A Visit to Pan

I found myself walking in green forests of summer, the deep lush greenery of Fae and Legend Realms. I had set my intent that a Guide might come and help me with this Magic Flute I have. Soon, I heard a flute playing, and Pan came into view. I hesitated, when I saw him, as I had this perception of him as a very sexual being, and I was not ready for that kind of experience, at all.
But he eased my fear, and said: “I am not just that one aspect, nor do I wish to be judged or known for just one aspect of my Presence. I am an excellent flute player, and understand its mystical dimension as it pertains to you. I will be your Guide, if you allow.”
I thanked him, and considered his offer. I allowed myself to “feel” his energy, holistically, and beyond my own fears. I was okay with it, and replied that I would be honored to have him instruct me in the Ways of this Flute. He told me that it is THE silver flute, of magical and mystical significance. I shared with him that there were persons in both the Fae and Legend Realms that didn’t believe I should have it or use it… that somehow I had come into possession of something that was not meant for me.
He stared at me, and responded: “The Flute is not a possession; she is a Sentience. She came to you. She chose you. It does not matter what others say… what anyone says. She breathes on her own, and chooses whom she will. How presumptuous for anyone to think otherwise! Still, here you are, with the Flute, asking me for guidance and instruction. It is the Flute’s choosing as well, I see. So shall it be, then.”
We spent the morning and afternoon working with different tunes, watching the effects certain notes and melodies had on other sentient life. It seemed that the Flute could encourage growth, enable release (i.e., dying), calm the heart and mind, and assist healing. Pan also spoke of her more mystical and magical aspects, saying that Legend has it that the Flute can also build bridges to other dimensions, manifest portals, and allow for whatever the present need might be in any circumstance. He said that most of what the Flute can do remains unknown because such only manifests as the Bearer requests. Not much is really known except that the music is beautiful. He also said that the magic includes the fact that wherever I place my fingers, the note intended sings out, so I don’t have to be a musician. And, in fact, such learning really gets in the way of spontaneous response to the Spirit’s will and desire, in the interactive playing of the Flute.
“It’s a symbiosis, you know. Two sentient beings working in concert to create an energy beyond both of them… more than the sum of their aspects. This happening, this joining, also speaks of your Calling as an Invitation, for surely that is what you and the Lady Flute do, is invite the Listener to use the energy as best suits them,” he said. “I think perhaps this is enough for today. You are welcome to stay in my Place tonight, or, if you’d rather, I have arranged for a small campsite for you, down by the river.”
“I think I would prefer the campsite, if you don’t mind. And, then, I will see you in the morning, yes?” “Quite true, Lady. Well, then, let me guide you to your Place to stay while you are here.”
And, truly, it was quite beautiful, and quiet, filled with the sounds of river, breeze, and the movement and calls of the sentient creatures nearby. A sun-warmed boulder rested by the river’s edge and invited us – the Lady Flute and I - to come, sit and make music.