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Great North Winds Pow Wow - Honor Our Warriors

Thank You for making 2007 a great pow wow

Your interest and/or presence in this celebration of our heritage honors us. We hope that you will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of our culture and visitors so that we may gain a renewed respect for one another. We ask our guests to be attentive to special beliefs. This is written to explain the meanings of our ways and to further develop mutual understanding of our culture. The Pow-wow has a historical, spiritual, and social value to the Native American people. Songs play a vital role in our culture. In addition to participating in the traditional dances and songs, we come to visit family and friends, make new acquaintances, learn, laugh and trade arts and crafts. The Pow-wow has also become a means of sharing cultural information with Natives and non-Natives that know little about our tradition. During the Pow-wow, both the young, who are just beginning their journey through life and the elders, who are nearing completion of their journey, share closeness to the Creator. Traditional Pow-wows, like ours, also provide a Spiritual or Elder Gathering, which is held on Friday in conjunction with our weekend event. This Gathering gives community members and visitors the opportunity to listen and learn about tradition. An important duty prior to the Gathering is purification of the Pow-wow grounds. This is to help ensure that only good thoughts and feelings will occur there, and that everyone will have a good time. Once the grounds are blessed, it is considered sacred and everyone is asked to keep it as clean as possible, with good thoughts and positive feelings. Above all else, enjoy yourself, ask questions and get to know the dancers, singers, Pow-wow committee members and the vendors. We want you to feel at home when you're attending our Pow-wow. Hosting a Pow-wow means many hours of fund-raising and group efforts. Many communities consider it very important to host visitors to the best of their ability. This can mean anything from providing great meals to comfortable camping accommodations. Generally, providing a friendly atmosphere for guests is an important value to Native people and is a reflection of the generosity and good will of the sponsoring community. Visitors leaving with good feelings will return again for future Gatherings. Our feast meal on Saturday is open to everyone in attendance; we ask that you bring a dish to pass. Generally it is traditional that an offering is given, a young man is asked to take care of this before anyone starts to eat. There is also a blessing that is said after the offering. Out of respect, Elders always eat first, and then come the drummers and dancers, everyone else follows. Be sure to bring a healthy appetite for all food must be eaten; this is a sign of a great Pow-wow. Megwetch(Thank You)

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