Unicorn girl

Shamanic Journey: 7-30-2003

I journeyed to visit with Unicorn, because I wanted to learn more about shape-shifting. But Unicorn had a different agenda. I found myself in the same Meadow, from 2 and half years ago. But there was no little baby there anymore.
A young girl, maybe 7 years old, stood before me. Looking right through me. She had eyes that held no interactive life, but inner control. Her whole presence spoke of traumatic shock so deep that she stood stubborn and separate from all the world.
I had dismounted from the Unicorn, who wandered carefully over to the child. She reached to hold onto the Unicorn's sudden-appearing halter, and walked away. No speech, no emotion, no visible interaction. Nor did I feel any intuitive interaction. The connection they made was somewhere in the Spiritual Essence of Light.
I felt myself become the girl, walking with the Unicorn, looking for a place to safely rest. The energy of the Unicorn radiated warmth and safety, so that, beyond the hypervigilant fear, the Child could finally rest. We curled up together with the Unicorn under a Tree, and slept.