Fall 2009
Vol. 17 No. 2
"When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect." - Aldo Leopold

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Protecting the Bushes and Trees at Intrepid Pond
and Good News for Homeowners with Hungry Deer
by Ken Tilp

The Conservancy planted the trees and bushes at intrepid Pond Saturday, June 13. The deer quickly discovered them. On Wednesday, June 16, the bushes and trees were sprayed with PLANTSKYD, a deer and rabbit repellent, purchased at Westcroft Gardens. There has been no damage from deer since.

Earlier in the year the Grosse Ile Garden Club hosted a session which was open to the public about the wonders of Plantskyd. Interested in protecting my own vegetable garden, etc., I paid my $5 and attended. The presenter was convincing. The product was made available at Westcroft Gardens. When I went to purchase some for my own home use two days later, the entire supply had been sold, and I had to wait for the next shipment.

I bought a quart size, ready-to-spray bottle for my home use; it is sufficient for my needs. For the Intrepid Pond, I was advised to buy the powder because of the quantity needed but especially because it would be more effective. I strongly urge anyone using the powder to do it outside: sit it on something and cut it open without putting any pressure on the bag. The powder comes in a very sturdy plastic bag, tightly sealed. When I cut it open the pressure from holding the bag as it was cut open caused the very fine powder to "squirt or puff out" of the bag-a messy situation. The process of mixing it is no fun, but following the directions carefully provides excellent results. I used a two gallon sprayer to apply it to the bushes and trees. I used only half the bag and had enough mixture to spray the plants a second time a day later.

The little pouches hanging on bamboo sticks near some of the bushes and trees were put up by Margarete Hasserodt. They contained Irish Spring soap shavings and are another repellent worth trying.

Deer Resistant Plants

To help you with your efforts to plant native species that are deer resistant, we posted a list on our website with detailed information and references. We included a link for the National Gardening Association that allows you to see what the plants look like.