As I was recovering from the Quest, in the Elven Hospital, I experienced a strange Vision-Journey. I found myself mystically traveling to the Faery Underworld, to Brighid's Dwarf of the Cauldrons.
When I arrived, the Dwarf said, "You have the sign of Brighid on your forehead, and the mark of the Oberon on your palm. I have been waiting for you. Please come, and be re-born now, in this Place."
I walked over to him, and he lifted me up, as I would lift an infant. He rested me gently upon a huge oblong boulder, warm from the furnace fires. Swiftly, before I could react, he severed my head and limbs from my torso. I found myself floating above and watching his activity -- somewhat in panic, somewhat in consternation.
He spoke. "You understand apparent disintegration and fragmentation. You understand the key to keeping whole and intact. Just breathe deeply and slowly, and allow the Process to unfold."
He tossed my various body parts into different cauldrons, all hanging bubbling over enormous fires within even more enormous furnaces. Then he removed my organs, individually, and also put them in separate specific cauldrons. It was fascinating, when I worked myself away from panic, caught up in thinking in mundane terms. Then he threw the emptied torso into its cauldron.
All that now remained was a cocoon of luminous threads where my body had been. I noticed that the Spirit-myst that flows through them was sluggish, as if some "anti-myst cholesterol" was clogging all the Rivers of Light. He called his associate over, who brought a bellows, and as one began using the bellows at my Star nexus (above my crown chakra), Brighid's Dwarf started massaging each of my leylines, until the blockages were dislodged and the Spirit current flowed more freely. At a certain point, they discontinued this activity, and began to reassemble the body parts. As each piece was re-attached, the massaging and integration of the physical and spiritual realms were completed as well. At one point, when working with my head, one of them took out my eyes. Then, like I've seen done with raw eggs, he pricked a hole in each side of the eyeball and blew his Breath through it. I literally felt it, and it shook me... as I had been mostly disconnected from this whole scenario up til that point. And apparently, the left eye cleared much better than the right. (Maybe this is why I don't need glasses in Faery Realms and others.)
Soon, I was completely re-integrated and I re-entered my body. It was difficult breathing in the newness, and it took several hours in resting and napping before I could release and breathe deeply in the integration of my new Self.
Before I left the Dwarf, he looked at me and said, "You are re-newed, and have a new Name to reflect your Convergence. You are now "Firefly". This is to reflect your luminosity, carrying Spirit-Light freely wherever you go. You have no more cocoon. You need only flying lessons, and such work as to understand your luminosity and self-revelation. Good fortune on your Quest, Firefly."
And I found myself back in my comfy Elven Hospital bed.