The Magic Flute:
A Transdimensional Experience


Yesterday, here, in this mundane World (or seemingly so), I discovered a truly magickal Gift... a Gift that transcended dimensions... that appeared to function "here" as well as in mystic Places. I sat with 5- and 6-year old Hopi Indian children, play-acting as if with a flute. I put my hands and fingers just so, mimicking their placement and making the tones that are associated with flutes. The children were mesmerized by it, as if I were truly playing a flute. They believed I was playing a flute even though it was imaginary - at least in this Realm. Then, I knew, I had discovered a musical Gift, mystical and magickal, that I could use in any dimension... but most importantly in this one, so marked by its apparent mundanity. How awesome was that!
I now know that if I focus on the flute and melody, that all else drifts away and I am completely Present. It makes my Flame sing and dance and breathe. I think I can practice holding healing Light and creating sacred Space with it... adding a stronger spiritual aspect to my Work and my Self.

A Visit to Pan