Fall 2009
Vol. 17 No. 2
"When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect." - Aldo Leopold

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A Message from the President

Landscape Worth Considering

A Cool Summer

First Annual Nature and Wildlife Photo Contest

Stewardship Corner

Thank You Intrepid Pond Donors!

Protecting the Bushes & Trees at Intrepid Pond

News from Lansing

Membership Renewal

GINLC Logo Items for Sale

Nature Area/Gibraltar Bay Unit News

Memorials and Honors

Earth Day

Surf Over

Smart Growth on Grosse Ile Video

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Saturday November 7
Annual Membership Meeting
10:00AM - 11:30AM
Centennial Farm
Recreation Building
Continental Breakfast

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Stewardship Corner
by Pat Selby

We had a great turnout at our May cleanup, despite it being one of the first really pretty Saturday mornings of this spring. We managed to get several sites cleaned up by running two crews. We were also aided by the efforts of the Hasserodts, who continued to work after everybody else went home, cleaning up one of the Conservancy's properties in their neighborhood. Thanks to everybody who participated, and to Sav-On Drug Store, who gave us a discount on biodegradable trash bags.

In response to interest expressed in the past, we held a property tour on Sunday, October 18th for members and others who might be interested in membership in the Conservancy. The tour covered major Conservancy properties, with a discussion of their histories, ecological features, and the benefits of conservation efforts. We plan to make this an annual event, so let us know at info@ginlc.org, call me at 734-624-4113, or email me at: plselby@gmail.com, if you would like to be included in the tour or other stewardship events.

Please also check our website for announcements about work parties. We count on our members to support these stewardship efforts.

May Clean Up Crew (l to r): Pat Selby, Ron and DJ Brausch, Carol Morse, Ken Tilp, Doug Thiel, Ken Zook, Margarete Hasserodt, Ron Schmaeman, Jim Conley, Ingo Hasserodt. Missing: Jan Finazzo, Victoria Murphy