As I was napping, trying to rest and re-align myself, strange were the visions I experienced.

The first was of a cartoon character: cap, shirt, baggy pants, sneakers, nondescript, nongender somewhat... kind of tomboy-ish, I guess. This character was walking non-chalantly along, when some type of unknown danger came to her attention. At that point, she took her left hand, pulled an opening "out of thin air" (as if out of the page she was drawn upon, in a sense), stepped into the opening, and out of that "scene" and the danger it held - walking onto a new Path. There was a sense of being "told" not to get so caught up in the concept of webs, threads, fibers, etc., and just "be" and "do", according to who I am - without using Cognition.

The second vision again shows this character, which now appeared a bit more three-dimensional. She was down in a cellar or basement, which was flooded/flooding with water. The water itself was stagnant, fetid, toxic... and held dangerous denizens of some unseen and undescribable sort. I went to the stairs, climbed out of the cellar and through the door. I shut the door, and then began folding the entire scene up, like it was origami or something. I folded it up into smaller and smaller pieces until it became so small it was just a sparkle of light. Then it blazed once, and disappeared completely.