Katzina planted me here to grow;
the Time of Purification nears,
and so, the Time of Moving on,
the Time to Climb to the Fifth World calls.

And here I am – the Key and Lock –
The Ship and Anchor, Jacob’s Ladder –
Here I am to those who can see me,
And to those who can see me,
I say, ‘Climb!’…”