Journal 3

So it was that I acquired a room -- a bit large for a bedroom but it allowed for a desk, a big overstuffed chair, bookcases and a cat. It also had a window... the kind that resonated with my needs, desires and intent, and so produced that environment I desired to look at. Now, understand, this was not a picture -- interactive or otherwise -- but a reality. The truth was not only visible but tangible...if there were a boulder upon a cliff overlooking a vast expanse of land, then I could climb out my window and sit on the boulder. Anyone else entering my room would not see me because I would be outside the window. Still and all, no one would be coming into my room, except my direct advisor or Satch or Merlin, and they would just call out to let me know they were there and wished to speak with me. They respected my privacy. Very nice!...
After a while, I came inside my room and pondered a few things -- about how natural all this felt -- about how it differed from the mundane world. Things seemed more permanent in the mundane world. In this wizard world, the shifting of focus and perception and experience paralleled my intent (which is why that 'pureness' was so important). But in the mundane world, it didn't seem to shift like that. I mean I can understand how individually biased perception is, and that in a way there was shifting, but in a more concrete sense -- very much connected to the logistics of the mundane world -- somehow attached to its natural, physical, experiential laws -- that which defines its domain -- and as I am in it, perhaps I am unable to have an awareness of the shifting -- or maybe it speaks to a different understanding in me. The more I know, the less I know -- but at least I understand that philosophy.
A knocking at the edge of my awareness: a Touch of Merlin to access permission to come in. And then, he was in my room. He drew a stool from somewhere else (not in my room) and sat upon it.
"So, how do you like this?" he asked. I answered that I was enjoying it a lot. I enjoyed being comfortable, being in harmony, pondering, learning, being part of this. Then he asked me about the thoughts I was having about the difference between shifts in the mundane world as opposed to this wizards' world. I told him I was having difficulty in deciphering that puzzle.
He asked, "Are you aware of what's happening here, in this place, in the shifting realities?" I said I was aware that my realities shifted as my intent and desire shifted -- that I drew to myself places and experiences that were in my mind. So, yes, I was aware of the shifting.
"Are you aware of these in the mundane world?" he queried further. "It doesn't seem that way..."I answered, puzzled about this. Merlin looked at me and said, "Why not?" and stepped himself out an invisible door in the middle of my room. He took the stool as well, and I expect it came from the lecture hall -- the familiarity of it resonated like that. I looked at the cat, who stared back at me as if I were a little slow-witted and in need of his guardianship. "Hush", I said out loud to him -- although, of course, I didn't need to. He heard perfectly well my thoughts, and even better the pictures I sent his way.
The changing of realities, the manifesting of desire, the drawing of circumstance seemed to work so slow in the mundane if time were incredibly if everything within this domain worked in a different manner, at a different pace, with a completely different intent in mind. And I thought perhaps I was projecting expectations onto this domain that were not part of it. It wasn't that it wasn't happening. It was that it was happening in a different sense. I was trying to apply "ocean-sense" to "pear-sense", in trying to apply knowledge from the wizard world to the mundane world. I was not taking into consideration nor respecting the validity and worth of the mundane domain. I was projecting my own expectations onto it, without being in accord with it. When I acquired the pear, I was in harmony with the orchard, air, ground, tree and pear itself. It only appeared that I had plucked it from thin air. I had actually journeyed into its realm, interacted with permission, and then left. Somehow, I am not doing this in the mundane world. More to ponder, I see, and no more time for curious excursions to exotic places. Somehow, this particular understanding was incredibly important for me to get processed into my awareness.
So, then, I need to become an active listener in the mundane world. Take my self out of the equation, in the sense of not being ego-entangled... somehow not believing I could change it, re-structure it -- as if it weren't already perfect -- as if I had some inherent right -- as if it were all about me. Duh... ego-wrapped or ego-warped... got to watch that. Okay. So. Sit back. Listen. I can do this with people. Now I needed to apply this to the entire reality of this mundane domain. If advice was sought, from any entity, I was to listen -- I was to reflect back what I heard to make sure I was hearing correctly. I was just to provide -- by my very being -- a safe place. This place wasn't about magic or wizardry, although -for sure- magic existed in some form. What I did for me was just that -- for me. But that couldn't be my focus. I needed to become acutely aware of the reality of this mundane world while being an active listener to it and all that resided in it. I needed to remain in the absolute present.

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