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Updated November 10th, 2011

The following is a collection of fanfiction stories written by Moonbeam in a variety of fandoms. Please read all warnings and ratings before clicking on a story. Do not read anything which you may be underaged for or find offensive. If you are capable of reading and understanding the content of a story enough to be offended by it, then you are capable of reading and understanding the warnings before clicking on the story. Please exercise your own judgement.

Thank you,
Moonbeam's Predilections.

Moonbeam's Fanfiction

General Disclaimer: All characters and premises included in the following stories are copyrighted to the creators, producers, and network owners of their original creation. I am merely borrowing them for pleasure and am making no money from their use.

Moonbeam's News: Sorry, I've got no new stories written for you! But that doesn't mean there's not lots to read by other authors much better than me! I've switch my extensive multifandom fanfiction recommendations bookmarks list over to Pinboard along with most during the Great Delicious Migration and am now happily churning out the recs. Check it out for some great reads -- updated daily!

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Transformers | Buffy & Angel | Harry Potter | X-Files
Other Fandoms


Predators and Prey (231K -- 14/04/03) Warning: First Story of the Umbra Series
Summary: GEN Nick gets kidnapped, and Karr heads for Denver to get help from a former secret operative turned federal agent. Features Vin Tanner (M7) and Karr (KR). Action/Adventure.
Magnificent Seven: ATF AU / Knight Rider: Fire & Ice AU Crossover. Rated PG-13.

From Now Until Eternity (124K -- 20/07/98) Warning: Rewrite scrapped -- original story posted!
Summary: GEN The second season finale of Buffy takes a whole new and very frightening turn. Giles calls an old Oxford buddy named Adam Pierson in for help with the greatest threat the Watchers have ever imagined. Action, Romance, Intrigue...
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Highlander/The X-files/Star Trek: TNG Crossover. Rated PG-15.

Dolphins (?K -- ??) Warning: Work-In-Progress!!
Summary: GEN Animals can get in just as much trouble as people, but animals with human friends can't avoid it. Features Darwin and Einstein; written mostly from POV of animals. Action/Adventure.
seaQuest (first season) / Free Willy (animated series) Crossover. Rated PG-13.

Pack Mentality (13K -- 07/21/04) Warning: Based on Red Wolf's Wolf & Declán !verse.
Summary: GEN Someone hurt her babies, now Wolf wants to hurt them... and she doesn't hunt alone. Action/Adventure.
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer / X-Men: Comicverse Crossover. Rated PG-13.

Homecoming (4K -- 22/07/06) Warning: Jack-fic the First.
Summary: GEN Word #10 - Slugabed - one who stays in bed until a late hour. Humour.
Stargate: SG-1 / Highlander: The Series Crossover. Rated PG.

Conference Call (7K -- 05/05/07) Warning: Jack-fic the Second.
Summary: GEN Phrase #6 - Portals of discovery. Tony makes a conference call to the Pentagon. Humour.
Stargate: SG-1 / NCIS Crossover. Rated G.

Waltz Tango Foxtrot (12K -- 12/03/2010) Warning: Jack-fic the Third.
Summary: GEN While at Area 51, General Jack O'Neill takes a very special jet out for a ride. Humour.
Stargate: SG-1 / Transformers 2007 Movieverse Crossover. Rated PG.

Never Never Land (19K -- 03/05/2010) Warning: None.
Summary: GEN Dean and Sam investigate some strange sightings at a car show.
Supernatural / Transformers 2007 Movieverse Crossover. Rated PG.

The Sentinel

Bird's Eye View -- Cascade (22K -- 06/27/02) Warning: This story contains graphic (m/m) sexual content!
Summary: SLASH A little warbler finds a new perch and some interesting viewing in the concrete forest of Cas-cade. First of a Trilogy. Rated R.

Just Another Average Week (20K -- 07/02/03) Warning: Contains (m/m) sexual content!
Summary: SLASH Wherein Jim has gas, there's nothing on TV, promises are made, and Blair proves he's an astute analyst of the human condition. First Time, PWP. Faint Humor. Rated NC-17.

Payback's A Bitch (28K -- 21/05/01) Warning: This story contains graphic (m/m) sexual content!
Summary: SLASH Blair's dream wakes him up. Jim puts him back to sleep, eventually. PWP, First Time. Rated NC-17.

To Decieve, Inveigle, and Obfuscate... (26K -- 30/06/99) Warning: Spoilers for TSbyBS!
Summary: Pre-SLASH The world may have turned its back on Blair, but his true friends won't. Rated PG.

