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(The following are general rules to follow when going to a Pow-wow)

1. Listen to the Master of Ceremonies. He is there to guide you. At times the MC may request specific songs not be recorded at the Drums request.

2. When the Eagle Staff is brought into the arena during the Grand Entry (in company with the United States Flag) or taken from the arena, it is respectful to not take pictures or recordings.

3. During the Grand Entry, Flag Songs, Invocation, Memorial, Veteran Songs, and the Closing song, please, stand and remove your hat (unless traditional head gear), also no pictures or recordings.

4. The Great North Winds Pow-wow is a Drug and Alcohol free event. Drugs and alcohol are destroying our way of life and those “bad” Spirits are not welcome. Security will remove anyone violating this rule.

5. If you want to take picture, check with the Pow-wow host first, then check with the person you want to take the pictures of and ASK THEIR PERMISSION. Under no circumstanced may you enter the arena to take pictures.

6. If you are asked to dance by an Elder, do so. It is rude and disrespectful to say “I don’t know how.” How can you learn if you turn the elder down?

7. Do not touch anyone’s REGALIA without permission. These clothes are not “costumes.” Regalia’s have special meanings, many are hand crafted, which can cost hundreds of dollars, some are cherished for having been made in part or on whole by a particularly respected family member, some are heirlooms and may be delicate. REGALIA is the proper term used in describing the clothing worn by men and women during special cultural events such as Pow-wows.

8. It’s funny how much trash we as people drop. Please make an effort to walk to the trashcan. Respect Mother Earth and your host.

9. By all means HAVE FUN, the Intertribal Dances provide an opportunity for both Native Dancers and the visiting public to dance. Our celebration at the Pow-wow is an expression of our thankfulness to the Creator. The people dance around the drums in the Sacred Circle, which represents the circle of life, in celebration.

Please remember, these are general rules, for a safe and pleasant event, ask questions, enjoy, and relax.


(Thank You)