A Wizard Friend

Outside of school today, I met an Outworlder who is attending the Wizardry School through Merlin’s tutelage. We were speaking about Stonehenge, and I was sharing the Magick of Stonehenge with him. I was explaining how, when I stand in the middle of the Henge, that all the spaces in between the pillars become Gateways. I shared the visions of a few of the Gateways that I had known, and he was quite amazed by it all… not unbelieving… oh,no…. just amazed by the truth of it. I explained that if he stood in the middle of the Henge, he would experience the Gateways, too.

And then, I said, “Like if you were in Here (and I drew the Henge pillars in the dirt with my foot encircling me), you would see the visions manifest before your very eyes.”

And, suddenly, in front of MY eyes, a Gateway opened that I had never seen before, and I knew it was for him. I told him about it. I explained about the land that existed beyond the pillar… that was obviously for him. It was a light green grassy land that rose a bit abruptly into a rocky outcropping, although the green grass seemed to grow almost all the way up. The green was a springtime green, although the “feel” of it was that this was its natural full summer-season green. Fascinating! He thought so, too.

Then we went on to sharing some of the other “lessons” from wizardry school that I have been attempting to replicate in this dimension as well. We had a great afternoon chat.

A Strange Journey