Snowballed (28K -- 30/05/99) Warning: Humor Alert! Do not drink while reading this story!
Summary: GEN Murphy's Law has a field day in Cascade, much to Simon's displeasure. Co-written with Timovena. Rated PG.

Mis-tik-oos-kaw (24K -- 15/08/99) Warning: Humor Alert! Sequel to Snowballed.
Summary: GEN Camping in the woods with the MC gang...? A recipe for disaster! Co-written with Timovena. Rated PG.

Knight Rider

Boys and Their Toys (13K -- 17/04/03) Warning: This story is set in Gryph's 'Fire & Ice' AU
Summary: GEN Fun in the sun as Michael, Nick, Kitt and Karr unwind in their own special way. Naturally, combat is involved... Humor. Rated G.

Minutes (17K -- 16/09/03) Warning: Canon Challenge Response (issued by Knightshade)
Summary: GEN A few minutes can make all the difference... Angst. Rated PG.

Jealousy (5K -- 24/11/03) Warning: None.
Summary: GEN Cars have feelings, too! Humorous Snippet. Rated G.

Blackmail (7K -- 03/30/04) Warning: Fic-gift for Knightshade.
Summary: GEN Michael, Kitt, and the Art of Negotiation... Humorous Snippet. Rated G.

The Sky Wept (7K -- 06/27/04) Warning: 'Moonlight' Challenge Response
Summary: GEN The nature of grief; the nature of solace. Set post-"The Scent of Roses". Angst. Rated PG.

Standard Operating Procedure (10K -- 10/28/04) Warning: Secret Agent Ficathon story for Vespurrs.
Summary: GEN Michael is sick, so Devon reluctantly sends RCIII out with Kitt to wrap up the case. Humour. Rated PG.

Highlander: The Series

Bird's Eye View -- Seacouver (?K -- ?) Warning: This story contains graphic (m/m) sexual content!
Summary: SLASH Our little warbler gets blown off course during a storm, only to seek shelter in a new hoo-man tree. Second of a Trilogy. Rated NC-17. Coming Soon!

The Prize (9K -- 25/08/98) Warning: Death Story!
Summary: GEN Morbid end-of-the-Game story. Methos-centered. Rated PG-13.

The Prize - Aftermath (11K -- 27/08/98) Warning: Parody! Bad Humour! Blatant Self-Promotion!
Summary: GEN The characters discuss their mistreatment by the author. Rated PG.

Stargate: SG-1 & Stargate: Atlantis

Bird's Eye View -- Cheyenne (? -- ?) Warning: This story contains graphic (m/m) sexual content!
Summary: SLASH The little warbler, migrating with his flock, stumbles across a great place to rest--with free entertainment provided! Third of a Trilogy. Rated NC-17. Coming Soon!

Customary Practices (21K -- 06/07/04) Warning: Set early season one.
Summary: GEN SG-1 gates to a technologically advanced world and discovers some concepts truly are universal. Team-focused. Humour. Rated PG.


Size Doesn't Matter, Except When It Does (64K -- 21/10/09) Warning: Written for the TF Anonymous Kink Meme. Very kinky!
Summary: SLASH Most Cybertronians have both a spike and a valve, but an unlucky few are only either/or. Rumble formatted as spike-only; Starscream as valve-only. Both suffer disadvantages that often lead to them avoiding interface in favour of self-service. Then Rumble discovers Starscream's similar but opposite problem, and decides to put two and two together to their mutual satisfaction. Porn and snark, yay! Sticky! (Rumble/Starscream). Rated NC-17.
FANDOM: Transformers G1.

When The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play (16K -- 07/11/09) Warning: Dirty, filthy kink!
Summary: SLASH If Megatron only knew what his officers get up to while he's gone. *eg* This story is a sequel to Obscene Comm Calls by Katsuko, which is a sequel to Size Doesn't Matter, Except When It Does by me. Thus establishing the new sport of porn ping-pong, yay! Sticky! (Rumble/Starscream). Rated NC-17.
FANDOM: Transformers G1.

Curiosity Killed The Bunnies (6K -- 09/11/09) Warning: None.
Summary: GEN Some spectators of this sport aren't enjoying the game as much as we are. ::snickers:: Side drabble to the porn ping-pong !verse. Poor kitty. Humour. (Implied Rumble/Starscream). Rated PG.
FANDOM: Transformers G1.

