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Denizens of the Lair

So who the heck are these people, you ask? Why, they're authors! From several different fandoms, of many different styles. But they don't spend all their time at the Lair -- despite how much I wish they would! -- so go on and visit them at their own homes on the 'net. Don't worry, most of them don't bite! (Granted, some do... but they're very nice about it. ;P)

Proprietess of the Lair, Moon turned her quaint little mountain get-away into a fic authors' paradise! Her devious plan to surround herself by talented writers and pretty fictional boys worked out better than she could ever have dreamed, for the Lair and its population are ever growing.

Moonbeam is an obsessive reader/writer of fanfiction in over 50+ fandoms. (She lost count at around #48!) She's bi-fictional and loves all genres, but she can get picky about her pairings. She offers no apologies for that.

Drop by Moonbeam's website, Moonbeam's Fanfiction Predilections or LiveJournal.

The next stop in our hall of authors is knightshade. Knightshade, or Shady, to her friends, is a slow writer -- sometimes taking eons to finish a story. She only writes in cancelled fandoms, a mystery that scientists are still trying to unravel. She is most often found in Knight Rider and Star Trek: The Next Generation, but she has been spotted in Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Team Knight Rider. While sometimes prone to whumping, knightshade is something of a closet shipper, and she has a tendency to work quite heavily with secondary characters. Unlike some of the other authors in the Lair, she was not kidnapped by ninjas -- she was just curious about where Moonbeam was holed up. Now moving along to our next exhibit . . .

Drop by Shady's websites, Knightshade's Garden and Knight Rider: Disintergrate, or her LiveJournal,Knightshade's Musings.

Tomy & Asp: Drop by their website, or Tomy's LiveJournal or Asp's LiveJournal.

Gumnut: Drop by her website or LiveJournal.

The red furred wolf crouched over the keyboard swearing as its claws got stuck between the keys again.

"Damn! What moron designed this thing?" Red Wolf muttered, wrenching the stuck digit free. Another stream of invective spewed forth as the dislodged keys were retrieved from behind the bookcase and unceremoniously slammed back into position.

"Where was I? Oh yeah, bio time. Despite appearances to the contrary, I'm a code monkey and a reasonably adept fibre artist. I even manage to write the odd missive when you can manage to pry me away from my obsession with the idiot box."

Drop by Red Wolf's website, Opinions of the Wolf, or LiveJournal, Babble Horde.

Pheral is a 22 yr old Irish black feral bigcat who just finished mucking up a photography degree, has been writing since she was 11, posting since she was 15 and is currently snarling at her computer, wondering who designed Works and how she can kill them.

She whumps anything with stubble that walks, but especially Jack (sg1), Jack (potc), Jack (just kidding), Jack (hahaaaa), Ja-- sorry. Blair, Wolverine, Reno, Starsky and Doyle. She likes dark places, a good fight, and some quality water immersion.

Two things to remember: no poking, and watch out for the chopsticks. Grrr...

Drop by Pheral's LiveJournal, growling at the edges.

Although her first forays into fanfiction were in the Knight Rider universe, these days she is more often seen hanging around with the 4th and 6th Doctors from 'Doctor Who', or Starscream and Rodimus Prime from Transformers. Janeway has also been noted for her fondness for 'angst and explosions'.

Drop by Janeway's website, Blazing Skies, or LiveJournal, Mood for the Day.

Name: Storm

Fandoms: Knight Rider, Team Knight Rider, Transformers and possibly a few others.

She writes fanfiction when inspiration strikes -- usually in the middle of the night -- and does fan art and such. Most known for her calm nature, witty humor and older appearance, and even more so her piano skills. Because of this if your looking for a song, ask her. Absolutely LOVES to read, especially fanfiction. Also loves to help someone when she can. Started writing when she was 13.

Drop by Storm's LiveJournals, Dreamer's Lounge and Storm Haven.

Vespurrs: Drop by her LiveJournal.

Normally Leni enjoys writing short fluffy fics, though she's known to delve into the darkest parts of her mind when inspiration strikes. The sky is the limit as far as fandoms are concerned, she'll read a bit of everything and then probably some more.

Earliest Theory: Fandom is big and scary... *squee*

Latest Theory: Give me a 'where', a 'when' and, if available, a 'why' and every pairing in every fandom can be written.

Leni reads, Leni writes and sometimes she even sleeps. You've got questions? Just ask. Oh, and bring coffee.

Drop by Leni's website, Tuesday Night: Kittens in the Dark and Livejournal, Kittens in the Dark.

A writer for 10 years, Deona Lindholm is the newest denzien. She's older than she looks, and is the type of person that tells it like it is. She works with whatever series catches her eye and tends to write with emotion while staying true to character, whatever the genre. Lately, she can be found in Knight Rider when she isn't working on the game crossover, "Musia". Just like Knightshade, she isn't kidnapped. In fact, Deona intentionally seeks out the Lair. Watch out, she does know how to shoot...

Drop by Deona's website, Corridors of Space and Tim, or LiveJournal, Pages of a Life.

Gryph, or Macx as she currently goes by, is an amazingly talented author in dozens of fandoms. Though not (yet!) a member of the Lair itself, she must be listed in this directory because her copyrighted property is. Gryph is the brilliant creator of the original character Nicholas MacKenzie, who serves as the Lair's Chief of Security. Nick, partner and driver of Karr, originates from the pinacle of all Knight Rider fanfics -- the ever-impressive, much worshipped, neural-link trend-setting 'Fire & Ice' AU series. While direct permission was never received to use Gryph's characters within the Lair itself, Moon does have authorization to play in Nick's world in relation to another use. She solemnly promises to always treat him well, and hopes Gryph doesn't mind Moon's continued dabbling.

Drop by Gryph's website, The Fanfic Vault.