Reasons Jazz Is A Lucky Mech, #248 (60K -- 24/03/2010) Warning: Mild sparksex only.
Summary: SLASH You know all those stories about Seekers in heat and going through breeding cycles? Well, Jazz didn’t. He does now. Humour, Romance, Crack and Fluff. Mainly Prowl/Jazz, but with some background pairings as well. Rated PG-13.
FANDOM: Transformers G1.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer & Angel: The Series

The Pavlov Experiment: Stalking (4K -- 03/02/04) Warning: See Author's Notes.
Summary: GEN A funny little Spike & Dawn snippet. Rated G.

Caught in the Act (4K -- 06/27/04) Warning: Gift for Red Wolf.
Summary: GEN Short, humourous Spike & Dawn ficlet. Rated PG.

Comforting Fire (20K -- 08/05/04) Warning: Contains (m/m) sexual and violent content!
Summary: SLASH Set post-"Not Fade Away". When the heat of battle has passed, two of its survivors warm themselves with the most basic of comforts. Angel/Spike. Rated NC-17.

Most Wanted (15K -- 11/07/04) Warning: This is old skool stuff, people.
Summary: GENEverybody wants a piece of Buffy tonight... Set in the latter half of Season One. Buffy/Angel. Humour, Romance. Rated PG-13.

Harry Potter

For The Good Of The Child (13K -- 12/08/05) Warning: Written for the Remus/Sirius Raising Harry Ficathon.
Summary: SLASH Challenge # 7 - Harry encounters problems at school (Muggle or Wizarding) because his guardians are a same-sex couple. Rated PG-13.

Standing On The Edge (12K -- 19/03/05) Warning: Written for the Lyrical Ficathon.
Summary: GEN Moony gets the chance to run with his pack one last time. Set post-OotP. Rated PG-13.

The X-Files

Bound As One I (7K -- 14/01/98) Warning: Companion piece to Bound As One II.
Summary: GEN Mulder and Scully share a bond more powerful than they realize. Rated PG.

Bound As One II (10K -- 14/01/98) Warning: Companion piece to Bound As One I.
Summary: GEN What affects one, affects the other; no matter what lies between them. Rated PG.

Flippant Fox Flirts with Flame-haired Female (2K -- 21/01/98) Warning: Humour Alert!
Summary: GEN A funny flow of futile foolish fallacy. Rated PG.

Liberation (19K -- 25/09/97) Warning: This story contains graphic (m/f) sexual content!
Summary: ADULT Freedom from the dark is met in the arms of light. MSR First Time. Rated NC-17.

More Than Words (14K -- 16/09/97) Warning: This story contains graphic (m/f) sexual content!
Summary: ADULT Romance from a new perspective. Alternating First Person POVs. MSR First Time. Rated NC-17.

Parallel (11K -- 03/02/98) Warning: Skinner piece.
Summary: GEN While contemplating his two agents, Skinner begins to examine himself. But, does he like what he sees? Vignette. Rated PG.

Shy Moon (27K -- 24/03/98) Warning: This story contains graphic (m/f) sexual content!
Summary: ADULT For once, Mulder and Scully's winding up in a hospital has its advantages, in the form of a serene vision amongst chaos. Skinner/Mrs. Scully Romance. Rated NC-17.

Other (One Time Only) Fandoms

Late Night (6K -- 12/07/06) Warning: Birthday fic for Nix.
Summary: SLASH A late night at the office has interesting consequences for Tony and Gibbs. (Gibbs/Dinozzo). Rated PG-13.

Knightly Observance (30K -- 12/05/03) Warning: Written for Mosca's Free Verse Challenge.
Summary: SLASH Vachon finds himself lucky enough to observe a rare moment in time... (Nick/LaCroix). Rated PG-13.
FANDOM: Forever Knight.

Introspection Sucks (6K -- 28/01/04) Warning: None.
Summary: GEN Author's attempt to get a look into Alec's psyche. Thoughtful but pointless. Rated PG.
FANDOM: Dark Angel.

Romance in the Deep Blue Sea: A Tale of Luuurve! (8K -- 04/04/04) Warning: None.
Summary: GEN Attractive female sea monster seeks mate. Must be big and strong, able to defend our territory. Bioluminescence a plus. Apply within... Rated G.
FANDOM: seaQuest.

The Chronicles of Riddick (13K total -- 06/18/04) Warning: Links at bottom of story.
Summary: GEN A series of short movie-based ficlets: Kyra's POV, the Guv's POV, the Purifier's POV. Rated PG-13.
FANDOM: Chronicles of Riddick.

Operation: Courtship (? -- ?) Warning: Story written for my Lil' Sis, Sunshine... not meant for adults!
Summary: GEN Darien undertakes a mission with military efficiency. The mission? Seducing Serena! First Season Romance, Humour... Coming Soon! Rated PG.
FANDOM: Sailor Moon - North American Dub Version.

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